I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What a ride....

It has been a ride.. What a ride it has been. I feel like I have not done what I have needed to do.
Let's see what you have missed out on.

Big Bertha has had to have repairs again.. another $400.
Candy and James spent the night with me before they went to Hawaii which was super fun.
I dont know if I said I was called to be sunday school president and that has take a few extra steps in my life.
and well... I have been busy.

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Mind has been Racing....

I know right now I should not write because I am in a funk and my mood is not the best but maybe that is the best time to write and get these thoughts off my mind and I might feel better about it after I write it out.

Best part about it is I can delete it if I find out I don't like what I wrote.. RIGHT!

I should just go to the Temple and I know I will get the right answer and do the right thing there.
but right now I cant because it is to late and well...

So I have kept a lot  of things to myself... just because I know that is what I need to do. I have been blessed with the the ability to see many trials and tribulations, not only  in my life but in the life of others.
It is so hard not for me to get upset and angry and fall apart and well.. I just try to be positive.

I should leave it at that and not leave my feelings get involved but I do. I really do.. I take everything so very personally. REALLY I do!

So my feelings were hurt a few weeks ago and I am trying to leave it go.. I just have a hard time doing so. SO I was thinking if I typed it out that maybe I could find myself to leave it go and not dwell on it anymore.
So without going into full details.. and giving names and what it is I will just vent a little. and well... I can get it out in the open.

So a few years ago I started to go with some friends to see a show. Every Holiday season its like what brings our friendship all together. I love this show and I enjoy going to see it every year with these friends. This year I was never told about the show and when the show was and well.. My friends got the tickets without informing me about the show. YES I am hurt about it. WHAT really hurt my feelings it that they threw it back into my face which was so uncalled for.  Dropping it like it was no big deal and did not really caring about what was going on and how I might feel about not being invited.  YES I am hurt and I need to leave it go. BUT its really hard for me to leave it go and IT has cause me to have ill feelings towards these friends.  And I do not know who has said it.. but sometimes when you are mad at someone they have no Idea that you are mad or hurt. So I need to leave it go. I need to ask for forgiveness because I have hard feeling against them and they have no idea. I could go buy myself a ticket and go by myself but that is not what the point of it would be. the point was that we did as FRIENDS!

Moving on... SO I have been having a hard time with trying to understand what is going on with my calling and I found myself low in heart and discouraged. YES YES YES... thanks to a mother that can see a little better than what I can.. told me we have to become one with Our Heavenly Father and maybe those people who's names were presented to me that day might just have needed extra prayer in there lives.
and if you know me I was kicking against the picks as to say. SO Its back to thinking and pondering and praying. I was told to wait until the dust settles awhile before things happen.... IF you know me you know I don't like dust and I am one that has to keep the dust moving on... because if you can write your name in the dust then something has to be changed!

As soon as I just typed that changed the phone just rang... it was the executive secretary for the bishop calling and asking me to come in for a meeting on Sunday! wow and I was thinking in my mind the song.. CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cars did not drive on it to make a great time, they drove on it to have a good time!

Cars did not drive on it to make a great time.. they drove on it to have a good time.
So to night I had to go get the new moive Cars 2, but I had to watch Cars before I watched the new one. and as I was watching it this quote come across and it hit me... maybe I am not dont take enough time to have a good time and I am just here for the great time..

I should fill you in on what happened last week and my high lights of the week. because they were good.

Sunday was a big high light, 23 years ago I made the choice... the choice to Join a family and the family has been big. I joined a church family. WOW 23 years ago.
As I texted mother on Sunday Morning and reminding her what we did 23 years ago... see I remember everything and I have a lot of things written down.

23 years ago, The Davis Family welcomed me into the chruch with my baptism. I do remember a few things I remember the worst suit I have ever owned.  I was reminding mother that on that sunday night the family had to preform at a womens event for State College... and I believe you did a song of Roll out the barrel.

I texted this to mother and she said to send out a text to everyone.. do you know what happens when I text.. LOL.

The best part about Sunday was that it was primary sacrament at church. I am not a big fan of primary sacrament but its always good for a good smile.

I think the best thing about sunday was.... during sacrament was Hughie Lear... we were taing the sacrament and I am trying to help Suzanne with the boys... and I think I moght have made things worst.. so we were taking the water and I took my little cup and I placed it back into the discard and the next thing I knew hughie was taking the sacrament cups like shots... It was way to funny.... Suzanne was beside herself when I told her... but come on.. It was funny!

I think I can say... I taught Hughie how to do shots... JUST JOKING!!!

It's Just and Empty Cup!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am it...Sunday School President.

So I started my day off visiting friends. It was a nice day. I took a 2 hour nap and I just enjoyed it.

I had a nice dinner with Yvette tonight and That was a great evening...

and then to end my evening It was great to meet with the bishop... I am not the Sunday School President. I was set a part and it was very sweet.

a few things I remembered out of the blessing.. D&C 121.  be the example, countinue to live the rightous life you have been living.

Bishop Smith said that he and brother every knew I was to be it. they said that they looked at me one sunday and the spirit said.. Scott Leitch is your Sunday School presient.

as I said before I know who my couselors should be and I am hoping.... praying Bishop feels the same way.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How many of our flight paths go the way we thought they would or should?

I read this quote today on Abby's blog... and it just hit home to me and I had to use it.

How many of our flight paths go the way we thought they would or should?

Abby had given me a lot to think about as she was writing another wonderful part of her life with and without Naki.

As I was reading the little story.... and I read that part I said awesome that is just awesome... and I was thinking I have to use it. I have to apply that to my life.

Saturday afternoon/evening when I got home from work and was working on my Sunday Dinner... I got a phone call.. I did not know who it was and I answered it.. To my surprise it was Bishop Smith; "Scott" Yes "This is Bishop Smith, I would like to know if I can meet with you tomorrow morning around 8:50"... I was first off surprised and second had no clue what I did.  "I want to talk to you about a new calling".

Well first off... it has come to my attention that I try to walk down that path as straight as I can.. I cross it alot.  and well I over think it to much...

SO after I hung up and was doing what I do for dinner... I saw the missionaries come in... I asked them if they heard anything about what my new calling was and as we were talking... out of no where I heard myself say "Sunday School President". and kept going with what we were talking about. and to tell you the truth I did not think anything more about anything until 8:45 Sunday morning as I was carring flowers to the church.

So I walked into the church and it was like old home week and seeing so many old friends. Because our ward wont start until 11, and another one was starting at 9.  I was talking to some friends and I said I was here for a new calling because the bishop had called...

For all my non-member friends.. callings are given by the bishop for the service..

and we all were laughing RUN scott RUN... because sometimes you get called callings that are sometime just a test.

anyway back to the PATH....

I met with the bishop... short and sweet... No time for me to pounder or pray about it... It was YES I will accept the calling... Bishop said Scott... I am going to make this short and sweet... and Gave me the calling... I was shocked to tell you the truth. VERY shocked.

as I was texting mother today..
Scott: Oh my goodness... its scary to have the Lord speak to me in such a still small voice...
Mother: Tin is the veil experiences.
Scott: Mom it's funny I wasn't set-a-part yet because I had the boys; but I know who my counselors are.
Mother: A testament to your daily habits of spiritual import....
Scott: I never felt that I could have this in my life.... (the spirit working this way)
Mother: And I always knew you would!
Scott: I have never been the spirial giants like you have been.
Mother: Untrue... anyone who sincerly seeks God is a spiritual giant!
Scott: You have to say that your my mom....
Mother: Silly...
Scott: Love you...

Sometime that PATH that we travel down might not always be the path that OUR FLIGHTS may go because we think it should be this way and not that way... but it comes to what the Lord has in his plan!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Funny how life happens

Funny how life changes once one leaves a mission and goes home. I have just had 2 return missionaries come back to Seattle for a visit from returning home... BOTH of them I have loved and was able to have them in my home.

So both of these missionaries found young ladies on there mission.. they are dating and well as I sat down with all of these young people... I still think as myself as a young person... guess what.... I just realized... I am old enough to be there FATHER.... I had to take back... that as both of the return missionaries was dating these young woman who... well as I started to talk to them find out the they are still in high school.

NOW as I was sitting with them.. these young ladies had no clue what life is about yet! They have yet to live "IN THE WORLD" really they had no clue what these return missionaries were talking about as the rms were talking about thing that happened to them on there mission and they would quote scripture and other things these young women... still needed to be in young women and doing thing with "YOUNG" people of there own age.

YES I was a father here... 9:30pm  and  I am thinking where is my daughters..... out making out with 2 young men... yes they hold recommands... but... they are still little girls..

anyway.. as this OLD fart is thinking... I was never like this!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chocolate Truffles

makes about 5 dozen...

3 cups sifted powdered Sugar
1 Package (8 oz) Cream Cheese, Soften
1 Package (12 oz) Semi-Sweet Chooclate Chips (Melted)

Flavoring: NOT at the same time.
1 Tablespoon Orange-Flavored Liqueur
1 Tablespoon Coffee-Flavored Ligueur
1 Tablespoon Almond- Flavored Liqueur

Add 3 cps powered sugar to cream cheese, beating with mixter until well miexed. add chocolate; mix well divide into 3 equal parts; add flavoring to each part mix well. Refrigerate several hours
Shape mxiture into 1-inch balls
Rollin nuts, sugar, nonparrilsor, cocoa..

So before anyone yells at me.. I have tried these from a friend and they were very very yummy.
NOW the recipe is calling for FLAVORED Liqueurs... OK I Know what you are thinking and NO its not what you are thinking... Not that some of my friends and readers would not use Liqueurs.. I would use LorAnn Oils.
I am going to be using LorAnn Oils when I make mine. Now Remember LorAnn Oils you dont need that much. and they only come in .125 floz so they are powerful!

I am going to make some this weekend... I am going to do a Blood Orange... for halloween...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Crunch Cake

for a while I have loved this cake... I keep saying I am going to get it down into the recipe book and that way I wont loose it... as I have been looking in all my paper work tonight because I wanted to bake it this weekend... and was trying to find it... well I found it and said ok I am going to type it out before I lose it again.

2 block of butter or margarine
1 large can pumpkin
1 (13 oz) can of evaporated milk
1 cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
3 eggs
1 box yellow cake mix
1 cup chopped nuts

line 9x13 pan with wax paper.
melt butter and cool,
mix together and pour into lined pan: Pumpkin, evaporated milk, sugar, cinnamon, and eggs.
sprinkle yellow cake mix over mixture, sprinkle chopped nuts, pour melted butter over all.
Bake in 350 degree oven for 1 hour. after it's baked wait about 5-10 minutes turn over while hot onto a serving tray, remove wax paper carefully It may be a little soft when hot but hardens as it cools.

love this cake...
From Valarie!

Cleaning UP!

I have been cleaning.... really really cleaning... I am tossing things that I have been keeping a hold of... I am finding pieces of paper with little quotes and other things on them.

I found one that has I have been holding onto. I want to keep a little record of my life. and sometime I can not toss that small piece of paper.

SO I was thinking I need to write these things out!

I know I can print them off when I want and I want to keep them ..

This one I was not the most best post and I posted it 2 years ago but I want to keep it and I want to toss this little piece of paper..

I was given advice on it. The qoute came and here is what it says.. "Just think sometimes when people are judgemental they are only judging themselves for their imperfections."

August 2, at 10:05 am
Scott, Seriously. What's up with the language??? Don't you hold a temple recommend? I'm just saying'

August 3, at 3:51 pm
I am sorry that my use of the word "Hell" distrubed you so much that you felt the need to chastise me over it. I will be sure to mention that I used the word "Hell" in my next temple recommend interview :)


August 3, at 6:31 pm
It wasn't just "Hell" You've also thrown out a couple of Damns, too. Oh yeah, and that was a real cute and fun comment you made about wishing you could have drunk the bottle of wine, instead of using it to cook with, after you got home from church. Way to represent. Let's see, return missionary, right? :)

I ended that friendship.... it still haunts me and I want to say I am sorry that if it hurt anyone else for the actions.

As I have learned a few thing in the past few months and while I am cleaning up... I needed to clean up this that was hanging over my head as well... YES sometimes in my life I am not the perfect saint that I need to be.

I am an example. I am still growing and learning and Well I hope you will forgive me.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Updating once again in the month of October

It's time to update life again.
I should update you with the job. I am willing but... SO The District manager called me on Tuesday and said he did not see an application for the store that was open? YES I was concerned because #1 I did not see the store posting. and #2 I heard about it but did not back to number 1 see it. I was also doing my homework and learned that this would NOT be a good store for me to go back to management with. I was thinking no way. So I did not apply. I learned friday from my store manager that the other store was wondering when I was starting... YES they have all planned on me going without telling me. And my store manager said NO. HE said this is not the store to put me back into with how the store is going. SO I am not stressing because I dont plan to leave anytime soon.

I have been busy with work for the last few weeks, 40 hours have been good to me. JUST trying to get the bills paid up. WHICH is a never ending issue.

Monday I was like a small child, I ended up going to the pumpkin patch alone. YUP you heard me I headed to the patch alone. I am a kid at heart and I wanted to go.. FUNNY thing is I did not buy a pumpkin to say but for the main part I got some fun stuff.
I have try to get squash that I can cook and try new. YES... I am trying new thing.

the rest of the week I just worked.. SAD.  Ok I was trying to update what was going on and I have lost all my train of thoughts.

Monday, October 3, 2011

What a week

SO this has been another one of these weeks that I am not sure what to think.... SO Yvette has been telling me how she is cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and so I started cleaning.
SO If you saw facebook you will see that I have been looking at pictures and taking pictures. I have been a collector... I do not want to say hoarding because I am not that bad yet. but I toss out really you ready for this 12 years worth of Martha Stewart and Ensign magaizine, bridal magaines and bills and paper work for the last 12 years. OMGoodness it feels good to have cleaned!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Florence

Today I called Aunt Florence to wish her a Happy Birthday. 83 years old. Aunt Florecne is the last living Neese. The last of her generation. Yes She has always been my favorite aunt. there was something about aunt Florence that I just loved. She was always creative, always making something and she always made the best fruit salad at christmas time... plus her santa clause christmas cookie. I always had a special place in my heart for her.

This has been a week and a half for me and I just am trying to figure it all out.
I think I need to step back and talk about last week. and that way I will catch everyone up and you will know what and where I am coming from this week.

Last week my boss Yvette went to Disneyland... YES I wanted to go and well as you can tell I did not get to go. LOL I would invite myself.

SO I was in charge once again of the shop. I have been working as much as I can just ot keep afloat.
so Friday the district Manager came in.. YES this is the same one that told me I no longer had a shop and put me where I am now. SO yes I try not to come into contact with him or anyone from the office when they come in. SO he walked the store pointing things out that needed to be changed and well gave a list and said he would be back this week to check it off. SO I made the effort to make sure I knew what was on the list and that it was taken care of.

SO I started in onthe list and made sure it was done before Yvette got back from Disenyland. SO I was outside working on Saturday doing the stuff that had to be done, and it as hot and I was hot and I was a mess and sweatie and well one of the employees came outside saying that the store manager was calling me. SO I came inside and called allan and asked him what he needed... He said I need to see you in my office... I was freaked out. I ran upstairs to the office and walked in and here sat the District Manager and of course the first thing out of my mouth was "Oh Crap what did I do now" he said shut the door and come in... I was totally freaked out and the color just dropped from me and I was not ready for what was to become a very good moment in my life.
Besides saying thank you for what I have done, I was also asked if I would go back into management if I was asked. I said I would if I need to and something came up close to home.

YES I would.. if something came up around my house I would go. I know there is a lot of stress and there was times I hated it but AT lease I had hour and I was not worried about where my next meal was coming from.... SO that is on my mind. I am not sure... I am very torn and I have been praying about it. I am not sure what I will do and I will just have to wait...

NOW here is something funny, yesterday I was working at another store. I like the traveling from one store to another to tell you the truth. and the HR person was there and said I hear your name coming up a lot? I said really.. SHe said YES I hear you are going back into the floral business... YES I am scared because I did not plan on it so soon.

SO this week I have been feeling a little off... Monday I had to take care of a root canal that needed to be retreated. Everyone knows how much I love going to the denist and well this was not to hurt.. HECK I have been hurting more now than I did when it was done the first time.

School was to start Tuesday and well I am very sad that I did not start again because well $$$$ money is the issue.  SO I am taking the semeter off again.

I have been asking and asking the Lord what am I to be learning from this all... and I still have not gotten the answer. I keep on thinking what is next.

I do know I have been feeing strange lately about everything going on in my life so I just am thinking something is going to happen.

I keep thinking of the book after the storm comes the rainbow.... well i have seen the storm and I have watched the rainbow... now tell me what is after that.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Standing Tall....

Standing tall... this has been a week and well 3 weeks since I have not really blogged so some of you got personal phone calls and talked to me and worked with me and some of you listened and told me to stand a little taller.

I was asked this week to pray. NOT a calling that did not happen... THANK YOU Heavenly Fahter you knew I was not ready for that. But I was asked to pray for service. YES odd and well... I did that.. STILL not sure why I was asked that but hey I did what was asked.

I got out my patriarchal blessing out and re-read it.. time and time again I wonder what some of it means and I started studing my blessings and what it means.

I got heart breaking news that I made to much money last year and so I wont get the grants and loans I needed to go to school in the fall.. with out paying for it out of my own pocket. I made to much really.. i made to much. SO I will only be taking one class this fall and I have to pay for it out of my own pocket plus get books and well... I can do this.. I might be 100 before I get the degree I want.

I have been working more now since I got that news so 36 hours aweek is good. I just dont want to work on Sundays and I will work when I need to on a Sunday but I am fine with out working on a Sunday.

We got a new Bishop 3 weeks ago and I am so impessed with him.

We got a new Elder's quorum presdient this last weekend so I am so happy I was not a part of that. I still have to get teachers but I dont have to teach.

I been working on cleaning out the garage and cleaning the yard for fall.. Odd to say it looks night when things are all cleaned up.

Besides that I am still standing a little taller and doing the things I am to be doing.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I love having Issues.

Issues… I love having issues.

The other day when I was at the chiropractors when I was getting adjusted the dr asked me how I was doing and I said I am doing great. I said I got a replacement ticket for the one that I did not get to go see and I made some comment in which he said to me “WOW” an optimist you are.. Well I do believe I am. I have always been the one that can handle most of the problems that are placed before me.. Sometimes I don’t want to handle them and well… I just do.

I have been learning in the past few weeks that I control what my actions are. I control how I handle things and I am the one that has to handle my own problems.

I was talking to Bob the produce manager at the store the other day and I said I will be more than happy to help him out whenever he needs me. I said but starting in September I won’t be able to work on Sunday unless it’s early in the morning before church or after church. He said to me.. you know sometimes our souls need to be strengthen as well.

I have missed this in the past 3 weeks since I have had to work. MY CHOICE. I said I would cover for some people who wanted to go on vacations. And that I made the choice to do this. But I see that if I don’t go I miss out on so much. And my SOUL misses out as well.

I have had a few times when in my life that I did not mind working that Sunday and missing out on that spiritual blessing and the last 3 weeks have not been good weeks for me.

I started writing about a week ago so I had to go back and re-think about what I was typing.

Sunday was a very special day, I did make it to church because I knew that our Bishop was being released. He was the first Bishop I had as a “SINGLE” Adult over 30, and he opened his arms to me and welcomed me into the ward. “FAMILY WARD”. In which I attend and I love.

We now have an All Star-Team as Ted and Lane Said. IT will be fun to watch them all grow and see where things go. I hope I get to serve with them.

LOL I can hear mother laughing as she is reading this. Sunday night as I was coming home from a farewell we had for our just released Bishop and his wife. I called mother and was talking to her about my mood and feeling a little green with envy. “LOL” I said that this was not my color; Mother’s comment back was “depends on what green.” I was really feeling envy. I was feeling like my life has not gone the way I think it should be going and that I was not doing what I needed to be doing. I did feel this way for a minute. One of my Best friends has been put into the Bishopric and I was feeling a little envy. He is a powerful leader in my book and I am so excited to have him as a counselor.

But the envy soon left. Trust me it did. Dan has a family of 3 boys, it was kind of funny because Sunday morning Suzanne texted me and asked me if I was going to save seats for her and the boys now. So I knew something going down. And this is where mother pointed out something more. Maybe the widow’s mite. I am ready to serve and I have the heart to serve and have always had. I know that I will need to help Suzanne out a little with the boys. It gives me the chance to be Uncle Scott again.

My heart has always been in the right place. Sometimes I get a little prideful but the Lord always knows how to put me in my place. Or is that mother that always puts me in my place.

I know it was only a 10 minute call or less because I don’t like to bother her and when it is late I hate to wake her or if she has just one to bed I don’t want to wake her. But sometimes the wisdom is awesome. The best part is I make her laugh. In the 10 minutes we laughed, I cried and well the point was made “if I lived my life the way the Lord wants me to, and keep the covenants that I made in the temple, the Lord will bless you to your heart’s desire”

So I guess what I am trying to say here is that sometimes I might not measure up to what I think I should be measured up to but the Lord has a plan and I just need to wait out the storm and he will show me what he wants me to do.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So you had a bad day.

So as I just got off the phone with mother... she said you better write this all down.
I will start with about a month ago I was going shopping at a thift shop and I parked and ran inside to get change to pay the metter and came out to a parking ticket. well 2 tickets one for parking with out the parking ticket and one for no license plate on the front of Big Bertha. so a total of $92 really... I was not a happy camper and came right home and said I wanted to appeal this ticket... my date for my appeal was monday. Here is where is all starts to get funny... YES funny and YES " I had a bad day" can you hear the song in the back ground..... I love that song.

So I guess I will go back to sunday at church... I was finally called to my new calling... but the funny part was everytime they went to say the correct words Brother Jennings would goof up... FUNNY maybe that was a sign that I was not to have this calling.

Anyway Monday morning I was to go to court for the above story.. well I went to jump into the car and well.. Big Bertha would not start, she wanted to start but just would not... so I called triple AAA and well thats the reason I have it. So I called them and they sent a guy over to "jump the car" well he got into the car and said oh its not the battery it the fuel pump. where do you want the car towed.
WELL up the block to the garage so I had to jump into a truck that smelted like... well... so He dropped me off at the garage and I was able to call triple AAA again and tell them the address... well  I had to walk back home... just about a half a mile. and wait for the tow truck. OK I can handle this... while I was waiting I called the court house because I was to be there and I said can I have another one... well start laughing because I was told that was not going to happen and well I might as well just PAY the ticket... REALLY..

SO I was doing all this the guy mr muhammad has to repair things was on his way to my house to install a new dishwasher.... I have been with out for a month... you know when it rains it pours.

and to top it all off I was to be at work by 1. WELL nice thing is I am loosing a little weight because I am walking to work.

SO big bertha has $800 worth of medical bills something to do with the coral in the starting area and well? Dont ask me I just signed over my pay check.

So I think the worst part of this week is.... yes the week needs to end and start over... I missed my show... I was to be sitting in the 5th Avenue tonight watching Les Miserables..... REALLY.... I am missing my show... row c seat 10 Center section.... Really really... I could just yell...

Do you remember in the movie Steel Magnolias... they are at the cemetary and they were just comment on the service and the flowers....
(Sally Fields) M'Lynn: [crying] I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.
M'Lynn: I'm fine! I can jog all the way to Texas and back, but my daughter can't! She never could! Oh God! I am so mad I don't know what to do! I wanna know why! I wanna know *why* Shelby's life is over! I wanna know how that baby will *ever* know how wonderful his mother was! Will he *ever* know what she went through for him! Oh *God* I wanna know *why*? *Why*? Lord, I wish I could understand!

[in a firm tone]

M'Lynn: No! No! No! It's not supposed to happen this way! I'm supposed to go first. I've always been ready to go first! I-I don't think I can take this! I-I don't think I can take this! I-I just wanna *hit* somebody 'til they feel as bad as I do! I just wanna hit something! I wanna hit it hard!

[continues sobbing]

Clairee: Here!

[grabs Ouiser by the shoulder and positions her in front of M'Lynn]

Clairee: Hit this! Go ahead M'Lynn, slap her!

Ouiser Boudreaux: [taken aback and confused] Are you crazy?

Clairee: Hit her!

Ouiser Boudreaux: Are you *high*, Clairee?

Truvy: [in a frightened tone] Clairee, have you lost your mind?

Clairee: We'll sell t-shirts sayin' "I SLAPPED OUISER BOUDREAUX!" Hit her!

Annelle: [in a scared tone] Ms. Clairee, enough!

Clairee: Ouiser, this is your chance to do something for your fellow man! Knock her lights out, M'Lynn!

Ouiser Boudreaux: [snatches away] Let go o' me!

Clairee: M'Lynn, you just missed the chance of a lifetime! Half o' Chiquapin Parish'd give their eye teeth to take a whack at Ouiser!

That is the sence of humor I have right now... I just wanted to hit something I was so mad.... REALLY can you believe that I would really miss my favorite show of all times... " LES MIS"! Really can you believe with all the stress I missed it. LOL
I can hear the song now.... Master of the house.....
anyway I think the Lord really has a sence of humor... I am telling you he has to.... if he dosnt I am not going to make it to heaven.
Ok here is a few things that I have learned in the last few minutes of my life.... you got to laugh. REALLY just laugh.   I have my life and my sence of humor because all this has happened in my life for a reason. I am not sure what the reason is yet but just beware I know there is a reason.
AS I was laughing about this as I was telling mother.. I also told her of something else that has happened in the past week. I filled in at another flower shop last week and I was there for 2 days. On monday I signed her department. well the flowers on the cut wall.. you know the ones in water... I put signs on all of her bucket of flowers saying "Carnation $2.99 so on and so forth...  her sales on monday were 124% ABOVE last year.. really
So I was talking to my store manager on Friday and he was telling me that I should think about going back into management.. this is where I said to mother... I have this little satan sitting on my left shoulder saying go for it... it means you will be working sundays and wont be able to go to church. and I said left shoulder because the little angel of christ sitting on the right shoulder saying choose the right.
I have been learning... If this all would have happened to me 2 or 3 years ago I would have comed un glued... but I think with age... little things are important and I should not get upset over stuff I have no controll over...
You know I also have to say... I talked to Dan today I was telling him about what my problem was... he said "I dont use my car during the week, you can borrow it tomorrow if you need to." AWESOME.... tender mercies...
2nd.. when the repair shoped called me about how much Big Bertha's bill was going to be... I said I am a poor college student... can I make payments... he said yes you need to Pay $400 on Thursday... YES there is a Lord who answers prayers...
and 3rd... dont sweat the small stuff...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Whats going on!

I sometimes wonder what have I done with my life and what's going on with everything. I have been emailed about 100 different emails, a letter has been sent to me and well... I cant understand why I have been getting the emails and the letters. Love the fact that every single group out there has sent me an invite to join this group or join that group.  It comes out funny.. because I really dont understand why I get the emails or the letters.

so this last week I was personly sent a letter from the single adult program in our stake saying or asking or what ever it might be to attend the family 5th ward because it has a single adult program and my support is needed.. I might ADD that its a form letter and not a peronal letter by any means.

Our stake is 69% single adult. family 5th ward is a family ward in our stake and has most of the single adult 31 and OLDER! and then we have 3 young single adult wards which I was a part of since I moved to seattle 13 years ago.  I stayed in those wards until about 6 years ago when they kicked me out and I moved to the family 3rd ward. I choose to go to the family 3rd ward because they had this big push a few years ago that you need to go to the ward your home is in and that you are need in the ward inwhich you live.  REMEMBER what I just said....you are needed in the ward inwhich you live.

I have been needed and I am a support in the ward inwhich I live. So back to what I started. WHY is it that everyone wants me to be married off. I am so happy just being single.  there is times that I wish I had a family or a wife to have fun with. But I know what  my plan and goal is for life right now. Just to live life to the fullness is what my goal is.

As I was sitting out by the pond digging the ground up next to it I looked over to the many stepping stone that have been made. Stepping stones of MY family. Ben and Becca, Izzy and Theo, George and Shelly, Natalie and Rebecca, Cam and Lane, Mallory and Merrit and there are a few more that need to be made. BUT it was the idea that I am here for a reason.  I always have been saying for years that I am Scott Leitch. I dont need to be a friend of this person or that person to be someone because I am who I am.  (another reason I dont like the 5th ward).  I have made a name for myself in the family 3rd ward. I have given my heart and soul to the ward and will continue to do so... (when I am not working every sunday, I have been working a few sunday's to cover vacations for some while the summer is here.)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

updating once again

yeah i know its just a fast update but hey... I am doing an update which should have been done last week.
So the week I came home from idaho.. I found myself in the er with another case of kidney stones... YES got to love the idea that a piece of sand can really hurt you so much.
4th of July was fun... We did a 4th of July breakfast and served about 300 people with hundreds of pancakes and well it turned out jue wonderful thanks to the McKays and the Thatchers for all of your help because it just turned out well.
I spent the 4th with Ann and John after a nice nap, but they do have a great view of the fireworks and was so nice to be with them.

this week was a week of work.. yeah I got to work 40 hours and was very happy that I have some hours. I also picked up mother from the airport... dropped her off in Bellevue for a confernece, thinking yeah we could spend some time together.. someone got sick and I saw her when I picked her up to drop her off at the airport... yeah what a time we had.

tonight I had a wonderful dinner with friends and family and welll that is what has happened the last two weeks. up to date.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Davis Family Reunion

What a blessing Family is!
I spent the last 4 days with Family. I know I say it over and over again but I am so Thankful that the Lord blessed me with all of the family members I have.

It really was the best weekend I have had in a few years. I think it was the peacefulness of the whole thing that made it all the more special for me.

I have a few highlights....

One of the highlights was the family picture. (I do hope I get a copy!)

I love all the grand babies with mom and dad.. WHAT a blessing.

One of the activities was making sock puppets which I have to had it to Candy and Cassie for their great Ideas and all the fun they planned out.

I love the fact that Aunt Debbie just got there and she was assigned to make sock puppets.

Aunt Debbie it was so great to have you there and to have your great talent with us all.

I love the next shot because it was the 2 years ago that all these little girlies were born and we did this shot and well can you tell we might have had a little problem.. and then here is the rest of the story.

this is the best video of the weekend...

Now I have to say I learned a few things over this weekend..
I have to say.. I learned a lot really from all of you but I have to point out something that I learned.

Albert... you taught me something that i needed to learn, you taught me that scripture study is very important and I needed to do better.

Abby... I saw a strenght that I have not seen in any other member of our family. I admire you for the courage you have.. I admire you for the strenght that you have.. and I admire you for the example you are setting for each of us. Thank you for the time we spent on our walk. To learn more about your children, and to see what a wonderful Daughter of Heavenly Father you are.

Dad.. I think I learned more from you this weekend than I had ever remembered I had. when you were speaking at church, I felt the wonderful spirit of our Heavenly Father as you were talking about the man on the bridge. What example you are yo our family.

I have more to comment on but want to post this now...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

this is it!

Today is my last day teaching every 3rd sunday. YEAH me. I am so excited I can not handle it.

I was promised June 2011 and here is it. I have been teaching for over 3 years now and it is time for me to say SO LONG.

Its not that I mind teaching or anything but its the idea that it takes me 4 weeks to prepare a 20 minute lesson.

Today I am going in with cookies, salsa and chips. to say GOOD BYE.  We are watching the Butterfly Circus which I own now. SO I am just so excited this is it!

however the text that I got last night from the president was...

"SO this is it teaching the 3rd Sunday" LOL NO this is it!

I have never wanted out of something as bad as I do at this time. I need a vacation!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sad spot... and a little depressed

So today was hard enough because it was fast and testimony meeting at church... but it was just a little harder on me because...... I just have to say the tickets are bought... I wish... My families are leaving me for a short time. WOW

Its something else because almost 2 years ago I wrote the same thing...

"Ok Everyone knows I do not do well with Good Bye's, But I do them.. Well because its apart of life.

Now I am not going to cry..... YEAH RIGHT! Last night I had the Crosby's come over before they were done packing so that I could get there hand prints in stepping stones. Yeah Its a new Idea and I always need stepping stones and they will always be apart of my garden that way."

Last Monday I got to do the Squires hand prints...  they have touched my life.... I really dont know why...I am so depressed about this....

that I am re-typing the same thing that I wrote 2 days ago..

It's not the fact that I know that they are a phone call away, or a facebook moment.. It's just the fact that I have gotten to know them, serve with them, teach them, learn from them and love them.

I had to laugh today because I texted Ben and said.. Why did you have to introduce me to this ward.

I knew that this day was coming, I knew it would be hard and yes... it was. (I will post pictures soon)

SO here it is Wednesday. I ended up having to go to bed and did not finish posting what I wanted to.
It was not an easy good bye. BUT I want you to know I did it with out tears because I prepared myself . Monday I had to go over to the Squires because they had made me a very special apron.. "we "HEART" uncle scott.. and their hand prints. It was very special and will hold a place in my home!
YES that moment was hard for me, I breathed deeply. and THen I had to say good-bye.
I did it fast and quickly, I said good bye to the kids and headed to the car.... AHHH as I backed out mallory was waving good bye and as soon as I pulled out of the drive I was all tears.

NOW here we are... YES I have a little depression.. I do this cycle. IT will get better. Here is the best comment from JEN!...

Which Are you?

A Reason, A Season, or A Lifetime?
People always come into your life for a reason, a season and a lifetime.
When you figure out which it is, you know exactly what to do.
When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed outwardly or inwardly.
They have come to assist you through a difficulty, or to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally, or even spiritually.
They may seem like a godsend to you, and they are. They are there for a reason,you need them to be.
Then, without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die, Sometimes they just walk away. Sometimes they act up or out and force you to take a stand.
What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilleed; their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and it is now time to move on.
When people come into your life for a SEASON, it is because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn.
They may bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it! It is real! But, only for a season. And like Spring turns to Summer and Summer to Fall, the season eventually ends.
LIFETIME, relationships teach you a lifetime of lessons; those things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person/people (anyway);, and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas in your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant. Thank you for being part of my life.....
Author Unknown

and then... other things just keep happening and Susie Bates wrote to me today.. After I said what was going on and her comment was..
Hey, good to hear from you! Sorry that life has thrown you a nasty curve. You have risen above so much adversity in your life and I know you'll triumph again! I enjoy reading your posts... Wish we lived closer and could visit. Just remember I think of you fondly and wish you all the very best
and I remember when they left State College and How I felt then and how I felt when I left my mission... Jen and Tracy and Brenda was at that last supper at a very nice seafood resturant and I could not eat.. I had to leave...  I was leaving my place of love, hate, found friends and loved one.

Now why do I say all this at this time and repeat myself... it came to me after Jen had comment on my life.. I am here for a reason, I am here for a lesson, I am here for a life time to "OVERCOME"more adversity and heart ache and well to learn more.

I love my SEATTLE... I am not leaving anytime soon. I am here to stay!  With all the change that happens in my ward... I love it. I love the fact that someday someone else will come into it again and I will get to learn, grow, feed, teach, learn, and serve and love someone new.

I love you Squires. I am so excited for you and DR Squires when I need meds you better be able to help. (JUST JOKING)

Seeing this, I'm remindinded of the poem, "A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime" (http://www.robinsweb.com/inspiration/reason_season.html). Scott-you love so easily and so openly and give so much to those that come in your life...whether it ...be a reason, season, or lifetime.. Just as one family leaves, you need to take those loves and memories and cherish them...and look forward to the ones to come--the area is blessed to have you as someone that's always there to welcome new families and make them feel at home.... you are blessed to ALWAYs be having people come into your life--even if they may rotate out ... :-)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wont Heaven be Grand!

I knew this day was coming... Once again... I get so involved in peoples lives and then they have to say GOODBYE.. because they are done with school and are moving on with ther lives....

OK Really this is getting harder and harder for me to say good-bye. It's not the the fact that I will say good-bye its the fact that I wont have them here when I need them. AM I making any scence there...

(Just  a side not if this takes forever to read its because I have taken my pill to sleep.. so if it seems like I lost it... I DID!)

So really when Ben and Becca left, I packed the car with gummy fruit snacks, baby wipes, cookies, cheese snacks, and heck I dont know what all but They hit the road with lots of goodies and the post improtant thing was I had memories of my kiddo. You know I think I cried myself to sleep that night because I lost one of my best friends.

So as I have been preparing myself that this day was going to happen again.. I did not know that it was going to touch me the same way and I was going to feel the same way...

Maybe it is that I wount have that sweet little Mallroy coming up to me and say "Cott sucker please" or the look on Saydee's look as she is getting ready to grab into the bag of suckers... I think its might be that I have become Unlce Scott!
When the Crosby's left my pugh at church was empty for about a week before the Surtarkis moved in. 2 years later. my empty pugh will once again become empty again.

Itg's really hard to watch all these families move in and out of the ward and when you get to know them and love them.... well it just tears me up a little.

I know that Heaven will be Grand because of all the people that I have gotten to meet in this life.

I think when it come right down to it. There are many people we have yet to meet that will be there to support each of us in different times of our lives.

I have to say I will Miss the squires, the surtarks. they have been a big part of my life every sunday night as we had sunday dinners at my home. They have been a great family to me.

It's not a good bye... Its a God speed until we meet again.

Love you guys!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Art Project Black and White

So here is the assignement, take a picture or drawing or painting.. of color and you will inlarge it,
Paint the contourlines
Paint the flow with arrows
Paint it in Black and whites.
I have been doing flower most of the semester. so I was searching the internet and I found the Bird of paradise. which I have always loved. so It was in color which was a plus.

So  enlarged it a little..

but before I enlarged it I did the flow and the contour lines

and then I did my arrows.....

 I know I need to redue-them because They look like contour lines.

 and here is my black and white...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I feel Sorry!

So where do I begin. Really where do I start to tell a story that is not a happy ending and well.. OK I quess I will start at the begining..
a month ago we got transfer calls for the missionaires and You all know how much I love the missionaries.
I would do almost anything for them.

So more or less I have 4 of them. 2 from 3rd ward which I live and 2 from the 5th ward that have just been special to me.

Elder Reed and Elder Tanner. I have told you how much I love both of these missionaries.. and it just saddens my heart to find that Elder Reed has lost his focus as a missionary and he has lost that spirit about missionary work.  You would not or could not ask for a more gentle missionary as Elder Tanner. Very sweet and humble missionary.

Well Elder Reed has had a few issues as of late. Very sad because there is something very special about him.
To the point that he is being so rebellious that I just want to shake the heck out of him. I guess Sunday night he did not want to teach or go anywhere so being the person he was he turned on the radio, followed by opening the car door and putting his foot out the door, to the point that when they came to a stop sign he got out of the car... Elder Tanner just drove away.

Now this is where I came in.
I just had dinner with my families. Which I will say more about later but after dinner we had Stake Priesthood so it was just awesome.. I walked over to the church with my brothers.. It was awesome! We walked in and all sat together. IT was the FAMILY that I have learned to love and support and have support from. Thank you. They have been a great example to me and I love each of them very much.

So when we came home the missionaries were here at my home, this is where I came in. I told Ted and Lane that I would take them home and I just could tell something was not right with the missionaries. So I took Ted and Lane home and came back to a very unpleasant home...

To the tune of Elder Reed flippin Elder Tanner off and well it was just not cool. issues have to be addressed.
It was so uncalled for and I feel SORRY! I feel sorry that the spirit of contention was being spread by the missionaries and the peaceful word.

What do you say? What do you do? How do you help?

So here we sit 3 days later and I have been told that Elder Reed has had a major interview with the president, His faith was in the mission presidents hand wiether to be sent home or not.. THERE has to be other issues that I dont know about.

Heck.. if that was the case I would have been sent home because of the Missionaries that I served with!!!

So I feel sad that a young man out to serve the Lord has to feel this way toward another missionary and I fell sad that he is not feeling that wonderful spirit of missionary work.

I wont say that I was the perfect missionary and did not have my faults. I will say that I as I have AGED and have grown up.. I think President Hinckley said it best in the "Called to Serve" video.. "your not much to look at but you are all we have."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mom and Dad... I am alive

So here is to mother and father who are very concern that I have not blogged for a few weeks.
May 5th to the 13 I had the following things happen
On May 14th I had a wedding I spent all day with
May 15th I had to teach another elders quorum lesson on Missionary work
May 16th a wonderful work day at 530 AM and I could not find my car keys and had to ride a bike to small to work and was very tired and well I came home from work and CRASHED... I slept all day. Side note... I found the keys... they were in the frig.
May 17th back to work for a full day YES Tuesdays and Thursdays are now 8 hours each in floral. YEAH
May 18th School
May 19th I had a day off... WOW what a break.
May 20th I send a text to Dad to say Happy Birthday and for some odd reason I do that every year and his birthday is the 25th... YEAH I am loosing my mind
May 21st I played a little, but mostly spent it in bed because I had a headache.
and today.. well Baked beans are in the oven, pasta salad is made and well the steaks will be put on the grill for dinner and I am calling it goood.
I have a story yet to right, a dumb visial thinking question to complete and well that is my day.

I got a phone call this morning..
Mr. Muhammad: Scott I need a lease drawn up for new tentants in the Revanna house starting June 1.
Scott: Mr Muhammad, the tentants in the house have a lease until June 30th at midnight.
Mr Muhammad: but Mr Scott... they want the house for June 1st
Scott: Sorry Mr Muhammad... but they cant have it..
Mr Muhammad: But Scott...
Scott: Sorry they paid there last month rent until the 30th of June and thats what the lease says.

Do you see what type of day I am having....

But I do have to say one thing...

Mom and Dad I love you and I am so greatful that you taught me what you did...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's day 2011

WOW I can not believe I have lived almost through another mother's day. I know that tomorrow is the day but its the work up to that takes the most of the time and really by sunday we are just waiting for everything to sell.

Today Has been one of those days that well..... I am tired and just want to sleep.. good luck with that one!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a few lines of what is going on in my little life.

School seems to be going... Work is going and well.. thats about it. Funny thing is It seems to be a fun evening most nights with a milk shake with the missionaries or some kind of food with the missionaries.

I am learning a few things and WELL I sometime just have to sit back and remember that I am dealing with 19-22 year olds. Oh to be that young again. NOPE not me I would not change my 40 for anything.

Anyway... I just wanted to say Happy mother's day out there to all the mother's out there and all my friends mothers and well just everyone.. Happy Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rainy days and mondays always get me down!

I should really listen to the blues. LOL... Ok it has been on of those days. I quess Karen Carpenter had it right when she sang that song however she was not from Seattle and I love my rainy days.

Yesterday was so beatiful and I had such a great day. I wish everyday was a wonderful a beatiful as yesterday was. the SUN was out and it was feeling so much like SPRING like it should. I have been working on getting the garden ready for planting... dont worry yesterday was not the day I worked in the garden, however my nice neighbor did come up and rototilled my garden, which the girlies loved watching him.

Ok.. so It was stake confenece weekend and I am always learning new things during confenece. 1st off, I think that sometime we dont realize that other people have it a little harder than I do. I think of my trails sometimes and in compareness... mine are a piece of cake. MAN its true I make my life sometimes a little harder than it really is. Yeah I am in pain sometimes but sometimes people live with things in there lives that they can not control. and Well sometimes I can control what I do.
2nd the King James Edition of the Bible is almost 400 years old. Learned this from Stake Conference.. Yes the Bible is older than that but its the edition that is the most correct.
3rd.. simple things in life is what we should be looking at. KEEP it simple!

So last night dinner was simple. French dip sandwiches and french fries, a salad and well it was just an awesome evening. So I have had this big bag of fortune cookies that one I love and second, I love.. so when I opened one up I read this...

Your home will be a great source of happiness...

I just had to think of all the wonderful people that have taken a minute to spend their life with me. 
I sure hope that the happiness is shared here.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not sure why...

Not sure why I am feeling the way I am. 2 weeks ago I did Easter and I had a blast... so WHY am I feeling the way I am feeling tonight.

last night I started to chat with Jen about FAMILY... Oh I know I am the one that has to change and make my life the way I want it to be. But I am feeling a little missed and sometimes I am missing all the fun.. and well... that All I can really say.

I do not know why or what is causing me to feel a little blue tonight. Trust me.. I am kind of glad that I dont have the stress I have been having and that I am somewhat relaxed tonight. I made 2 Peanut Butter French silk pies and I have no one coming over for dinner tomorrow because I have to work. Tell me what the heck is that all about.

maybe it is the fact that I have not had family over for the last 2 sundays and I am missing it. I said that when Ted and Shelby leave and Cam and Lane leave I was done. I might not be. I might have to do it because I need it in my life. Maybe that is why I have been blue the last few days.

I guess I am not truely happy unless I am serving someone or doing something for someone else. It's odd to say that because I really think sometimes I want to be selfless. really... I just want it all to be about me... me... me... me...

It's odd feeling this way and I know that this is not me. but I fight with myself sometimes and just say WHY not me.

anyway I know its sad that I am writing this down, but sometime I just have to write what is on my mind.

Friday, April 22, 2011

300 posts

Since I started to blog..

It has been a busy day for me, I worked most of the day and had a few issues, you know I just was thinking a minute ago... I am not going to beat the dead horse. LEAVE IT go.

I learn little things everyday. The other day in my visual thinking class we did the little exersice.
take a deep breath.
then take another deep breath and count 1 and leave it out count 1
take another deep breath and count 1-2 and leave it out count 1-2
so on and so forth until you can count to 10 in and out.. now remember if you mess up you have to start over at 1.
so I have been trying to do this lately. Just to bring peace in my life. I know what is happening to me.. just so you know its yoga and I am not sitting on the floor yet.

SO why am I writing tonight. one reason is to say Happy Birthday to my dear brother in law Naki.
so I tend to be great friends with the missionaries and this last week we had transfers and I am super excited because Elder Reed is from Hawaii.. and it has just been so neat and I am just remember Naki.

Elder Reed has mad me laugh so hard already and It is so fun, I will get text's can we come over.. I always say yes.. WELL our dinner was a little bowl of soup I am straving.. so I am so glad I have food in this house. It is awesome.

Tonight I knew they were coming over so I had a bowl of potatoes with butter and cheese on them, this kid ate the whole bowl, the other night I made a big salad and he ate all of that. HE is a big boy (Sorry Young Man). Its just fun to be able to spend time with my missionaries.

Easter is on Sunday and I will try my best to post some more pictures.... about 2 weeks ago, Kami, texted me thank you for the eggs, YES you all did as well... but I started to tell Kami why I do these eggs.

and as I was texting the reason why it came to me that.... most of the davis children were just that, children.  I need to find pictures because I know I have some of them.. But I texted this to her...

About 20 years ago, I played the easterbunny, when the kids were younger. I made them these eggs (not this nice of looking ones) and I hide all these colored eggs in the yard when they came home from church there were easter basket for each of the kids, and colored eggs spotted the yard, I tried to keep the theme going but missed a few years.
I have tried to keep the theme going, I have sent mother eggs so she has a nice set of eggs, so now I am trying to keep the idea alive. I know I am crazy but I so remember all the kids getting out of the van after church and yelling and it was priceless to me.

I remember the kids yelling as they got out of the van, it was the same little screams as I heard a few weeks ago when I did it with my families.

I guess I just am digging a little deeper into my life trying to remember as much as I can.

Life is priceless and I dont want to forget anything.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Really PLEASE stop the maddness..

If you did not already know these are the 3 emails I just got in the last 5 minutes.... nice thing they come into the junk box instead of the in box but still.... I am so tired of getting these emails.

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Maybe I should give them my checking account that has no money in it and i NEVER use.. maybe I would get $6,500,000,000 dollars that we could all share. !

Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's been a few days since I Wrote

So I have been a little busy this last weekend.

I celebrated Easter this week, I have to work the the next 2 sundays so I wanted to make time for the families I love and care for so we had Easter a little early.

but what I have to say is that I think that this has been one of the best full houses and the most kids I have had in my house for a while.

So let me back up and tell you what I did and what happened. Last year I found confetti eggs and I went looking for them again this year knowing that they would have to be a big part of this year. Yes I found them at Wal-mart like I did last year.

So I could not go stop myself this year there was extra confetti eggs. they were so much more fun than I remembered and the yard looked awesome with all the extra eggs int the yard.

Yard befor the eggs were placed in it.

after all the 207 eggs were hidden

I really loved the eggs up the stairs

Golden eggs hidden as well

OK This is so much fun

Sorry Suzanne, I still love you, I know you were trying to stay away from Confetti.

 OK I wish this was in a slide show because this is so fun...

 This picture was priceless.... OH Saydee... You are a cute little girl.

I love Easter... sorry it was not a Martha Stewart day and it did not look like her's did but I think we had a little more fun!

Monday, April 4, 2011

So tonight I had a wonderful night... I was in class most of the day, I am taking a few Art classes... I did not know they were going to be full on drawing classes but I was hoping I was going to learn more about Humanities.....

I took on class on Visual Thinking.... THINKING right!

So I was hoping this is what it would be and I think I will be thinking...

Anyway... SO I have this passon for my missionaries... I love them... even when I can not stand them.
I love Elder Tanner and Elder Fetzer... they are not in my ward but I love them.. THEY are just wonderful and for some odd reason.. I have been doing a lot for them, like wise for me.

So today when I got home they were still doing laundry and well most of the time they have a dinner but tonight they got stood up. So I took them out to dinner...

Well we had a great dinner and when we came home we had a very great evening of teaching one another.. Elder Tanner is one of "THE" Tanner's.. Church History. and he is just such a wonderful young man. His father and Uncle have done a few Church History and other Video's. "Touch of the Masters Hand". SO
we took the time to watch some of these videos...

We got into watch Values.com and then mormon messages... where we watched this one...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7zwQ_7q-fU Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light
just incase you cant pull that one up...

I learned everytime I am with these missionaries that sometime we have to do what the LORD wants in his time and when he wants us to learn these thing.

I just hope I can contiune to Learn and grow.. Thank you for your support as I learn!!!