I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Resolutions

Well I want to make 2009 count... Melissa said it best in her facebook when she said her's was LOVE, LIVE and LAUGH!
What better goal is that! I would like to copy that and say the same thing and that would be it.
BUT you all know me mine would have to be much longer and well IT'S Scott.
I am going to LIVE this year. 2010 I am going to LIVE it, to the fullness.
LAUGH, I am finding myself not laughing enough so YES I am going to LAUGH. I had many things to laugh at in 2009.
LOVE.. I would like to be able to LOVE more... LOVE more people and make sure they know I LOVE them.
As Lucy and I were at dinner the other night saying what are we going to do... WELL I never keep any reolutions that I make....
Lucy said SERVICE... So I might add that into the filter... I have no problem giving of my time, its the time I need to give.
And then we have Ben that tell me my goal for 2010 is to SAVE money to BUY a house!!! LOL good goal for him. since he has the degree and a wife and family and is buying a house... but its IOWA...
SO I would say yes, a goal for me is to save a few dollars... WE will see.
I paid off all my credit cards so THAT is a plus for me...
so if I had to come right down and give a list I could not.
but here are a few things I would like to see happen to me this year.
1. Save some Money
2. CLEAN out the OLD stuff
3. Organization of my Life
4. Scrapbook the rest of my life
5. Grow a better garden
6. Stop Stressing over work
7. Travel a few new places
8. Live with in my means
9. Study more
10. Grow more
11. Work on my Tummy
12. Be more selfless
14. LIVE
15. LOVE
So If you see me in this New Year Make sure I am living my goals...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thank you stocking stuffers

So I have to say THANK YOU to alot of people...

Lane and Cambria Squires and Mallory, THANK YOU, first off for being a great friend, you guys were there to help out with giving of your time, your service and your talents. You were there working on everything with me so Thank you.

Ted and Shelby Sutarik, and Saddie, THANK YOU also for being a great friend, thanks for helping out. Sorry your Final did not go as well as you had hoped TED!

Bishop and Sister Hall... I do not know what I would do without your help. REALLY WOW Thank you for all that you donated to the missionaries. You are wonderful.

Thank you Mom, I know without you showing me the light, that I would have ever done what I did today so thank you!

Thank you WESLENE.... Auntie Wes without this Idea of yours I would never had done what I did!

Thank You's

Claire and Brad Hawkins
Lucy Percell
Molly Bennion,
Masayo Bennion,
Bishop and Sister Metcalf
Bishop and Sister Shriber
Robin and Christian
David and Marily Every
The Hill's
Mandy And Ben Watson
Michele Owens
Tim O'brien
Susan Norton

and you know I am forgetting someone but right now I am not sure who..

It's funny I put out a little email and told you all what I was doing and look what you did. I am so impressed with what you all did! Your hearts are so big and I am so thankful that I have each of you in my life. WOW you are just wonderful friends and I am so THANKFUL I have each of you in my life.

Missionary Dinner and Stockings..

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Evening Update

SO it feels like Christmas at my home...

It is the evening before my Christmas party... I feel everything is in place and the house is clean something has to be wrong since it 11:30 and I am still up. REALLY I have cleaned my room, put away all my clothes and everything is nice and tightly.

Artichoke and Spinach Dip is done and ready for cooking.
Enchiladas 6 pans and I believe that there are 32 in each pan
Salsa and chips ready
Mini Cocktail franks ready to be cooked
Refried beans need to be poored out of cans and heated
I dont know what I am missing...

Scones(fry bread) will be mixed up tomorrow!

Ok chat later I am off to bed!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Updating the holiday season is here!

So here is some pictures and updating on what I have been up to! Every year I have a Christmas party and I bake for weeks ahead of time and I do it mostly alone. This year I had HELP!! I loved it! It was so FUN! 2 co-workers, who I work so well with, Kailyn and EZ said they wanted to help me. SO I Sat up the time to bake December 3, and we baked!

THis was just one of the many buckets of cookies we baked that day.

Start of the many many many many sugar cookies

EZ had no clue what she got herself into!

IT was so much fun!

I wanted to say it was a flour fight but it was just rolling out all the cookies

Thank you my wonderful Friends. I could not have done all those cookies with out your help in one day!