I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where are they??? This one's for the Crosby's

I have not heard from them or have seen them post anything so I am hopeing that they are out there safe and sound...

But this one's for BEN!

Hoping you will enjoy them from where ever you may be!

I miss you guys!

Love Ya

PS.... I do have video of these steaks grilling and you can see the smoke and here them sizzling... but for some odd reason I can not down load it!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Crabs and Crabby... Oh wait crabby would be me

LOL That was a good heading yes? SO Yesterday I had the wonderful chance to go on a Boating trip... It was a little cruise.

Aunt Roxann runs the activities for the Oak Harbor Senior Center and every year she has this trip running for the seniors to go Out on the sound and around the Islands and you get to EAT crab and well What fun it was.

So here is a few pic's Jim sent I have more to down load.

It wasnt Hawaii but it was out on the water and it was nice. Yes I am looking a little FAT... the diet is coming.

Auntie Wes enjoying the view and the COLD breeze.
Thank You Auntie Wes... she sat at the table and just cracked crab for Myrna and I to eat! You are the BEST!

Aunt Rockie sporting the Hat Auntie Moo got for her!

Jima nd Rockie sporting there CRAB shirts

Auntie Moo and Bob on the boat!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family and Friends

So this week I have been putting alot of things together... Trying to pull all my memories of the last 2 weeks into a little blog is sad that I did not put it all together once it happened.

I just want to say to all my sisters and brothers...
I just love the fact that after all is said and done... We are family.
Thank you Mom and Dad for the JOY!
I think that would be the best thing to say it is the JOY!
Mom and Dad you did AWESOME!

Friends... Thank you for dealing with me. ok I should say thank you family as well.

I am so grateful for the love everyone offers me and for putting up with me.

Just remember when you all get to the Celestial Kingdom... come visit me!!!!

4th of July

This Year I went to see the fireworks from Our Relief Society President's Condo. She lives on the 9th floor of the Univerisy Plaza.. Funny how once you meet someone you never know what its going to bring you.

Ann Romish and I have become BUDS and I love it.
She invited me over for the 4th and well for me I did not want to go because I still believe that the 4th is to be enjoyed as "COUPLES" and I am still very much single but I said what the heck and I went.

I have been over to Ann's a few times and I have always loved her view and I said I was not going to miss this... SO now ANN has a life time person coming to her and john's for the 4th!

Matt and Kami

Ok here are just a few pictures of Matt and Kami's wedding... I know I am late but hey be Happy I posted something..

matt and kami I love you guys and I am so glad I got to spend a minute with you!
MAYBE KAMI and give me a link to her BLOG!!!! HINT HINT HINT!

Babies and Grand Children

Ok I just love FAMILY! Here are just a few pictures of the Davis Family Reunion.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PICTURE! forks in both hands gotta love it!

Abby and Ana

Davis Family Reunion June 2009

Now If they were on a slide show its cute so hopefully you get the idea. This is just many of the picture I took!


Ok I know I am just a big baby... BUT will someone tell that to my eyes.
Its not that I am crying crying, its just that my eyes are watering...

So I went to church today Sat in my row that was designed for my little family and they never showed... YEAH that because they are on the way to UTAH.

Yeah I was crying. I am really really really going to miss them.
Thank the Lord that we did not sing any songs today at church that talked family or until we meet again or I would have lost it.

I had to come home early and Lay down and sleep... REALLY it has taken a toll on me. LOL

SO once again I am the SINGLE guy in church with out the family.

Sad to say I felt like Adam alone in the Garden..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Good Bye's

Ok Everyone knows I do not do well with Good Bye's, But I do them.. Well because its apart of life.

Now I am not going to cry..... YEAH RIGHT! Last night I had the Crosby's come over before they were done packing so that I could get there hand prints in stepping stones. Yeah Its a new Idea and I always need stepping stones and they will always be apart of my garden that way.
So once done with the stepping stones I got a fast picture.

So today was packing the house day for them and I worked! Sorry Crosby's I told you all along I was not going to help pack and that I was not lugging a box. Once I heard Ben had 14 apple boxes full of books.. Yeah I was not going to help. LOL I would have helped.

So I said I was going to do dinner, Ben had to work so I got them dinner done and took it to them at the travel Lodge.

I am going to miss my kiddo's.

So we packed up the food and took it to the car and I said Becca you need to open the car.. WHY well I went to Costco... YEAH Costco and kids go hand in hand..
I just remembered all the stuff that Abby had for her Road Trip so I was prepared..
Animal crackers,
Cheese and crackers,
Red Vines,
Juice Boxes,
Snack Bars,
Baby Wipes,
and I know that there were more but I lost count.
We said our good bye's
SO Crosby Family I just want you to know I will always have a very very very special place in my heart.
I love you guys and I will miss my sunday nights at the travel Logde, I will miss all the steak dinners, I will miss all the pizza, the burgers, the shakes, you get the hint.. my sunday night dinners will never be the same.
I Love you guys... my life will never be the same!
I will really miss the time I got to spend with you.
The holidays, from Christmas to Easter, to making you countless steaks to dying easter eggs.
I dont do good bye's I do entill we meet again...
God be with you on this new adventure you are going to go on.
Until we meet again.
Love Your Friend Forever.