I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


2005 Hyundai XG350 L Sedan 4 Door
V-6 Automatic
58,000 Miles

Multi Compact Disc, Dual Power Seats
ABS (4-wheel)
Power WIndows
Traction Control
Power Steering
Front Side Air Bags
Power Door Locks
AM/FM Stereo
Premium Wheels
Premium Sound
Air Conditioning
Tilt Wheel
Dual Front AIr Bags
Cruise Control

Did I say Heated SEATS!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friends and Family

1st thing I want to say is how greatful I am to have both many friends and many family members in my life. I have been up and down all week and I am not sure weither I am coming or going most of the time. YEAH I know what is with that. SO I have been blessed by all of you in so many ways for the love and support you give to me.

So here's to you all THANK YOU!

2nd Jen.... I am so excited for you and your up coming wedding. Thanks for always being there for me and I for you. You have been a TRUE friend and I am so thankful I have you in my life.

3rd.. LIZ, I know I have not been the best big brother. seeing we live so close and I dont get to see you like I should. I will miss you as you move east. Know that I love you and will always hold the time we spent in seattle in my heart dear!

Lastly... I still have not found a car! I know what am I waiting for... I have this feeling some body is going to come to me and say... "MY Mother/Father just died and we have this car.."
I know keep the faith....

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bees and hornets

So when you take a hose to a bee's hive you know something BAD is going to come out of it. Tonight I was the bee who got the hose to him. I was madder than a wet hornet.

I am a very nice and giving person most of the time. I will do almost anything for anyone. and today I took off work. 1st mistake. 8 hours worth of pay down the drain. But I took it off to help with the STAKE Relief Society Broadcast Dinner. Here is where the hose get to the bee hive.
I missed a day of work to HELP!!!! I will repeat this over and over and over. I could have worked today.

I was asked to do the flowers for the tables. I had about $200 dollars to do the tables. HERE is where the water hit the hive. they set up 30 tables. I only did 15. NO ONE, NO ONE, NO ONE told me how many tables to do.

What do you say. what do you do. spend more money, drive 30 minutes to get more dish gardens. REALLY what would you do?

SO I went in to help, I saw my old Bishop Hall and was talking to him for a minute and said I was here to help when someone said we have it covered. REALLY, REALLY do you. It was just like I was not to be there. YEAH that is where the WATER hit the HORNET and I got wet. WET and MAD.

I went out of my way to make sure that the 15 planters were there. and then they said they dont need my help and that we had 30 tables... REALLY REALLY..... I think there was a LACK of communation... REALLY

I was a wet hornet ready to dive bomb! I went with the knowledge I had and what they wanted from me. BUT could they have said there was 30 tables. could I have asked how many tables. BUT when you have one email. asking me to do one thing. I do not think that this was how I was to spend my day.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

a few more updates

So The lesson today went over with out a hitch. I was really impressed and it was FUN! outside the box of a normal lesson... I love that. It's getting harder and harder to top the last lesson. BUT it was fun.

Very good feed back came out of it.

Now I can start to prepare for next month.

I had the best dinner group over tonight. IT was just awesome. SO I want to tell them how grateful I am for there friendship and for the support they give to me. THANK YOU! you mean something to me!

So To Robin and Christian and Ted and Shelby Thank you for spend a nice evening together tonight. I will cook you guys just need to EAT!

Back to the lesson, we had a great comeback in numbers with the HOME TEACHING lesson of the bread. I quess that we have like 180 people on the records... 92 are assigned home teachers and last month we visited 80 of those. out of the 29 home teaching groups... 26 went out! YEAH BREAD!

I know its hard to think of all the work that would take place if we go out every month but just think of the little things that can happen.

I took my sleeping pill last night and slept until 9:30 this morning YEAH that was almost 12 hours so I am going to try for another great night of sleep.!!!!

The Mighty Relief Society

Well here it is I am teaching a lesson to the men of the church to day on the Mighty Relief Society.

Most everyone knows what the Relief Society is about so what I am going to do is play Jeopardy. I have come up with numberous questions about the Relief Society. So Its going to be who will get the most points at the end. my topics were are. Relief Society Presidents, History, Facts, Socials, Enrichment, 3rd ward, and Humor.

It will be fun to see who know what.

I have had four weeks to prepare and I did it. the very first day when they asked me to teach this lesson I knew what I was to do.

I hate standing up there and reading out of a manuel. THAT is not me. I hate that it puts people to sleep. So that is why I choosen Jeopardy to get people involued in the lesson.

I also made homemade salsa again and chocolate chip cookies. Yeah the way to teach is to bribe with food. You have to teach with something.

Well I will leave for now wish me luck!!!!! I am going to need it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Post 150 since I have started to Blog

Ok this might not be the best blog for number 150.

1st I will start out by telling you that the insurance company came back with a offer that I for one was floored by and I took it. $5300. It will be a good down payment on a car. NOW I have to find a car and I have to find a loan.

Thats the good news.

Now the not so good news is I am not feeling like me? I am having neck pains and I am not sleeping worth a darn. DRUGS are my friend.. NOT really.

I am starting to have great days and not so great of days. I go up and down.. maybe right now as I right its not a good day. I quess it is just all the stuff that comes around and things I do and not sleeping and well do you understand it.

I went last night and tonight to see WICKED! It was awesome both times, my only problem is who I went with the second time. I get the jeoulosies... wishing I was with someone else or with anyone that would enjoy the play like it is ment to be enjoyed and not complaining the WHOLE time of all there problems.

AM I ever going to find someone? Really am I ever going to find true happyiness? I am getting a little tired of not having someone. I understand that you have to work on both being single and being married and there are up and downs to that as well and That I can not be selfish!

BUt I want to know when I am going to find myself I guess! Maybe that is what I need to be worried about right now Trying to find myself. I feel alone. I am still doing great spirtiualy but there is something missing and I cant understand what it is.

Well for now I have taken my drugs so I am hoping I can sleep the night and past 6 tomorrow morning.

Love ya

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am OK!

So with just a bad case of "WHIPLASH" I am doing fine...! this morning I woke up with a neck pain and a back ache and my knee hurt but a few more pills I will be fine.

WHat happened... I just left northgate mall after getting a birthday present.. 5th Ave NE runs almost to my home so I was traveling south on 5th ave and the speed limit is only 25-30 so I was not going fast. the next thing I knew I saw the car I hit in front of me and I hit her. and then the next thing I knew is that the car behind me hit me. The first thing was I turned off the car and coasted it over to the side of the Street. I then looked for my cell phone and called 911. reported an accident and said we would need police and then I looked in the review mirror and said I would need an ambulance.

I got out of the car and made sure the young lady I hit was ok and then the police were there and I did not get to talk to the lady that hit me. I was on the phone calling the insurance company and making sure things were taken care of.

The medical team was asking me questions and I was still trying to make sure everything was getting reported. I was not taking any chances I even started taking pictures to make sure Everything was in order.

Thats how I got the pictures. The medical team then asked if I was hurt and I said just a little elbow pain and that my back was starting to hurt. so they put one of those things around my neck and made me sit down... I was just trying to make sure everything was in order.

so they asked me if I could walk I said yes after they made me sit down... so I walked down to the ambulance and they asked if I could sit down on the table. Said yes and then they leaned me back and tied me to the back board. really tied me to the back board, LOL I was telling them JOKES the whole time. I had to do something. asked me about pain and where it was...

So once again I got an ambulance ride to the hospital... YAHOOO have you ever been tied to a board, facing the same way you are driving and trying not to slide on a board that you are tied to and well its almost like a roller coaster. all along telling jokes to make the ride easier.

GOt to ER and well thats 3 hours I will never get back. had an ultra sound to make sure no enturnal bleeding and was released

Walk from ER to the instutue building... and Sister Romish picked me up. and well here we are I slept OK last night I do not think I moved! I am favoring my left side of my neck and head, and left arm. I have a little pain in the middle back and just trying to get people to call me back so that I can get up and go!

Home Teachers are coming over to give me a blessing this afternoon and then hopefully I will have a rental car in the drive so that I can go to the DR's apppointment to make sure I am OK.. A little nuts but hey I can tell them that. NO BLACK AND BLUE YET!

Thanks for the prayers when I look at this in the big picture really... It was just a car and I have my life.
No one was really hurt and I am very greatful that I pay insurance each month to cover me and the other driver.

When you look at life and the different chapters in which we write.. we have to say thank you for the life we live!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1 2009, 2:56 PM

Hi everyone.... so if you did not get my text or did not get a call.... I am FINE! I will have to admit when someone or something says turn right and not left we better listen!

I have a cervical strain, also know as "whiplash injury" Neck and back injury. No enturnal bleeding.

Lots of GOOD drugs... Valium, Wicodin, motrin.

NO WORK for 2 days.

I do have full coverage... rental agreement, and injury on my car.

The young woman I hit is fine. she was more concern with me and the lady that hit me... well I do not know yet.
I was taken to the hospital and checked out and the other lady was as well...