I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, December 30, 2010

21 days

Oh dear, 21 more days and I turn the 32. YES that sounds just about right 32.

Oh for some odd reason I just am thinking that 21 more days and I am the big 40! YES you got it I am turning the big 40! WOW I said it.. for the past 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, years I have been saying I have been 32.... I look 32 so I feel like I am 32 and LOOK like it so why not... but then the realization that I am going to be 40!

OK I might be freaking out a little.... but I am looking forward to that new age and new time and new phase of my life... WHAT could go wrong?????

HECK I could sit back here and just cry in my wheaties but HECK NO I think I am going to LIVE!!!

I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life....

I am not sure what I am going to be doing.. I am not sure what is going to happen... I am not sure of anything but I am just sure that what will happen and what is going to happen and what I want to happen might not happen but one thing is for sure... I will still be 32!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ahhhh haaaaaa Meaning!

So I dont think I will get to 100 post this year however.... I am going to work on it.

It's time for me to clean... YEAH I am cleaning the bed room out and trying to make it a peaceful place for me to be... YEAH it might not be what I want it to be but I am going to try... My bedroom is my work space, My entertainment room, my office, my den, my walk in closet ok you see what and where this is going... I have a house full of stuff by my room is my comfort zone.

So I am sitting on the floor going over and over last years stuff.. what do I keep what do toss and what do i need to do...

well I was watching Oprah as I was doing this all....... and of couse there is tears when you watch Oprah...

SO here is what I learned after remembering what Myrna said a few weeks ago.

Myrna wrote a few weeks ago that she was watching Oprah favorite things and she says.."I was watching Oprahs' Favorite things tonight, and was caught up in all the galla and the generosity, sitting their crying and feeling sorry for myself, and I had a A-Ha moment! Wake Up Myrna! These are just THINGS! Dahn! Has it taken me this long to figure this out."

My Comment back was..."Awesome Myrna... it's not about the stuff... it's about the love of our family... I need nothing, I want noting, and all I wish is for each of us to be happy and healthy."

Now I was thinking to myself... what a wonderful person Oprah is/was to give give give like she is and that money can make you happy....

BOY did I get kicked in the pants. YES something or someone kicked me in the seat of my pants.

IT's not about the STUFF Scott... Thank you Myrna...

It was a surprise that sometime SATAN can pull on our heart strings because he can.. IT IS JUST STUFF!!!

So I was wishing I could do more for others and do more for my family and friends and well this is where that Ahhh HAA moment came.

Scott Leitch WAKE UP!!!

Do you know how blessed you are... you dont need Stuff to make yourself Happy..

YOU have Family and Friends that love you for who you are. DO you hear me... They dont need a big meal, a fancy car, or money that just need your LOVE!

Wow I need to wake up! GIVE of yourself that's all anyone could ask for!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

93 and counting

NOT my age... very funny mother!

But I have post 93 post this year do you think I can make it to 100 by new years eve?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Prime Rib

This is what it is to look like when you cook it right!
Merry Christmas to myself... I will enjoy every minute of this!
I do have left overs if you want to come by for some!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. It is such a fun time of year and there are so many things that have happened in the last week and well... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I found myself a little tired after going and going and going all week that today, I wanted to be by myself and watch Christmas Movies all day... OH FUDGE! you'll shoot your eye out kid, has been playing all day and tell you the truth I have been watching it all day.

Mike and Weslene had offer to come get me to go down to their home and Ted and Shelby wanted me to come to their home... BUT I just wanted to stay at home and text and email and call everyone all day. THERE is nothing wrong with this.

I am not being a GRINCH or Scrooge. I just wanted to have some me time. I have a beatiful Prime Rib Roast in the Oven for myself, I have the cookies and cakes and all the chocolate I could ever want and I have a nice warm bed to craw into... but I think the best Part is that I have friends that care and do care for me and want me to be Happy... TRUST me I am happy! I could have felt blue but I just had to much to do to do that. SO I am HAPPY to be where I am at this minute in time!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ok I have this thing about lights...

I know that I have a small humble home and I try to decorate it nicely... NICELY do you hear me. I dont go over the top I just keep it simple.. I will remember to take pictures..

BUT what I dont understand is why some people think that they only need to put a little wreath on the door and call it good.. I love lights.. I love when people decorate outside with lights. I was over to my Bishop's house tonight and it was simple and beatiful..

But some of there neighbors could have used a little help. some of them had wonderful decorations up but they needed the fininshing touches..

so when I was driving home I started looking at lights.. and I should have taken pictures because it was funny... if you are going to put ice cycle lights on your home make sure you get them up all over I saw a house that had them up... however they did not finish the house roof and stopped and went across instead of up... it was so noticeable...

Ok well that's my two cents worth!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Grades


are you ready for this......

Art 210 Computer Art 5 credits grade.. 3.6
Engl 265 Literature & Society 5 credits grade... 3.0
Hum 105 Intercultural communication 5 credits grade... 3.0

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I am on a high right now WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW

that is a GPA of 3.2

bringing my gpa up to a 2.16 because of that darn Psychology of gender class... BUT I am so excited... wow wow wow

Sunday, December 19, 2010

To think about it!

So when I first started school (College) I believe Abby and I went to wall-mart shopping for dishes.. I said I was going to go PLAIN so that I could use them every day and yes they are timeless and yes they are corelleware and well I have been using them as my everyday dishes for years and if they break I am ok with that too...

then a few years ago I started to collect the timeless BLUE WILLOW. Which I loved but I was finding it very hard to find piece to it and it's old and well I ended up giving my whole collection to Auntie WES because I started to collect FIESTA WARE which I love... ( I just want to add that Auntie Wes Loves her blue willow and uses it daily... Which is what it was ment to be used.)

SO I still love my Fiesta Ware and I collect it every chance I get to buy a new piece I do. And I use it every Sunday for my family Dinner... I will add that TED has broke one piece of it and he has to eat off the corelle ware. (Love ya TED).

And every year I said to myself that I was going to treat myself to something. FIESTA is my every Sunday China and I love it..
But one time I saw a place setting for the Holiday and I fell in love with it.. and I said I will buy myself a setting each year for Christmas until I have a serving of 12 for my family. you always make your settings in 12, dont ask why its the law. so.. I started to collect......

Lenox, Holiday.

Now Lenox Holiday is well.... Very Pricy. A 5 piece place setting like what you see above runs.. anywhere from $99. on sale to $150 Yes I have a problem.. YES I love the Very BEST and I have a mother that has taught me that. (Right mother.)
So this is why I only do buy one 5 piece place setting a year.
THis year I wasnt planing on getting one.. I did not even think about it. I wasnt even in Macy's or at the mall or anywhere that had it on sale. DO you hear me! I wasnt going to do it.
And I did not.
So hear is how I got another wonderful piece setting to this wonderful bone china.
Last week my little families must have been planning something and I know this is what they were planning. It came to me once I made a fool out of myself and said oh sure this is a wonderful set and you mother would love it and pulled it out and showed it.
Shelby came up to me at the party and said "My dad wants to get my mother China for Christmas, And I remember you showing me some beatiful China you got."
DUMB... it never sunk in until she left and Suzann could not help herself when I said "DONT do it"! it was funny because it really did not dawn on me until about 15-20 minutes later on what they were going to do.
SO I want to say... THANK YOU.. from the bottom of my heart. TO My wonderful Family Ted and Shelby, Cam and Lane, Dan and Suzann and Karl and Sheila for my wonderful wonderful TREAT....
I could never thank you enough for the little things in this life that has made my life so wonderful that you would treat me so kindly.
Love you all!

Today's Lesson is sponsered by the letter T!

So today in Elder's Quorum it was my time to teach again and this is always a treat sometimes. So I was told that I could teach on anything I wanted to teach on. SO I said ok I will keep in mind that Christmas is just around the corner and that I could teach a Christmas message but I wanted to do something a little different than just teach "The Nativity".

So once again I had my round fish bowl of chairs and in the center a table filled with "The Nativity" Now this is the funny part.. I started to collect Nativity's the last few years. Just a way of bringing myself closer to the birth of our Savior. SO the last time I was at the church in all my Christmas trees that had been stored at the church building was a box... and when I opened it.. to my suprise it was full of Nativities that some one left at the church. Now I know they were there last year so I said I am going to use these.

So I pulled out my Nativity that I got from Costco a few years ago and I also pulled out my Hallmark Nativity and I sat the table up with nothing but Nativities on it. IT was stunning to see.

But I did not teach the Nativity.. I taught on Family Traditions, I pulled out this months issue of the Ensign from the church and we passed it around reading the Traditions from members of the church.

We then went around the room telling of differernt Family Traditions we have in our families.. IT was awesome to hear of all the differenet ones and some of the wonderful ideas each family have.

I told of our letters we write and how we do a serect family santa and well... Hear of so many different Ideas.

I told the story of how Cookie making has been on of my family traditions that I started in my "Single" Family and how there is no wrong way to do sugar cookies with kids...

It's funny to hear of so many different traditions and the things we do to keep them alive!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Party 2010 OH MY!

So every year I have my Christmas Party.. Every Year it gets better and better and better and this year... well It was fun and full of life and well... IT was just awesome!

I learned a few years ago that I never get pictures of my party or the guests... Mainly because I am always in the kitchen and cooking and watching and well... this year Cholie got the idea she was taking pictures... One of these years I am going to hire Ben and Mandy to take pictures.. I always try to get Mandy to take pictures for me... BUT they did not come this year.. I was very sad! Love you guys.

So the first picture is of Kristen Wes and Hillary McKay. ( I work with Hillary and her Husband on Stake Activities).

Pitured is Beren McKay, President Gary London, Erick Saganic

My dear sweet Ann Romish and Laura Saganic

Yes you got a picture of me... Cholie.. (You know if you just waited for me... you could have been Sister Leitch..) LOL

Beren, Jared Bounty and SIster London

Jared and Jen

Jen and Kristen

Jen, Sister Loni Shriber and Me... I look like I am 9 months Pregant... NOW that would be funny!

John and Cholie Ash and Bishop and Sister Hall (He will always be Bishop Hall)

Jared (Just thinking what he is going to eat next!)

Peter and Jen and Calab (Next door Neighbors...I love theses guys!)

Bishop Shriber

Allan Brown fixing the train for 100th Time

Brandon West eatting another Scone

Jackie Johnson (my old assistant) I miss Jackie!

My Dear dear dear Sharron Hall... I so love this Lady and I will always.. WIth her granddaughter Emily!
This is just a part of the photo's that were taken and I am always sad because I do not get to take more pictures of everyone but this year thank you Cholie.
It was really fun.. I started at 4:30 and it ended at 10. Yes I was tired and yes I had a final the next day but over all it was so worth every minute I got to spend cooking, and cleaning, and fixing and swearing and just making all the food that I did. (I burnt my self good so I had to say a few good words..) Sorry Mother.. It is the PA in me!
I learned that left over turkey is good for something and that is Turkey Enchiladas.
So I made 6 pans of Turkey Enchiladas, total of 204 rolled corn tortillas!
I have 3 pans left and my cultural studies class is coming over on Monday Decemeber 20th to eat them!
I had chips and salsa.. I learned a few years ago that people just love to eat chips and salsa so I made salsa ... ok I added stuff to the store bought stuff and it was yummy!
Little smokies are always a hit so we had them and refried beans and well It was food every where you looked.
I think when it was all over and done with there was about 75 people and it was just fun in my little home.

Monday, December 13, 2010

last Class

I will have to start that I am crying and it's just that I have a bad habit of doing that.

Tonight was the last night for my English class and cultural studies class and well.. I just cryied. I am a big baby... I guess it is that I started out the quarter crying because I did not know where I was going and what I was going to be doing and then trying to work and well... I was all over the place... and then here it is the last class and I have learned so much.. and I made some wonderful friends. and well... I am a big baby!

I just have a hard time dealing with saying good-byes. and then on top of it all... The one person that helped me the most is retiring from teaching and we had a party for her and we were toasting her and well more tears.

I will have to say that we had a awesome group project that just about made me cry again so all night I was almost in tears..

My peer group however did say we had the best group project and that they scored us super hi! maybe because one part of the group project was to do something for the commuinty and We did a food drive and well it turned out AWESOME! super high for me... What a great way to end a class.

I will post the video as soon as I am able.

All I really want to say is... with every step comes movement and with every movement come a new step!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pre-Christmas Cookie PHOTOS

Ok I love this Holiday SEASON... LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!
So I have worked hard to get the HOUSE ready.. THE train is up and the trees are decked!

So Saydee was in the door first and I wanted to catch her face as she was looking at the trains.. YEAH I was at the wrong place.. BUT she did have fun.
Shelby.. ITS ok.. thing happen.. KIDS will be kids
I put a train out and YES the kids touched it!
So we started out with Pizza and then went to BAKING!!
Dan and James and Mallory rolling out cookies.

THE DETAILS in Mallory is what I loved I showed Them how to do it and it was magic.

we had the whole house filled with cookies!

I am so glad that I got it all on film..

MAYBE a little to much sugar!

I love this picture of Saydee... LOVE IT!

PLEASE NOTE that Saydee's BOW matches her shirt..
Don't Worry Ted You have no controll!

IT was just a big old sugar mess worth every minute!

Little Rhett... HE was just taking it all in!

Merritt just kept cool!

THIS is when the VIDEO took place!

Part 1 of many pictures...

OK So tonight was cookies.... It was fun.. JUST be prepared to eat a lot of sugar!

After all of the baking and prep work and when it was all done.....

There was a few dishes...
LUCKY I have a dish washer...
LUCKY I had all the laundry done before the washing machine died on me!

post cookie making

It was was fun... This is just the ending of the cookie making... Pictures to come!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Picture me, at this

SO I have been told that sometimes when you are feeling blue or other times and when things just are not going the way you think they should or just not happening the way one would hope that it might just be best if you sit down and write...

OK so just take a minute to think about what I am going to write.. I am wearing a pair of RED and BLACK plad sweat pants.. dont know who or where I got them from.. and a brown plad shirt.. and my black dress socks..

LAUGH really LAUGH all you want right now because that is what I have on and the mood I must be in...

Maybe its the fact that my THESIS was due on monday and I had not yet finished it and everyone says let me look at it before you turn it in and I do and they HELP me alot with corrections and what needs to be done but then it turns out to be something I wanted but I could not write it the way I wanted to write it and I feel that I just failed big time and well... NOW I am feeling the blues and thinking what am I doing and just saying WHY ME and the funk is I am confused!!! CONFUSED with my life and what is happening with it at this time.......!!!!

I was not going to even start to get the chirstmas decoration out and do anything until after school was over but I feel I need to do it this week.. So I am starting that project.. on top of everything else.. I might be just a little crazy!!!!

Oh dont worry I have been popping my vietim D everyday I am not depressed I am just conficted!

I guess what I have to do is make a list an check it twice... I have never been one not to understand where I was going or what I was doing... but sometimes a big old foot needs to kick me in the butt and say do it now... (No mother I do not need your foot kicking me)

Hope everyone can understand what and where I am coming from...

Love ya

What a night of sleep wont do

I am feeling better this morning after a GOOD night sleep.. Its funny how December changes the mood of everyone as well as me.

I am in hyper speed right now trying to clean the house and get everything ready for CHRISTMAS!!

I can do this!!!