I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ahhhh haaaaaa Meaning!

So I dont think I will get to 100 post this year however.... I am going to work on it.

It's time for me to clean... YEAH I am cleaning the bed room out and trying to make it a peaceful place for me to be... YEAH it might not be what I want it to be but I am going to try... My bedroom is my work space, My entertainment room, my office, my den, my walk in closet ok you see what and where this is going... I have a house full of stuff by my room is my comfort zone.

So I am sitting on the floor going over and over last years stuff.. what do I keep what do toss and what do i need to do...

well I was watching Oprah as I was doing this all....... and of couse there is tears when you watch Oprah...

SO here is what I learned after remembering what Myrna said a few weeks ago.

Myrna wrote a few weeks ago that she was watching Oprah favorite things and she says.."I was watching Oprahs' Favorite things tonight, and was caught up in all the galla and the generosity, sitting their crying and feeling sorry for myself, and I had a A-Ha moment! Wake Up Myrna! These are just THINGS! Dahn! Has it taken me this long to figure this out."

My Comment back was..."Awesome Myrna... it's not about the stuff... it's about the love of our family... I need nothing, I want noting, and all I wish is for each of us to be happy and healthy."

Now I was thinking to myself... what a wonderful person Oprah is/was to give give give like she is and that money can make you happy....

BOY did I get kicked in the pants. YES something or someone kicked me in the seat of my pants.

IT's not about the STUFF Scott... Thank you Myrna...

It was a surprise that sometime SATAN can pull on our heart strings because he can.. IT IS JUST STUFF!!!

So I was wishing I could do more for others and do more for my family and friends and well this is where that Ahhh HAA moment came.

Scott Leitch WAKE UP!!!

Do you know how blessed you are... you dont need Stuff to make yourself Happy..

YOU have Family and Friends that love you for who you are. DO you hear me... They dont need a big meal, a fancy car, or money that just need your LOVE!

Wow I need to wake up! GIVE of yourself that's all anyone could ask for!


dad said...

Glad you are getting it, Scott. And it only took until you are 32.

Anonymous said...

Please refer to my last post...DITTO! Love, mom