I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Single and Happy!

So today I got my Ensign in the mail. I was so excited like I always get when it comes. I cant wait to read what the First Presidency Message will be. But today I had to turn to the Front page story. Single and Steadfast: Lessons in Hope.

Ok I think we all know I am the SINGLE one here and there are times… But I texted mother and asked her if she had read it yet. No, but she wanted to know what it was about that got me all excited…. I made comment to her that I loved myself and what I have done with my life, yes it would be nice to be with someone but I am happy with who I am.

We comment back and forth a few more times and I said As hard as it is my life is not over and I am living it to the fullness. And Mom made comment back that I better be.. she did not raise any slackers.

So in the last paragraph it says it all…Our purposes in mortality are to learn through our experiences, whatever they may be, to choose good over evil and to become more like our Father in Heaven. Being Single longer than we plan to be can help us accomplish these goals if we allow the Lord to work with us through our trails.

And mother wrote back… “And I’ve learned a boatload from you, my sweet.” This is right this is what life is all about. I always love when mom says we are the jewels in her crown. But you know that crown could not be if she had not been who she was.

So I have to say that I do have a positive out look on life most times. Its that positive out look that as a single adult that makes me who I am.

Today I was out for a walk, we have a little farmers market every Saturday morning just a few block away from where I live and I just happened to feel like walking there this morning.

Now I was not looking for anyone but I looked up and who was it, one of my friends Jennifer and her husband and Baby. Jen was the single one that I always looked at as such an example. Yes she had here trials but now is very happily married. You never know what life is going to give to you, But you have to keep LIVING IT!

Now Outside my garden is a little Eden for me. I love it. I will try to download pictures but you know how I am with computers

Monday, July 14, 2008

And Away we go

Ok I know here it comes again another wonderful letter by SCOTT!

It has been one of those weeks when I think what and where did that come from. First off I missed going to PA for my nephew's wedding. which really breaks my heart in away. I am such a bad Uncle. I really am. I went out of my way to go home for Sara's wedding and Did so much more for her's and gave and gave and well.... I SUCK!

I did go to another wedding and well.... The food was great Auntie Wes, catered that one and she did a wonderful job. Just like she always does.

But I am getting tired of going to weddings alone and SINGLE oh I quess going alone would mean I am single DUDH!!!

Did I pick the wrong chapter out of the book of life to live my life by? I will tell you some days I think What was I thinking. Oh well.

So out of it all I got to bring home the top part of the wedding cake! LOL I know am I just bad or what!

I sometimes have to think what did I do this time to get where I am. I love what I do for a living and I sometimes think I am good. I enjoy the people I work with, I enjoy my home. Oh which by the way you should see my YARD!!!! it is outstanding.
If Becca will ever show me how to add pictures in the middle of my typing I will take some pictures and show you it. It is going to town. Everyone says they love my yard.... YEAH you know how many hours I spend in it.

Well I guess I have updated enough. Have a peaceful night
Love to all of you!

Monday, July 7, 2008

It's all about well . . . . . .

Yeah me! I sometimes wonder and think what is going on in my life and why am I doing what I am doing and where am I going with my life.

I guess it has been one of those things I should have had planned out years ago but I wanted to live. Yeah I am still living and still finding myself.

SO Last week I was asked by my friend Becca if I could help her with the ward news letter. I agreed I had no problem with that. It turned out nice. Yesterday while at church for the 3 hours. Yeah tell you its getting old FAST!
Well Becca being the wonderful person she is told everyone I helped with the newsletter. THANKS Becca! Now I wont get any sleep for a while. But it was something else Becca and I were walking down a hall at church and the Relief Socitey President said to Becca "This is just wonderful" and of course Becca did said I helped! anyway I guess the newsletter was the talk of PEC and well we ended up making up 50 more copies. thats 170 copies!

So next month it will have a name "The Third Watch" and well We are trying to cut it down a few pages. :) We will see!

anyway I am still learning and trying to get my feel for my ward. I am still trying to find where I belong. I know I belong its just where!

There is so many things that go though my mind and how I really feel about Where I am at in the ward and where I should be.

Its not like I know everyone. I know I use to know everyone or they knew me its funny how that works.

I still hear someone saying to me "BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED" its just I need to find out what kind of "BLOOM" I am to become. I know leave it to the LORD!

I do not know if anyone has ever watched the Church Movie... "Nora's Christmas Gift" well it use to be one of those shows I had to watch each christmas. Long story short... Nora becomes blind in the end and say you know I can see... Her little life story was that she was someone. She did what she knew the Lord wanted her to do until she became blind and felt that she was no one.

I am not becoming blind but I have not seen like I should have. I am learning. anyway I just want to be the little church mouse. I just want to be quite and not noticed! Ok I know I am not that type of person but cant I just be that way.

I dont need the fame... Oh heres another thing.. yesterday in Elder's Quorm the lesson I dont know what it was on but the one thing was said about the time we spent and 40-50 hours at work/school. I really did say something... you know there is more to this life than work! If I had to make a change in my life it would be that I spent more of my time with my family.

What the purpose of all this work in ones life to work it away grow old and then die. I might die a lonely old man but I want to start living!

Oh well I think I am done for this blog....
Thanks for reading and listening to me!

Love ya

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th

Well to many the 4th is a wonderful time of celebrating our FREEDOM!

I for one am very happy to live in the land of the free! Yesterday was one of those days that I was so Happy it was a holiday but yet I was said I was not waken up 2 AM to run door to door placing little american flags in the neighborhoods.

I worked most of the day and came home to sleep before the big FIREWORK show. Which ment something to me but it is not the same with out spending it with someone. But I did manage to make it up in time to watch the New York and Boston and DC fireworks on tv and then to watch the seattle ones on tv. it was awesome.

Once again I need to learn to become free of my time and spend more time with my friends.

Over all it was a nice 4th for me.