I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, January 31, 2011

The lessons we can learn

So last night I texted mother and said... " I might the chance to go on TREK" do you know how excited I am for this... it has been 23 years since I went on the first TREK! IT was such a wonderful thing in my life and a blessing.. I was so excited to go to the meeting with the youth to learn more. I am so wanting to go on this!

Memories are coming back of all the fun and all that I learned. I learned a lot and I can still hear Matthew saying "Mom he bore a testimony"... it was one of the best things I had ever done.. GOING on the trek... I wish I could tell our youth how awesome it was!

(OK I strated this post two weeks ago... I will finish it now)

So I went to the fireside so that I might be able to go on the trek.. WELL we will see because right now our stake is behind the times and well we will see.

But I did learn a few things.

1st is we are each pioneers. we are all walking a new

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Turning 40 was Awesome...

however... it has some ups and downs...
I am having the time of my life.. and 40 is fabulous.. I love it.. someone said to me today how 40 is treating me and I replied It is awesome if I would have know this I would have been 40 a few years ago.
I have been enjoying life so far and I am just starting to climb that hill of over the hill.. I am at the bottom looking up!
who ever said 40 is over the hill wow they made a big mistake! maybe when that was said people were only living to 60 or something because I am so YOUNG!

So here is what I do know however... maybe it is just me...NOPE not just me... But everyone knows I can not stand water... I can not stand drinking plain WATER...it has no flavor and for me it is boring... I need more to it. WELL in the last week I have been drinking water and it taste kind of nice.. NO I am not giving in but.. I have found that If I dont drink my water I am getting shakie and it kind of scares me.. BECAUSE I just downed a liter of Dr Pepper and Well now I am wanting water.
and the other thing with that is... 5am is way to early for me to get out of bed to run to the bathroom...
Come on now I just went to bed 20 minutes before that!

Now it should not be any big surprise that I love my food... I have to say... one of my favorites in the past few weeks have been .... I should ask you to quess but no one would ever get it... OK you guess here....

Brussel Sprouts.... LOVE THEM!

as silly as it may seem... LOVE them.. you can do so much with them and they taste great.. Fresh is always the best but I have had to turn to frozen ones. WELL you want to know something Birdeyes taste the best!

They are so sweet with a little butter on them.. YUM!!!

So what else is going on... I have been working on slowly putting the pictures in an scrapbook.. but really not much more going on!

Happy Birthday Ben

Happy Birthday Ben!

I miss our time together in Seattle...
Wish you lived here instead of IOWA!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some Birthday Pictures...

Once again I will say THANK YOU!!! Shelby and Cam did such a wonderful wonderful wonderful job. I have some of the best friends. We picked a theme and we went with it. I love M&M's and they are so much fun.. so the theme instead of being over the hill because I am far from the top of the hill... We picked the kid in me and picked M&M's oh it was so much fun!

Mike, Sister Hall and Lucy sitting waiting for me to show up.

You got it MY PARTY

Keith and Michelle never really left the KID area... I love these two.. who would have ever thought that they would fall in love in my home!

Dan, James and Brandon

The food table.... DID you notice the plates and bowls are FIESTA.... oh my Cam thought of everything

My New Boss Yvette, Old Boss Pat, and My assistant Jackie...

Kristen and Zoyie Butikofer

Coco and her Daddy Gomez

YES YES YES you are seeing right... YES that is me on a M&M! and on the other side was Happy 40th!

I still have it in the car I have no clue where I am going to put it... Bigger than my BED!

Saydee and I looking at the M&M cakes

Jennifer my dear next door neighbor

Sign in Please!

M&M's it was awesome!

Auntie Wes made me cup cakes and brownies YUM!!! anytime I loved every minute of these.. I think I had 2 or 3 of each! heck you only live once!

Just ME

Cam inviting everyone to EAT!

I just made my entrance!

Jen and Stephanie, Jen was in my english class and we have become wonderful friends!

Ted and Little Man Rhett..

karl and his boys signing in!

Sharron Hall and Lucy.. I am so happy they shared the night with me!

Saydee was awesome and full of engery... maybe it had something to do with the m&m's

Cholie and John Ash

Ted and Rhett

Pat and Jackie

On Thursday beside planning my party Ted and Shelby, and Lane and Cam took me out for my Birthday Dinner... It was so much fun... I have said it once I will say it again. I do get to pick my family!

My sister sent me balloons... it plays the chicken dance!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

40 and Fabulous!!!

AWESOME!!! is all I can say..... AWESOME!

It is the greatest feeling in this world to be 40. WOW it was just and AWESOME birthday.

Thank you all for all the birthday wishes.

IT was just awesome!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh my goodness...

It is Wednesday and my life has been a busy one this week... WOW I can not wait for tomorrow... I am going to be 40... YEAH 40.. can you believe that I can type that out and say it aloud.

I am going to be 40!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


So to day was the annual blood drive at church.. SO I have a goal to make sure everytime the that the church plans the blood drive I am going..
SO I prepare myself to go give blood I tend to have a little routine I go to McDonalds and have 2 cheesebugers and a large sweet tea.. well today I was not able go today before I gave blood.. so diet coke and chocolate chip cookies had to be it. Well I did fine.. I was very cold before I went, blood plate count was great and I was ready.. I get on the table and well.... NO I did not pass out I just stopped bleeding. they got almost got 410 milliagrams out of me and I just stopped bleeding... and you have to give 530. REALLY.. I was very sad.. and there was nothing that they could do I was squeezing the ball and trying everything. SO I did not give my full pint today. VERY sad. BECAUSE I so prepared.
Oh did anyone see the moon... ITs going to be a full moon tomorrow.. Watch out. and I only have 2 days left before I hit hte BIG 40!!!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Before I go much more... THANK YOU JEN!

I have been meaning to say THANK YOU to JEN for some time and like the Leitch I am I keep putting it off..

Jen has been the best friend I could have ever have!

She has stood next to me through everything I have ever done.
She has always loved me and supported me and never gave in on our friendship.

The reason I am just now writing this out so that the world will know how I feel about Jen and how greatful I am for her and what she means to me.

I have said for years I dont need Christmas gifts, I just want my friendships. Well Jen told me that she has been doing something for me for the past few months, years.. and well I am so thankful for her.

Jen has been paying off a little bill I owed her. Part of it was the Hawaii trip and the other part was the Disney Trip and part of it was trips to PA.. WHEN I lost my "JOB" she was so understanding and well she gave this to me as a part of my christmas gift knowing that the day will come when I will PAY her BACK!

But for now... I want to say THANK YOU again to such a wonderful friend! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

it' Monday

SO last night was a peaceful night yet very sad because my family was not here for dinner.
I did not cook. I did not clean the house up, and I did not do anything but eat chocolate chip cookies.

So yesterday was just not the normal sunday.. YEAH I know. IT was dry council sunday at church.. I am so sorry but this is the 3rd sunday and I would do almost anything to have a child so that I could get up and leave when some of these men get up to speak... OK if they knew how to speak.. SORRY to be so judgemental but I really think if you are going to be there to repesent the stake you should know at least how to speak. REALLY.. DON'T be talking down to us and Talk to us on a human level.. really I could have given the same talked and make made the same point with out loosing the whole ward and putting us all to sleep. OK that's my two cents worth.

So I have to tell ya.. I taught a fun lesson yesterday. THIS is where I came so close to saying a few choice words... LOL
So I have been a little stinker when it comes to teaching and the lessons I teach and I have learned alot about who I am but when I want to teach I love to use objects and videos and have some fun.
Well last time I taught the TV/DVR player acted up and just made the whole thing so frustrating... and when it comes to me I have to stay calm because it just makes me mad that we can't have an operating equiment. If the stake president would be in a meeting and this would happen to him.. I think he might be on the horn to salt lake and we would have NEW.
So this sunday I took my DVR player from home with me with the remote so that I could teach my lesson. Set it all up in the library. Was ready...

So here I am I just gave the doctrine and was going in for the KILL and .... ^%$# &**^% **&*&^ ((&*&#&#$( yes I said it. (well NO I really did not but I was thinking it).
I pushed play the video started and guess what... NO SOUND. PLEASE
REALLY no sound.

so we ended up putting on the subtitle and read the video... I was turning red and then I calmed down and started laughing. REALLY the Lord has a scence of humor! I think there must have been a million people watching that lesson and me... I looked at the ceiling one time and rolled my eyes. IT was priceless.. I think it turned out to be a very good topic and lesson... Oh it was on fasting... wait until next month... I am taking my dvr and my flat screen if I have to do a lesson.

NEXT month the lesson is Work and personal responsibility so if anyone has any ideas on that please share...

OK I am not sure what else to say... OH I am turning 40 on Thursday!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Busy Week

So I have been very busy... 1st off I wont say anything bad... but my computer has been acting up and well... I had to buy a new one.
This has not helped me seeing that I have one class that is all on line and to download anything takes all day.. SO I am so excited to get the new computer...
My other class is part two of my computer art class and Well I love it.. I am just clicking away at it and enjoying it.

see i did not say anything bad.

I dropped my other class.. this one i might say was just to pre-mature for me.. it was how to teach math to children... what it should be called is how to teach math to pre-school children.. because it was all pre-school teachers in the class and then the professor that taught it before retired and well... the new teacher was saying that paul did this and paul did that and paul paul paul and i point blank said to her i wanted to know what you are teaching and not what paul taught.

so that was one class i had to drop... I am thinking that would have been my negative this week

WORK.... I have a Job and thats all I will say.

OK that's it

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 1/1/11

WOW if you like your numbers this is a good one.... 1/1/11

Happy New Year everyone.

I spent it playing settlers witht he missionaries until the bewitching hour that they had to be in. and then Amy Reed stopped by and I spent it with her and her date until they left to go to the space needle...

For me.... I watched.. "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World until 3 AM so thats how I spent my New Year...

Happy New Year to everyone and my we all be blessed for the benefit of what the Lord needs us to be!

Love to you all!