I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some Birthday Pictures...

Once again I will say THANK YOU!!! Shelby and Cam did such a wonderful wonderful wonderful job. I have some of the best friends. We picked a theme and we went with it. I love M&M's and they are so much fun.. so the theme instead of being over the hill because I am far from the top of the hill... We picked the kid in me and picked M&M's oh it was so much fun!

Mike, Sister Hall and Lucy sitting waiting for me to show up.

You got it MY PARTY

Keith and Michelle never really left the KID area... I love these two.. who would have ever thought that they would fall in love in my home!

Dan, James and Brandon

The food table.... DID you notice the plates and bowls are FIESTA.... oh my Cam thought of everything

My New Boss Yvette, Old Boss Pat, and My assistant Jackie...

Kristen and Zoyie Butikofer

Coco and her Daddy Gomez

YES YES YES you are seeing right... YES that is me on a M&M! and on the other side was Happy 40th!

I still have it in the car I have no clue where I am going to put it... Bigger than my BED!

Saydee and I looking at the M&M cakes

Jennifer my dear next door neighbor

Sign in Please!

M&M's it was awesome!

Auntie Wes made me cup cakes and brownies YUM!!! anytime I loved every minute of these.. I think I had 2 or 3 of each! heck you only live once!

Just ME

Cam inviting everyone to EAT!

I just made my entrance!

Jen and Stephanie, Jen was in my english class and we have become wonderful friends!

Ted and Little Man Rhett..

karl and his boys signing in!

Sharron Hall and Lucy.. I am so happy they shared the night with me!

Saydee was awesome and full of engery... maybe it had something to do with the m&m's

Cholie and John Ash

Ted and Rhett

Pat and Jackie

On Thursday beside planning my party Ted and Shelby, and Lane and Cam took me out for my Birthday Dinner... It was so much fun... I have said it once I will say it again. I do get to pick my family!

My sister sent me balloons... it plays the chicken dance!


Abby said...

I am so bummed, completely, that we couldn't be there to help with celebrating you, Scott. But I am so touched and grateful for all of those people who are able to see what we have always seen. That you are a great friend and an even better brother. Love you tons, Scottie.

Life According to Scott said...

Thank you Abby... I am going to send you a dvd of the party... Ted gave such a beatiful toast to me.. FUNNY. Love you too sis..

Anonymous said...

What a supreme delight to get to see all of your wonderful friends... You are so beautifully embraced by ever-widening circles of love... Please now and forever include me in the midst of those circles!! Love, mom

dad said...

Scott, you are so popular!!.. So many people who love you. What a blessing.