I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I have been Blessed

Today I had a assignment at the cannery doing Salsa. I love the church's salsa and its so much fun to make and do the canning. And clean up is 5 times faster because its not at my house and you can just hose everything down. My idea of cleaning.

So where am I going with this you are going to ask. I was bored and made phone calls. So if you got the phone call your the lucky one.

Now I have a wonderful family, I love my sister Patty and I love my niece Sara. They are always fun to talk to. Patty just email her and sara well bless her heart I just love her. And then I have my other family... I love the fact that Liz lives close to me.. now I know I am not that close but close enough that We do get to see each other at least once a month when Liz comes over to the temple. and I cant wait until I get to visit more often to see her new baby. Yeah I know Mom is just going to hate me!

But I have always had such a great relationship with Abby.

So Abby got a phone call from me today. It wasnt a long one but it was a nice little visit. Its so fun to know that even though we are about 1200 miles away from each other that a simple little phone call we catch up and lift each other up.
She lifted me up today. it was just such a simple thing to hear her voice and just chat for a minute.
Abby and I got to go to college with each other and we had so many wonderful times and some testing times. But it was fun. Abby just always there for me when I needed her and it was just very fun to have a sister at college with me. Opps Connie was there as well. Connie and I had our moments before college and my mission with long trips home from Seminary in the morning. But that is another story all together.

So back to what I was talking about. There was a few times Abby and I did not see eye to eye on things and well I guess you learn and live by it when you find out it really did not matter.

So Today was one of those days that leaning of the new little things happening in her life and the minute she took out of her life to talk to me was just wonderful.

Thanks again Abby. You made my day and it was just fun to catch up.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Relief Society Event

Ok I dont think I need to say anything more... My feet are hurting and I am very very tired.

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Trip today!

Ok I know I have cakes to bake and flowers to arrange and well.... I went hiking at Mt Rainer today! My Friend Valerie said Lets go and we went!

This is a River bed

Sorry after driving down this mountain side next to a cliff I needed it!


Ok lets see what I can do in a few minutes before I take cakes out of the oven..
THis is a picture of Baby SIster Liz from last Saturday night when we went out for dinner at Saffron Grill. India Food which Liz loves!
I got up at 2 AM this morning to pick these up. Yes there are about $800 retail in flowers here. you think they are $2 a stem!

Apple cakes that I have been working on none stop for the last 2 days. Yes I am getting tired of baking.

So this is the reason I made you all cry the other day.

Apple cake
3 Eggs
1 1/2 Cups Sugar
1 Cup Oil
1 tsp Vanilla
2 Cups Flour
1 tsp Cinnamon,
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp Ginger
1 tsp soda
1 tsp salt
2 Cups of Choped apples
Mix dry ingredients together.
Add Eggs and oil and mix.
Your mixture will be dry and sticky
When I do this recipe I chop my apples and soak them in about 1/4 cup of lemon juice which i add to the mixture with the apples.
Bake for 45 minutes at 250
dust with powder sugar.


ok I have to admit I was in tears but you all made me so much better and stronger. SO
Its 3 AM yes its 3 AM in the morning, I am such a morning person. However I am going back to bed soon.
I baked 4 sheet cakes last night and have 4 or 6 more to do tonight for the Relief Society Event.

I am up at 3 because I had to pick up flowers for the event. I now have a total of 315 large gerberea daisy flowers in my living room. all colors. THEY are just beatiful. I will take a picture when I wake up

Ok again thanks for the letters and the love yesterday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Crying PLEASE!

Ok I will have to tell you right now, I started crying when I first scanned the first picture and Well I think I am doing good YET! This is really really hard so please bear with me. This is all because I am helping with the Relief Society Event on Saturday and I am using Mother's Apple Cake Recipe.

Thurday September 25, 2008 with mark 20 Years of the Death of my dear mother.. OK this is harder than I was planning it to be.

I am not sure when mother had this picture taken but it is one that is haning in my room.

No look very closely and you will see my little mother in her school days she is the little girl that is on the right, first row. And just a side note this is the house that I was raised in. She when to school there.

This is Mom and Daddy on there wedding day this was February 15, 1953

Now it has always been me and mom... I believe this is at Aunt Florence Home

This one was at camp... I was a baby

Like I said before it was always about me! And Please note mother still has her natural hair color!

Patty, Steve, Me Mother and Daddy

This is At Patty's Wedding with was in 1978.. August

Yeah Chad came shortly after that... Look at her pants

This is my little Sara and her Grammy

Mom and I did everything together. This Aunt "Butch" Doris Leitch at the Camp in Poe Valley

This was at Steve and Julie's Wedding.. Just note the shirt... it's what mom was burried in!

This was a picture of Aunt Florence, Mother, and Aunt Mable. February 15, 1988, at A little Suprise Anniversy Party for mom and dad, Little did we know.

and just to think this is the last picture I ever took of mom... Ok TEARS, bear with me...

She was my best friend. She walked me throught life until 1988. I have no idea that 20 years could have such an effect on me.

Yeah I miss her... It's hard because I dont remember alot of thing anymore. I only had 17 years with her, Patty and Steve and a few more than I did.

I drove mother to the doctors every day for about a year, for treatment.

She taugth me to drive in her 1968 Jeep she bought from Aunt Florence.

She took me to Bush Gardens, She took me on road trips with Aunt Butch, she learned to Roller Skate again at 50, and she to ride a bike. She would ride her bike back to work in the summers so that I could go play with my friends.

I was her change of life BABY!

She was my MOM!

So I just want to say Mom I hope I made you proud. I am living life to its fullness. I have made a few mistakes in my life. But I hope that I have not been a disappointment to you. Thanks for the memories you gave me and the life that you gave me. Mom I miss you and Love you.

Your Loving Son.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

What was I thinking

So last night was a great night for me because I got to see Liz and Albert and family. It was just a nice evening eatting India food for Liz.

I got home and was already to settle down when the phone rang and it was the missionaries from church asking if they could use my computer. Which is never a problem for me.

So this morning I am getting ready for church and remember I only live a block away... but for some odd reason I cant seem to get to church on time. Well I like to be there early and save my seats for the Crosby's because I need my little weekly dosage of children to remind me why I am single.

Well I have been asked to help with the Relief Society Dinner on Saturday Night. I have know about it for a few weeks and I was really only asked to do the table center pieces and thats all. Well there cook as called in sick. (YEAH he called sick a few weeks ago and now.... I have been asked to help there.)

Well I have been waiting to hear from one of the stake presidency just what is going on.. You know I hate to plan things at the last minute!

So Here is What was I thinking minute that I had... I am waiting for the stake president and there is another older man there waiting as well.... I made the comment this is like waiting at the dr's office. He made a comment back that he for one was next. and Then I just made the comment that I was needed to know what was going on with the dinner saturday night... Me trying to talk here... and he said its under control of the stake president... I kindly said back... well I understand that but when your the cook and need to do something I cant wait until Saturday night to plan a meal.

What was I thinking moment here... Really, I understand most old men mormons have a set way about them but really... did you have to say that to me. I wanted to say something back but I kindly got up, and said Well I will check back in a minute or two and I found my keys and left.. really what was I thinking....

I am one that has to have all the details planned out a month in advance and I cant wait until the last minute to plan something. I am not that type of person...
Now I know he might have been in meetings all day and he might be hungry but... you have to think DO you have to be that rude! wow... Really.
But then again what was I thinking of trying to be a nice person and going out of my way to help some of my brothers and sisters out. Really is that what I am to do.

Oh yeah I still plan on doing it but hey if they get peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so be it!

Because I have done my part!

Friday, September 19, 2008

George's Birthday

So now I am feel a little old.... We just celebrated one of my old roommate's 30th Birthday. OK heres the part of my life that i say WHAT! He turned 30. he was my roommate when I turned 30, oh wait I guess that was just last year never mind I dont feel that old. And 2 children on top of it all.

Shelly asked me to help with the suprise. So I said YES, I baked a cake, I got some balloons, and picked george up from work. went out to dinner and ate very very slow. meaning I ate my hole plate of seafood and pasta, and ate bread sticks and ate dessert just to keep him from going home to find out that it was for a surprise 30th Birthday Party for him.

I still think my highlight was feeding THEO all the cake and cookies and SUGAR that one uncle could feed a child! :) I love being Uncle Scott... Feed them SUGAR and SEND them HOME! I love it.

As soon as shelly sends me pictures I will post them!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

So Thursday I went to see the Phantom, which once again was just wonderful.
Then on Friday I went to see SHERK the Musical. Can I tell you it is AWESOME!

There were many that felt it was slow and was not the movie... DUH! thats right it wasnt. It was full of new music and SHERK looked so real. They start with the stage lite and there is this big tree in the middle and well you had to watch carefully before it started because there were so many things happening it wasnt funny. Snakes, worms, bugs, eyes it was just awesome to watch the lights moving. The stage was awesome.

Then it opens as his parents say your out of here, and it moves into this big world. IT was just AWESOME. I guess I should say that a very dear customer of mine bought me my ticket. SO thank you Diane and Madga. It was a wonderful evening. I loved it.

There are so many things that you had to watch because you would miss it if you did not.

Saturday night I should have just stayed home but I went out and well now its a blurr... yeah its the old age sitting in..

Sunday morning, I slept. Its funny for many of you dont know I live a block away from the Stake Center where I go to church. In the FAMILY ward. Well I was reading everyones blogs sunday morning and before I knew it I was late for church. Yet I was early. I always save a seat for my family... The Crosby's, which I know will always show up at 11:08.. That is my standing JOKE!

It was nice to be in church on sunday after having to work the last 2 of them, I am taking more off. I look at it this way. The shop can sell its self.

SO Sunday was a long day and as soon as church was over I was in bed. I was so tired that I could not tell if I was coming or going seeing I worked all last week 10 days in a row.

Yeah I am killing myself.

So today I said I am not going to work. I took the day off. 2 in a row. WOW how did I do that I do not know and I dont really care.

All I know is that is was so nice to have the day off and I got a lot done. I am now down in the clothing department. I cleaned out all the spring/summer clothes and packed them up for next year. I might just take them all away and buy new next spring.

I put shoes away and did 4 loads of laundry... which is not on the top of my bed to do before I go to bed.

I had a cake order due for tomorrow so I also did that today. YEAH I can work good when I want to.. Oh i even took the time to pull the frig out and washed the floor and the stove out and washed behind it. Yeah tell me about it.

Oh anyone have any secrets of getting those fun fruit flies out of your house.
I bleached everything today just to get it them under controll.

I love this time of year you should see my garden. I have so many tomatoes right now that they are going bad on the vines and I was saying I had no fruit.

Well I must leave you all now... Oh I have noticed on most of your blogs that you have a list when someone blogs you get a notice... how do you get that. It would save me time to see when you blog. Remember you have to tell me step by step. It not one of my strong suits to be able to blog.

Ok love ya all!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So once again Seattle has had one of my favorite show.. Yes The Phantom and it was AWESOME! Oh my Auntie Rockie got tickets for the show which were awesome.. she runs the Senior Center in Oak Harbor and had Extra Tickets. When I first got there it was early and there were not that many people there and I was able to park and get out and wait for the rest to get there I took one little picture... NOW look at the blue skies in seattle.

After A few phone calls, Aunite Wes got there and I parked for her so that she did not need to walk the mile away.. Yeah Auntie Wes I parked a few blockes away but for you it was worth it.
Thanks for always being there for me.

So this picture is of me and Weslene.

Oh just a little side not.... 10 Years ago today my father died. Yes it dosent seem like it and yet on the other hand it seems a lot longer.
Well Then this afternoon I also had a class on fall and winter flower arrangements It was awesome. I love new ideas.

Monday, September 8, 2008

My week....

Ok It has been one of those weeks again... So here are a few quick pictures...

On Wednesday I said Yes to hosting a 2 year old birthday party in my back yard. Now the old comment "WHAT WAS I THINKING" has been going through my mind over and over and over and over... NOT really I loved every minute! I would do it all over again in a heart beat!
So who was the Party for?

THEO! my friend Ben and Becca's 2 year old. It was a blast.. I am Uncle Scott and Lovin every minute of it.

It's funny if you want to hear the real story go to http://www.crosbychapter.blogspot.com/

Becca will tell the story. I wanted to do more but they would not leave me. One of these days I am not going to take NO for an answer!

So On Thursday My Friend Valerie Kenndey from Work, Asked me to go with her to go through the shops of Sultan and Monroe, and well I had nothing better to do than get my hair cut, which looks really good this time.

so we went out and about. Well Valerie will always be taking pictures of the most fun things, I loved the black eyed susans and have always wanted a patch of them but for some odd reason I cant get them to grow for me so I took this picture. DO you see the BEE!

So with Valerie you never know what your going to do, She lives life. so we ended up going horse back riding. We paid for an hour ride and it was so fun. Skyland Ranch up in Goldbar, Washington.

I have all the pictures with Valerie on the horse and she has all of me on the horse.

So on the ride we ended up going right down to the river, Valerie and the Guide got there horse to go into the river... I think my horse did not want to get its feet wet because I could not get that horse into the river no way no how. it was a very beatiful day and I had a blast.

I texted mother that I just got done with a horse back ride and she said WHy did I go...

I am living life.

I can not sit here waiting for life to happen. I have to live it. SO I did.

To find out after we were done with the ride that the guides are in recovery from either drinking or drugs and they are there for a long term committment. It was very fun and we were able to help someone out.

Then to top it all off I have not slept very well the last 3 days and I was in a little pain on Friday when I woke up because of the ride. But it was FUN!

Ok well everyone I hope all is well. I miss you all and can not wait to have you come visit!

Love Ya