I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I have been Blessed

Today I had a assignment at the cannery doing Salsa. I love the church's salsa and its so much fun to make and do the canning. And clean up is 5 times faster because its not at my house and you can just hose everything down. My idea of cleaning.

So where am I going with this you are going to ask. I was bored and made phone calls. So if you got the phone call your the lucky one.

Now I have a wonderful family, I love my sister Patty and I love my niece Sara. They are always fun to talk to. Patty just email her and sara well bless her heart I just love her. And then I have my other family... I love the fact that Liz lives close to me.. now I know I am not that close but close enough that We do get to see each other at least once a month when Liz comes over to the temple. and I cant wait until I get to visit more often to see her new baby. Yeah I know Mom is just going to hate me!

But I have always had such a great relationship with Abby.

So Abby got a phone call from me today. It wasnt a long one but it was a nice little visit. Its so fun to know that even though we are about 1200 miles away from each other that a simple little phone call we catch up and lift each other up.
She lifted me up today. it was just such a simple thing to hear her voice and just chat for a minute.
Abby and I got to go to college with each other and we had so many wonderful times and some testing times. But it was fun. Abby just always there for me when I needed her and it was just very fun to have a sister at college with me. Opps Connie was there as well. Connie and I had our moments before college and my mission with long trips home from Seminary in the morning. But that is another story all together.

So back to what I was talking about. There was a few times Abby and I did not see eye to eye on things and well I guess you learn and live by it when you find out it really did not matter.

So Today was one of those days that leaning of the new little things happening in her life and the minute she took out of her life to talk to me was just wonderful.

Thanks again Abby. You made my day and it was just fun to catch up.


Jen said...

dont forget this gal's phone is always on for you too! :-)

Candy said...

Don't you just love that we get to have an Abby in our lives! I do!

Life According to Scott said...

Candy I do just love that we have (Mother) ABBY in our lives. I am so excited for you and James. I cant believe it. Look at that new chapter in that book you get to write. WOW I cant wait to hear all the details!

Anonymous said...

Looking past all the mushy stuff...are you dry-canning salsa?? Love, mom

Life According to Scott said...

NO mother... it was WET packed! in Jars!

Anonymous said...

What is shelf life?