I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Chapters we write

Well it has been a week and a half or so that I have posted anything... SUMMER must be here because I have noticed no one else has been posting a lot either.

SO one door has been open and another one is closing and I am both sad and glad at the same time. I have been released from a calling I have never been called to and yet I am sad I am jumping for joy. until they ask me to do it again and that was our news letter for our ward....
I have never been called to do it, I just helped Becca out because she begged me and well because I am a friend. So today Someone new has been called and I could not be happier... the stress is off of me now to get it out! YES I am happy REALLY I am jumping up and down because of it.


Door Two Open..... I still have my stake calling of Activities committee but its been over a year maybe two now and I have yet to be called to do anything or been invited to any meetings or well been involved Trust me my phone works. So once again I might be able to say I am just happy and joyful and sad and well... overly happy I just still get to be the little church mouse I always wanted to be... however... I still want to be a PART of something... is this making sence?

Cheese Door...

Ok I know this is off on to another one of life according to scott rules but have you ever sat down and tried some of the wonderful cheeses out there... to darn bad we dont drink because cheese and wine go hand and hand and I love my cheeses,
I am in the middle right now of eatting some of the cheeses I have found.. Now remind me of why I have no money when I tell you some of these cheeses cost $19.99 a pound such as the D'Affinois or Mt. townsend creamery Cirrus Pacific Northwest Camembert.
or the Bavaria Blu, triple cre'me blue weined soft ripened cheese.

I am telling you I bet anything with the right wine oh my we could have one heck of a party.. I need to start drinking.

Roommate door
So it is time once again for roommates to move on... I am sad because Jeff has been one of the bestest... he never comes out of his room and is never home.. LOL and when is is here he is just so peaceful.... I love it.. Well I now have a new one coming to live with us in August. Daniel Fife and I have talked to him over the phone and he is very excited to come live in our home.

Door of New chapters... I just want to comment on all the chapters in everyone books that they are writing. It is just wonderful to see and read and hear of all the things everyone is doing and the love that is put behind all the comments... THank you mom, dad and tim and everyone else it is so fun to read your comments and posting.

well For now I think my door is being open by the missionaries looking for food so .......

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Well what can I say

First off... I want to say I am so happy for 4 people.. Matt and Kami, I am so excited that they are getting married on the 24th of June. I really excited to see all the FAMILY!

2nd I am so Happy for Jen and John.. Now if I can get them to set the date..

Now really I am very happy and very excited that life happens and that sometimes you just have to wait out the storm for the rainbow... GOOD LUCK my friends.. I love you all!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dear Sharron

My dear sweet Sharron Hall had her little birthday party at my home today.. there were 9 of her friends and family members here and we just had a lot of fun..

Thank you my dear Auntie Wes that saved my day and took a few minutes and helped me out. YOU ROCK!

So we had little sandwiches I know the pictures dont show it well but the sandwiches were cut into the shape of a little flower.
the watermelon was cut into the shap of butterflies and flowers.. it really turned out so AWESOME!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday Tea

So I am working real hard to get a TEA ready for my dear friend Sharon Hall..

SIster Hall came to me about 2 months ago and asked me to make her a cake for her birthday. So I am doing that..

Well we said it was going to be a TEA well HIGH TEA means a little more to me than just cake and Tea...

So I am working on the menu

It's simple and easy...

Carrot Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting

Yeah it isnt that easy I am also doing..

Puff's with Ham
Puff's with Cream
Salmon with cream cheese on a piece of toast
Cucumber Sandwhich
Frest Fruit cut into Floral Shapes

I am not going to make extra sorry its going to be simple.
enough food for 10!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So Why is it that when I take a few days off it always rains.

Yes really I went and bought plants and what is it doing raining.. REALLY it is raining in Seattle.

I wanted to plant my garden and its raining... come on is it just me or is there a little rain cloud following me around.. oh wait thats why I am single the little black cloud... LOL

but really.... I worked worked in the garden/yard yesterday and should have taken a before and after picture but I was not thinking... and I re-did a side walk and a flower garden and I put in another pond... and I was planning to do planting today and of course it rains...

I had my house cleaned on monday so I am living in this peaceful home with clean floors and its just feels so nice and Its just so nice....

anyway lets just keep thinking HOT weather tomorrow HOT I mean HOT I want the SUN out and I want a nice tan!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grease Liting

So I got to go see Grease tonight..
Wonderful music and dance... it was missing well yes Taylor Hicks and well I just wanted something else.. THE real cast...

I know it is not the same but it was just missing that..

Other than that it was awesome!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just a little ME!

So I have been busy this week trying to get everything ready for one Mother's day seeing that it is a floral holiday.
two for the week after.. I have so much need some more time off and I am taking it and I also have a afternoon tea party planned..

So just updating my life.. starting tomorrow if I am not around much its because I have a ton to do at work... yeah someone has to pay the bills...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Such a Bad Brother and Uncle...

So I first want to say I am so sorry.....

Liz, I want to tell you I am so sorry I was not able to make it to Harley's Blessing Yesterday! I hope you will forgive me for not making it...

I was at your blessing 20 years ago and I should have been there for Harley's.

I want you to know I still Love you and Albert and Harley and hope you forgive me for not coming!

Love You

Jack part 2

Hey if you remember reading about Jack a few months ago.. well He was in the store today.. Looking a little run down but he is still walking and LIVING life to the fullness...

He made the comment the doctors gave him 2 more weeks... what do these doctors know anyway...

I did say to Jack.. Keep living Jack your time is not up yet.. and I said when its time you will be taken home with Angels...

God Bless Jack for Living!

Life Happens this way!!!

Yes Life just happens this way and I know I should be prepared! but I was never a boy scout so I did not live life to that motto..

So its getting harder for me to see things happen and the year is getting closer to the end...

OK to night I spent Family Home Evening With Ben and Becca and the kids and The Larsen, a family Ben and I home teach and then when I left there I stopped by the Ford's...

It's getting harder each day to know that the families I love are leaving for greener fields (Corn Fields) and hotter temps in the summer and colder winters... Well I guess I am not really concern about the temps LOL...

But what I am going to miss is my kiddo's...

I know if you can not handle this you better stop reading now... WARNING WARNING WARNING YOU MAY CRY!

because I am...

I told myself a few years ago I was NOT going to get close to anyone again because everytime I do this happens...

Its not that they are going to be that far.. LOWA and VEMONT...

its just I have grown attacted ... It was funny last night Ben said "Oh we will keep in touch if nothing else you will get a wedding invention when the kids get married" LOL

the worst part is I wont get to see them grow up.. the one on one time I have with them now is just unbelievable..

I know I have so many kids in my life... I miss seeing so many of them grow up..

It has always been my dream to be married and live so happy in good old happy valley... LOL have a few kids of my own and then grow old sitting on the front pouch.

Thanks mother you saw so much more in me...

So what am I typing about...

me saying good bye to my friends who will be leaving in a few months to greenier fields. TO continue with there lives...

I am not going to cry then I am going to be strong... YEAH right!

But just to know what they mean to me in my life right now is the important part..

The Gospel is large but small when you think of all the people we meet and then pass on to other walks of life...

So for those of you that may be leaving in the near months... Just know you will always have a place in my heart and we will meet again someday... and when you get to the Celestial Kingdom, make sure you say a few good words about me! :)

So for now I have given a few tears and I am moving on... I am going to continue to live life and I am going to give you as much SCOTT time as you want....

and thanks for being a friend!