I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Chapters we write

Well it has been a week and a half or so that I have posted anything... SUMMER must be here because I have noticed no one else has been posting a lot either.

SO one door has been open and another one is closing and I am both sad and glad at the same time. I have been released from a calling I have never been called to and yet I am sad I am jumping for joy. until they ask me to do it again and that was our news letter for our ward....
I have never been called to do it, I just helped Becca out because she begged me and well because I am a friend. So today Someone new has been called and I could not be happier... the stress is off of me now to get it out! YES I am happy REALLY I am jumping up and down because of it.


Door Two Open..... I still have my stake calling of Activities committee but its been over a year maybe two now and I have yet to be called to do anything or been invited to any meetings or well been involved Trust me my phone works. So once again I might be able to say I am just happy and joyful and sad and well... overly happy I just still get to be the little church mouse I always wanted to be... however... I still want to be a PART of something... is this making sence?

Cheese Door...

Ok I know this is off on to another one of life according to scott rules but have you ever sat down and tried some of the wonderful cheeses out there... to darn bad we dont drink because cheese and wine go hand and hand and I love my cheeses,
I am in the middle right now of eatting some of the cheeses I have found.. Now remind me of why I have no money when I tell you some of these cheeses cost $19.99 a pound such as the D'Affinois or Mt. townsend creamery Cirrus Pacific Northwest Camembert.
or the Bavaria Blu, triple cre'me blue weined soft ripened cheese.

I am telling you I bet anything with the right wine oh my we could have one heck of a party.. I need to start drinking.

Roommate door
So it is time once again for roommates to move on... I am sad because Jeff has been one of the bestest... he never comes out of his room and is never home.. LOL and when is is here he is just so peaceful.... I love it.. Well I now have a new one coming to live with us in August. Daniel Fife and I have talked to him over the phone and he is very excited to come live in our home.

Door of New chapters... I just want to comment on all the chapters in everyone books that they are writing. It is just wonderful to see and read and hear of all the things everyone is doing and the love that is put behind all the comments... THank you mom, dad and tim and everyone else it is so fun to read your comments and posting.

well For now I think my door is being open by the missionaries looking for food so .......


Abby said...

I loved all of your doors, Scott. I laughed at the roommate comment. And my goodness, I've never heard of any cheeses except mozzarella, cheddar, and colby jack, i think it is. You are too cute. Happy Summer! I too haven't been blogging, but it's because I've discovered a new passion, and it's gardening! Not veggies and such, but perennials and annuals! I love it, even more, I love doing it not pregnant this summer. SOOOOO much more enjoyable. Love you!

Life According to Scott said...

oh my sweet abby... you need to keep that passion and pass it on to the girls... there is nothing better than a sweet tomato out of your own garden... every where you planted a plant plant a veggie next to it. you will be surprised at what the out come will be... and well you just said the wrong words now your going to be pregnant during the COLD months.. LOL
I cant wait to spend a few days in IDAHO with you and the kids.

Becca said...

You were awesome at the newsletter, Scott! I too am very relieved to be done with it. :)

Jen said...

Life is certainly about chapters! Sometimes short, sometimes long, and some forever being re-written.

THANK YOU my dear friend for being here with me in my current chapter (even though I need the divorce..lol)... My life would not be the same without you--especially the big day coming up in 148 days...lol.

But, don't forget to write about your other current chapter... "Driving Jen nuts during wedding plans..." LOL

love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Abby...the flower gene came from your great-grandmother Wiest, who, in the middle arid and barren Nebraska prairie, had an acre of flowers of every kind! And, Scott...one of the best parts of life is "windows and doors!!" Love, mom/gma

Anonymous said...

It's not Colby Jack...it's Pepper Jack, Abby! And, Scott,I think that your door is opening quite well for everybody to know about! Love, Tim/Uncle Tim

dad said...

Scott, you have to be careful because eventually you will get what you are wishing for. I just hope your wishing in the right direction because sometimes we don't like it once we get it. Also, I think I am in a revolving door; it is always opening and closing at the same time.