I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I feel Sorry!

So where do I begin. Really where do I start to tell a story that is not a happy ending and well.. OK I quess I will start at the begining..
a month ago we got transfer calls for the missionaires and You all know how much I love the missionaries.
I would do almost anything for them.

So more or less I have 4 of them. 2 from 3rd ward which I live and 2 from the 5th ward that have just been special to me.

Elder Reed and Elder Tanner. I have told you how much I love both of these missionaries.. and it just saddens my heart to find that Elder Reed has lost his focus as a missionary and he has lost that spirit about missionary work.  You would not or could not ask for a more gentle missionary as Elder Tanner. Very sweet and humble missionary.

Well Elder Reed has had a few issues as of late. Very sad because there is something very special about him.
To the point that he is being so rebellious that I just want to shake the heck out of him. I guess Sunday night he did not want to teach or go anywhere so being the person he was he turned on the radio, followed by opening the car door and putting his foot out the door, to the point that when they came to a stop sign he got out of the car... Elder Tanner just drove away.

Now this is where I came in.
I just had dinner with my families. Which I will say more about later but after dinner we had Stake Priesthood so it was just awesome.. I walked over to the church with my brothers.. It was awesome! We walked in and all sat together. IT was the FAMILY that I have learned to love and support and have support from. Thank you. They have been a great example to me and I love each of them very much.

So when we came home the missionaries were here at my home, this is where I came in. I told Ted and Lane that I would take them home and I just could tell something was not right with the missionaries. So I took Ted and Lane home and came back to a very unpleasant home...

To the tune of Elder Reed flippin Elder Tanner off and well it was just not cool. issues have to be addressed.
It was so uncalled for and I feel SORRY! I feel sorry that the spirit of contention was being spread by the missionaries and the peaceful word.

What do you say? What do you do? How do you help?

So here we sit 3 days later and I have been told that Elder Reed has had a major interview with the president, His faith was in the mission presidents hand wiether to be sent home or not.. THERE has to be other issues that I dont know about.

Heck.. if that was the case I would have been sent home because of the Missionaries that I served with!!!

So I feel sad that a young man out to serve the Lord has to feel this way toward another missionary and I fell sad that he is not feeling that wonderful spirit of missionary work.

I wont say that I was the perfect missionary and did not have my faults. I will say that I as I have AGED and have grown up.. I think President Hinckley said it best in the "Called to Serve" video.. "your not much to look at but you are all we have."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mom and Dad... I am alive

So here is to mother and father who are very concern that I have not blogged for a few weeks.
May 5th to the 13 I had the following things happen
On May 14th I had a wedding I spent all day with
May 15th I had to teach another elders quorum lesson on Missionary work
May 16th a wonderful work day at 530 AM and I could not find my car keys and had to ride a bike to small to work and was very tired and well I came home from work and CRASHED... I slept all day. Side note... I found the keys... they were in the frig.
May 17th back to work for a full day YES Tuesdays and Thursdays are now 8 hours each in floral. YEAH
May 18th School
May 19th I had a day off... WOW what a break.
May 20th I send a text to Dad to say Happy Birthday and for some odd reason I do that every year and his birthday is the 25th... YEAH I am loosing my mind
May 21st I played a little, but mostly spent it in bed because I had a headache.
and today.. well Baked beans are in the oven, pasta salad is made and well the steaks will be put on the grill for dinner and I am calling it goood.
I have a story yet to right, a dumb visial thinking question to complete and well that is my day.

I got a phone call this morning..
Mr. Muhammad: Scott I need a lease drawn up for new tentants in the Revanna house starting June 1.
Scott: Mr Muhammad, the tentants in the house have a lease until June 30th at midnight.
Mr Muhammad: but Mr Scott... they want the house for June 1st
Scott: Sorry Mr Muhammad... but they cant have it..
Mr Muhammad: But Scott...
Scott: Sorry they paid there last month rent until the 30th of June and thats what the lease says.

Do you see what type of day I am having....

But I do have to say one thing...

Mom and Dad I love you and I am so greatful that you taught me what you did...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's day 2011

WOW I can not believe I have lived almost through another mother's day. I know that tomorrow is the day but its the work up to that takes the most of the time and really by sunday we are just waiting for everything to sell.

Today Has been one of those days that well..... I am tired and just want to sleep.. good luck with that one!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a few lines of what is going on in my little life.

School seems to be going... Work is going and well.. thats about it. Funny thing is It seems to be a fun evening most nights with a milk shake with the missionaries or some kind of food with the missionaries.

I am learning a few things and WELL I sometime just have to sit back and remember that I am dealing with 19-22 year olds. Oh to be that young again. NOPE not me I would not change my 40 for anything.

Anyway... I just wanted to say Happy mother's day out there to all the mother's out there and all my friends mothers and well just everyone.. Happy Mother's Day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rainy days and mondays always get me down!

I should really listen to the blues. LOL... Ok it has been on of those days. I quess Karen Carpenter had it right when she sang that song however she was not from Seattle and I love my rainy days.

Yesterday was so beatiful and I had such a great day. I wish everyday was a wonderful a beatiful as yesterday was. the SUN was out and it was feeling so much like SPRING like it should. I have been working on getting the garden ready for planting... dont worry yesterday was not the day I worked in the garden, however my nice neighbor did come up and rototilled my garden, which the girlies loved watching him.

Ok.. so It was stake confenece weekend and I am always learning new things during confenece. 1st off, I think that sometime we dont realize that other people have it a little harder than I do. I think of my trails sometimes and in compareness... mine are a piece of cake. MAN its true I make my life sometimes a little harder than it really is. Yeah I am in pain sometimes but sometimes people live with things in there lives that they can not control. and Well sometimes I can control what I do.
2nd the King James Edition of the Bible is almost 400 years old. Learned this from Stake Conference.. Yes the Bible is older than that but its the edition that is the most correct.
3rd.. simple things in life is what we should be looking at. KEEP it simple!

So last night dinner was simple. French dip sandwiches and french fries, a salad and well it was just an awesome evening. So I have had this big bag of fortune cookies that one I love and second, I love.. so when I opened one up I read this...

Your home will be a great source of happiness...

I just had to think of all the wonderful people that have taken a minute to spend their life with me. 
I sure hope that the happiness is shared here.