I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's day 2011

WOW I can not believe I have lived almost through another mother's day. I know that tomorrow is the day but its the work up to that takes the most of the time and really by sunday we are just waiting for everything to sell.

Today Has been one of those days that well..... I am tired and just want to sleep.. good luck with that one!

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a few lines of what is going on in my little life.

School seems to be going... Work is going and well.. thats about it. Funny thing is It seems to be a fun evening most nights with a milk shake with the missionaries or some kind of food with the missionaries.

I am learning a few things and WELL I sometime just have to sit back and remember that I am dealing with 19-22 year olds. Oh to be that young again. NOPE not me I would not change my 40 for anything.

Anyway... I just wanted to say Happy mother's day out there to all the mother's out there and all my friends mothers and well just everyone.. Happy Mother's Day.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Scott! Parenting has nothing to do with birth and everything to do with nurturing... May you be blessed for the unwavering nurturing you give to each and all who cross your path! Love, mom

Dad said...

Mom's right, Scott. You are awesome!!