I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rainy days and mondays always get me down!

I should really listen to the blues. LOL... Ok it has been on of those days. I quess Karen Carpenter had it right when she sang that song however she was not from Seattle and I love my rainy days.

Yesterday was so beatiful and I had such a great day. I wish everyday was a wonderful a beatiful as yesterday was. the SUN was out and it was feeling so much like SPRING like it should. I have been working on getting the garden ready for planting... dont worry yesterday was not the day I worked in the garden, however my nice neighbor did come up and rototilled my garden, which the girlies loved watching him.

Ok.. so It was stake confenece weekend and I am always learning new things during confenece. 1st off, I think that sometime we dont realize that other people have it a little harder than I do. I think of my trails sometimes and in compareness... mine are a piece of cake. MAN its true I make my life sometimes a little harder than it really is. Yeah I am in pain sometimes but sometimes people live with things in there lives that they can not control. and Well sometimes I can control what I do.
2nd the King James Edition of the Bible is almost 400 years old. Learned this from Stake Conference.. Yes the Bible is older than that but its the edition that is the most correct.
3rd.. simple things in life is what we should be looking at. KEEP it simple!

So last night dinner was simple. French dip sandwiches and french fries, a salad and well it was just an awesome evening. So I have had this big bag of fortune cookies that one I love and second, I love.. so when I opened one up I read this...

Your home will be a great source of happiness...

I just had to think of all the wonderful people that have taken a minute to spend their life with me. 
I sure hope that the happiness is shared here.


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I have to second what Mom said. I love reading your blog - it always inpires me to do better and be thankful.