I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am it...Sunday School President.

So I started my day off visiting friends. It was a nice day. I took a 2 hour nap and I just enjoyed it.

I had a nice dinner with Yvette tonight and That was a great evening...

and then to end my evening It was great to meet with the bishop... I am not the Sunday School President. I was set a part and it was very sweet.

a few things I remembered out of the blessing.. D&C 121.  be the example, countinue to live the rightous life you have been living.

Bishop Smith said that he and brother every knew I was to be it. they said that they looked at me one sunday and the spirit said.. Scott Leitch is your Sunday School presient.

as I said before I know who my couselors should be and I am hoping.... praying Bishop feels the same way.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How many of our flight paths go the way we thought they would or should?

I read this quote today on Abby's blog... and it just hit home to me and I had to use it.

How many of our flight paths go the way we thought they would or should?

Abby had given me a lot to think about as she was writing another wonderful part of her life with and without Naki.

As I was reading the little story.... and I read that part I said awesome that is just awesome... and I was thinking I have to use it. I have to apply that to my life.

Saturday afternoon/evening when I got home from work and was working on my Sunday Dinner... I got a phone call.. I did not know who it was and I answered it.. To my surprise it was Bishop Smith; "Scott" Yes "This is Bishop Smith, I would like to know if I can meet with you tomorrow morning around 8:50"... I was first off surprised and second had no clue what I did.  "I want to talk to you about a new calling".

Well first off... it has come to my attention that I try to walk down that path as straight as I can.. I cross it alot.  and well I over think it to much...

SO after I hung up and was doing what I do for dinner... I saw the missionaries come in... I asked them if they heard anything about what my new calling was and as we were talking... out of no where I heard myself say "Sunday School President". and kept going with what we were talking about. and to tell you the truth I did not think anything more about anything until 8:45 Sunday morning as I was carring flowers to the church.

So I walked into the church and it was like old home week and seeing so many old friends. Because our ward wont start until 11, and another one was starting at 9.  I was talking to some friends and I said I was here for a new calling because the bishop had called...

For all my non-member friends.. callings are given by the bishop for the service..

and we all were laughing RUN scott RUN... because sometimes you get called callings that are sometime just a test.

anyway back to the PATH....

I met with the bishop... short and sweet... No time for me to pounder or pray about it... It was YES I will accept the calling... Bishop said Scott... I am going to make this short and sweet... and Gave me the calling... I was shocked to tell you the truth. VERY shocked.

as I was texting mother today..
Scott: Oh my goodness... its scary to have the Lord speak to me in such a still small voice...
Mother: Tin is the veil experiences.
Scott: Mom it's funny I wasn't set-a-part yet because I had the boys; but I know who my counselors are.
Mother: A testament to your daily habits of spiritual import....
Scott: I never felt that I could have this in my life.... (the spirit working this way)
Mother: And I always knew you would!
Scott: I have never been the spirial giants like you have been.
Mother: Untrue... anyone who sincerly seeks God is a spiritual giant!
Scott: You have to say that your my mom....
Mother: Silly...
Scott: Love you...

Sometime that PATH that we travel down might not always be the path that OUR FLIGHTS may go because we think it should be this way and not that way... but it comes to what the Lord has in his plan!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Funny how life happens

Funny how life changes once one leaves a mission and goes home. I have just had 2 return missionaries come back to Seattle for a visit from returning home... BOTH of them I have loved and was able to have them in my home.

So both of these missionaries found young ladies on there mission.. they are dating and well as I sat down with all of these young people... I still think as myself as a young person... guess what.... I just realized... I am old enough to be there FATHER.... I had to take back... that as both of the return missionaries was dating these young woman who... well as I started to talk to them find out the they are still in high school.

NOW as I was sitting with them.. these young ladies had no clue what life is about yet! They have yet to live "IN THE WORLD" really they had no clue what these return missionaries were talking about as the rms were talking about thing that happened to them on there mission and they would quote scripture and other things these young women... still needed to be in young women and doing thing with "YOUNG" people of there own age.

YES I was a father here... 9:30pm  and  I am thinking where is my daughters..... out making out with 2 young men... yes they hold recommands... but... they are still little girls..

anyway.. as this OLD fart is thinking... I was never like this!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chocolate Truffles

makes about 5 dozen...

3 cups sifted powdered Sugar
1 Package (8 oz) Cream Cheese, Soften
1 Package (12 oz) Semi-Sweet Chooclate Chips (Melted)

Flavoring: NOT at the same time.
1 Tablespoon Orange-Flavored Liqueur
1 Tablespoon Coffee-Flavored Ligueur
1 Tablespoon Almond- Flavored Liqueur

Add 3 cps powered sugar to cream cheese, beating with mixter until well miexed. add chocolate; mix well divide into 3 equal parts; add flavoring to each part mix well. Refrigerate several hours
Shape mxiture into 1-inch balls
Rollin nuts, sugar, nonparrilsor, cocoa..

So before anyone yells at me.. I have tried these from a friend and they were very very yummy.
NOW the recipe is calling for FLAVORED Liqueurs... OK I Know what you are thinking and NO its not what you are thinking... Not that some of my friends and readers would not use Liqueurs.. I would use LorAnn Oils.
I am going to be using LorAnn Oils when I make mine. Now Remember LorAnn Oils you dont need that much. and they only come in .125 floz so they are powerful!

I am going to make some this weekend... I am going to do a Blood Orange... for halloween...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Crunch Cake

for a while I have loved this cake... I keep saying I am going to get it down into the recipe book and that way I wont loose it... as I have been looking in all my paper work tonight because I wanted to bake it this weekend... and was trying to find it... well I found it and said ok I am going to type it out before I lose it again.

2 block of butter or margarine
1 large can pumpkin
1 (13 oz) can of evaporated milk
1 cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
3 eggs
1 box yellow cake mix
1 cup chopped nuts

line 9x13 pan with wax paper.
melt butter and cool,
mix together and pour into lined pan: Pumpkin, evaporated milk, sugar, cinnamon, and eggs.
sprinkle yellow cake mix over mixture, sprinkle chopped nuts, pour melted butter over all.
Bake in 350 degree oven for 1 hour. after it's baked wait about 5-10 minutes turn over while hot onto a serving tray, remove wax paper carefully It may be a little soft when hot but hardens as it cools.

love this cake...
From Valarie!

Cleaning UP!

I have been cleaning.... really really cleaning... I am tossing things that I have been keeping a hold of... I am finding pieces of paper with little quotes and other things on them.

I found one that has I have been holding onto. I want to keep a little record of my life. and sometime I can not toss that small piece of paper.

SO I was thinking I need to write these things out!

I know I can print them off when I want and I want to keep them ..

This one I was not the most best post and I posted it 2 years ago but I want to keep it and I want to toss this little piece of paper..

I was given advice on it. The qoute came and here is what it says.. "Just think sometimes when people are judgemental they are only judging themselves for their imperfections."

August 2, at 10:05 am
Scott, Seriously. What's up with the language??? Don't you hold a temple recommend? I'm just saying'

August 3, at 3:51 pm
I am sorry that my use of the word "Hell" distrubed you so much that you felt the need to chastise me over it. I will be sure to mention that I used the word "Hell" in my next temple recommend interview :)


August 3, at 6:31 pm
It wasn't just "Hell" You've also thrown out a couple of Damns, too. Oh yeah, and that was a real cute and fun comment you made about wishing you could have drunk the bottle of wine, instead of using it to cook with, after you got home from church. Way to represent. Let's see, return missionary, right? :)

I ended that friendship.... it still haunts me and I want to say I am sorry that if it hurt anyone else for the actions.

As I have learned a few thing in the past few months and while I am cleaning up... I needed to clean up this that was hanging over my head as well... YES sometimes in my life I am not the perfect saint that I need to be.

I am an example. I am still growing and learning and Well I hope you will forgive me.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Updating once again in the month of October

It's time to update life again.
I should update you with the job. I am willing but... SO The District manager called me on Tuesday and said he did not see an application for the store that was open? YES I was concerned because #1 I did not see the store posting. and #2 I heard about it but did not back to number 1 see it. I was also doing my homework and learned that this would NOT be a good store for me to go back to management with. I was thinking no way. So I did not apply. I learned friday from my store manager that the other store was wondering when I was starting... YES they have all planned on me going without telling me. And my store manager said NO. HE said this is not the store to put me back into with how the store is going. SO I am not stressing because I dont plan to leave anytime soon.

I have been busy with work for the last few weeks, 40 hours have been good to me. JUST trying to get the bills paid up. WHICH is a never ending issue.

Monday I was like a small child, I ended up going to the pumpkin patch alone. YUP you heard me I headed to the patch alone. I am a kid at heart and I wanted to go.. FUNNY thing is I did not buy a pumpkin to say but for the main part I got some fun stuff.
I have try to get squash that I can cook and try new. YES... I am trying new thing.

the rest of the week I just worked.. SAD.  Ok I was trying to update what was going on and I have lost all my train of thoughts.

Monday, October 3, 2011

What a week

SO this has been another one of these weeks that I am not sure what to think.... SO Yvette has been telling me how she is cleaning and cleaning and cleaning and so I started cleaning.
SO If you saw facebook you will see that I have been looking at pictures and taking pictures. I have been a collector... I do not want to say hoarding because I am not that bad yet. but I toss out really you ready for this 12 years worth of Martha Stewart and Ensign magaizine, bridal magaines and bills and paper work for the last 12 years. OMGoodness it feels good to have cleaned!