I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How many of our flight paths go the way we thought they would or should?

I read this quote today on Abby's blog... and it just hit home to me and I had to use it.

How many of our flight paths go the way we thought they would or should?

Abby had given me a lot to think about as she was writing another wonderful part of her life with and without Naki.

As I was reading the little story.... and I read that part I said awesome that is just awesome... and I was thinking I have to use it. I have to apply that to my life.

Saturday afternoon/evening when I got home from work and was working on my Sunday Dinner... I got a phone call.. I did not know who it was and I answered it.. To my surprise it was Bishop Smith; "Scott" Yes "This is Bishop Smith, I would like to know if I can meet with you tomorrow morning around 8:50"... I was first off surprised and second had no clue what I did.  "I want to talk to you about a new calling".

Well first off... it has come to my attention that I try to walk down that path as straight as I can.. I cross it alot.  and well I over think it to much...

SO after I hung up and was doing what I do for dinner... I saw the missionaries come in... I asked them if they heard anything about what my new calling was and as we were talking... out of no where I heard myself say "Sunday School President". and kept going with what we were talking about. and to tell you the truth I did not think anything more about anything until 8:45 Sunday morning as I was carring flowers to the church.

So I walked into the church and it was like old home week and seeing so many old friends. Because our ward wont start until 11, and another one was starting at 9.  I was talking to some friends and I said I was here for a new calling because the bishop had called...

For all my non-member friends.. callings are given by the bishop for the service..

and we all were laughing RUN scott RUN... because sometimes you get called callings that are sometime just a test.

anyway back to the PATH....

I met with the bishop... short and sweet... No time for me to pounder or pray about it... It was YES I will accept the calling... Bishop said Scott... I am going to make this short and sweet... and Gave me the calling... I was shocked to tell you the truth. VERY shocked.

as I was texting mother today..
Scott: Oh my goodness... its scary to have the Lord speak to me in such a still small voice...
Mother: Tin is the veil experiences.
Scott: Mom it's funny I wasn't set-a-part yet because I had the boys; but I know who my counselors are.
Mother: A testament to your daily habits of spiritual import....
Scott: I never felt that I could have this in my life.... (the spirit working this way)
Mother: And I always knew you would!
Scott: I have never been the spirial giants like you have been.
Mother: Untrue... anyone who sincerly seeks God is a spiritual giant!
Scott: You have to say that your my mom....
Mother: Silly...
Scott: Love you...

Sometime that PATH that we travel down might not always be the path that OUR FLIGHTS may go because we think it should be this way and not that way... but it comes to what the Lord has in his plan!


Abby said...

Yup. Amen, Scott.

Dad said...

I would like to know who measures somebody to make them a giant, anyway? Anybody who tries as hard as you do should qualify.