I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Name that Plant

Ok I had to do this... It is so much fun since mother never gets them... she is still trying to figure out what the picture is from a few blogs ago....

Here's some new ones! You have to guess what they leaf is before you look at the answer!

Ok did you guess what the leaf was?

Ok here is the 2nd one....

Are you quessing what it is? Come on these are so easy!

Ok the 3rd and last one! Now if you dont get this one there is something wrong..

Or are you just going to give in and say what is that leaf of. I am so excited. I went out in front of the house where it is planted and I was jumping up and down like a little kid. I had to show everyone it. My next door neighbor was out walking the dog and I said come look at this. It's the coolest thing I have every grown..

Did you guess it yet?

Oh WOW is that cool or what!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Ok I am back!

Thanks for all the love and support I got from all of you. Its just I had a bad day... yeah if I had the music to put on here I would "So you had a bad day"

I got my New-old computer back YES they got it fixed for me $326. and a peach cobbler.
SO now I have two working computers! Yes I am a two computer house hold now. I got my first dell fixed about two weeks ago It had crash and I did not know how to do anything with it I just bought a new one. So Dell 1 is what I have been using for the week since I did not have Dell 2

So Dell 2 had about 10,000 pictures on it and 3000 Names for family history. YEAH you got it they said they saved it all....

NOW I just have to find them!

But I am doing better I think I was a little stressed and I was freaking OUT! Yeah I do that now and then.

Now I just have to say one thing.. Katie I love you, But moving to Idaho away from my rain and gray skys NO WAY! Like I said I love you but Idaho NO WAY! sorry I can never do that!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ok ITs me!

I for one sometimes will just write to hear myself think out loud... Now forgive me in advance because, I am in a very bad mood and I need to write it out. I want to express myself somehow.

I have found that lately I dont have anyone. Sorry Tears time! No I am not talking about a wife. Oh yeah it would be nice but I said it over and over again, I am very happy being single. I am just missing friends. I have NO one I can just call up and "Yell to" Yeah I have my auntie wes and she is always there for me. But I really have no one. I have Lucy and Lucy will listen to me when ever I need to talk but I want to be posititve and not to drag her down.

I question sometimes what did I do wrong. I think loosing almost everything on my computer has just made me mad! I dont know why I feel so low right now. I am not DEPRESSED! I have almost everything I need at my finger tips.

Maybe I am at a low. Maybe I needed to come down off my high for once. I feel that all I do is work work work and for what.... I am trying to be very nice here because I would love to say more but I cant, For one mother might wash my mouth out with soap.

I want to scream... I want to hit someone... I just want to make someone feel as bad as I do... and you know it would not help. It would just make me feel worst than I do...

I dont know if it is that I have only had 3 day off in the last 27 days. Yeah I know this is not good for me and that I need my time off as well.

I do not know. maybe its just that its seems like I try to swim and everytime I get my head out of water I have some little kid trying to drown me. (katie that was for you, I love you, you know that) But dose anyone understand what I mean.

I lost over 12000 pictures that i have taken over the past 5 years. thankfully I always go and get my pictures printed and I save a disk so I have that much of it anyway.

But Its still costing me more that i have and it just makes me so mad... (I am back to the computer)

Heres the other thing that makes me mad.... (working this time) Do you know how dumb people are.....
sorry I told you I was in that mood! Today I was helping with checking and running the new U-SCAN... ok everyone know what they are.. how many people dont know how to use these things... its simple Step one press here to start..

WHAT part of push here to start dont they understand.
I am telling you.. I want to push that button sometimes I just want to take that freakin loaf of french bread they bought and hit them upside the head.

Another thing... when it say please place the item in the bag... what part dont they understand..

I need sleep or some good drugs or something. I am telling you!

What happened to that HANG LOOSE attittute I had when I came home from Hawaii.

And I know I should not be evny... but I really just wish sometimes I had someone elses life.. but then again I can hear some say I wish I had yours.

I am very happy and I should really look at that. Sorry I am just in one of those moods and I needed to unleash

Thanks for listening.
Love ya

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Crash of 2008

So I just want to give a warning out there to all of you. There is a new VIRUS out there. My computer has been acting up and you know me and computers dont get along. And I was trying to do little things and everytime I would go to do something this Anti-virus alert would pop up and well to make a long story short. I bought into its little scem and I bought the VIRUS, Yes I paid $49.95 for it and thank goodness it crashed my old computer and now I have it in the shop and well Today its calling credit card companies and getting new cards and making sure the charges are not going to affect my accounts.

Just be aware.. Anti-Virus 2009

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A blessing to be blessed

I have to admit I have been blessed many times in my life by different people who has come into contact with me, or is that they have been blessed when the have come into contact with me?

Now at Church today the talks were all about the temple and going and partaking of temple blessings. Well I was sitting there and I realized that September my temple recommand would expire and I was thinking If I see the Bishop today I will ask him if he has time. Well he did... and yes that went well.

Now I am still holding the calling as Stake Activities Co-chair and sometimes I dont have anything to do or am not contacted when something is going on so that is life It has been a really nice calling so far!

So I can kinda say I am safe from getting a calling from the WARD, which well sometimes its a good thing and others it is not. I have been helping Becca with the newsletter and I enjoy that and that is good for me.

And I have to admit that its been nice just going to church and not having to worry about anything but I think my days are numbers It has been 3 years and I have not talked in church and the bishop has reminded me of that today. Yeah we will see what happens with that because the "GOSPEL of LEITCH" might not be what they want to hear.

So back to the temple recommand. I was able to meet with a member of the stake presidency today as well, President Thatcher which is always a joy to meet with and his ensights are always great.

Now I have not felt like I have had any kind of glow around me or even feel like I am doing anything. But today when I met with President Thatcher, I guess I had a small glow or something because as I sat there visiting him he said I did. It was a very special time and it had a meaning.

It was funny to have him say your a blessing to many people who know you Brother Leitch. We also talked about being single and I told him and I mean it "I am very happy with being single and I am loving life"

Now I have to thank each of you for the life you have given me and for all the support you are to me and each other.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Really... Do I have to Home Teach

Ok I have always always always though that it has been a waste of time and my efforts and well.. I have made the statement I hate it. I really dont think that you should have to make an appointment and set up time and try to squeeze someone into your life.

I for one think that it should be a natural thing. I quess I am an old fashion person and come from a life that you know your neighbors and love them for who they are and well you should not bother someone. I know this is just the gospel according to Leitch.

Now in the past when I have been assigned to people I have know the Elder's Quorm President and I have made a few comment to who I wanted! Sorry I have this feeling that I should pick my friends. LOL. I was blessed to be the home teacher to Sister Hall, and that turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me because Sister Hall fell, and I was there to take her to her appointments and be a friend in that time of need... "HOME TEACHER"

and that is what I think it should be a friend doing something for someone because that is what its all about.

Know a few years ago I was introduced to Ben Crosby and he was assigned to me as a home teacher. See being assigned to someone just isnt how I do things. Which that has turned in to a fun fun fun relationship and friendship and I am very very happy I have Ben and Becca and the kids. and I now look forward to every Sunday Sitting with Ben and Becca and the kids and yeah the kids love me because Uncle Scott always has treats for them.

So Ben has now been assigned with me to be Home Teaching comps. Yeah this is not always a good thing because well, back to the top of the page I hate it.

So Ben now has to make the time once again to come and get me and well... Tonight we went out. Yeah to get me to do this is a pain... I would sooner just feed the ward in a bar b que instead of going home teaching.

So we have a very fun family and I am glad I got to meet them and spend a little time with them and will do more later with them...

But now here is the story I have been waiting to tell. A few houses away from me is a member of the church and well... Its one of those house "TICE'S" that you just dont want to set foot in.
But Ben use to be home teaching comp with this man and wanted to stop by and say hi! Number one thing and I will go to hell for this, but this man lives with his 90 year old mother, he smokes, the house is just dirty, Do I really need to go on anyone getting the idea? So this man takes care of his mother, plus a cat or two and well I walked and the smell I really was not in the door and the smell was going to make me sick.. so we went in... I can still taste and smell it on me and I have been already been in the shower. I know that when your taking care of a mother thats fading in health you have to do what you have to do. But I promise mother I will never have her pee pot right next to her sitting all day long and I will clean it out.

It just about made me sick.. It was a nice short prayer and we left and I made it but I do not know how because If I had to stay there one more minute I would have lost it.

So I quess I need to learn a few more things here. I just had to share my life again with you. And If i ever get to the point that I have to live like that.... Please just take me back east and set me in the fields so that I can die in nature.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rain Rain and more Rain

YES! I love it. Today was the perfect day to lay in bed and read a book... Yeah I know that was something I would have done if I did not have to work today and if I read! I cant sit down and read a book! LOL Yeah I am still on chapter 6 of the book I started when I was traveling back each in April. Yeah funny.

So I took some me time today. After work I went for a massage. Yes I think I was in need of one. It was awesome. the only down fall was it was right next door to where I work and it was at 4pm and well for me to still be on the eastside after 4 is wrong and I knew it would take me an hour plus to get home and well.... this is when I took some more me time.

The massage was just awesome I always love when I can have one. My body is hurting but that just proves I need to keep going.

I knew if I tryied to get home it would take me a long time so I went to McDonalds Yeah really good food. and I took my Dinner to go and drove up to the temple and sat in the parking lot and just looked at the temple. and then it started to rain. and it was not just a few drops it was bucket fulls.

At one point I could not see the temple it was raining that hard. But it was the time to sit back and just think how and what beauty we have. This is where I texted mother to tell her thank you for all the support and love she offeres each of us!

and then I made the comment of how the lord washes the earth now and then with these little water storms. and mother in all her wisdom made comment back of how he washes each of us sometimes to.

Funny thing is... mother always has a teaching moment here. As I was sitting there thinking and saying my thanks for all the water and all the beauty it brings to us... I watched this leaf floating down the parking lot, and it came to a damn in the system. and more water came and it still could not get over the little jamn. and then I saw something and as odd as it might seem I saw puddles of water and a pool and a few willow trees and a bunch of kids running around in these big water puddles in a back yard. It really was as if I was there and the memories.

I know I had a little flash back and that is what I will always bring to each of you the flash back of memories.
Thanks to each of you for those flash backs and thanks for taking me on that little ride down the river until I get stuck and someone is always there to break the jamn up to keep me floating down that path.

I am so glad I have each of you and well... I love each of you and your spouse and those children you are teaching.

Love you!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


No I am not mooning anyone but I will tell you. If you are anywhere crossroads mall in Bellevue washington I think they all live there. They come out of the wood work. It is kinda of scary to tell you the truth.

I was to have the day off however someone called in sick and yes Scott got asked to work 1-9 do you know what happens on full moons and your near "The HOMES" There are about 6 Special homes in the area where I work. They all come out!

so back to the moodiness of everyone because it is extra hot and its a full moon, they are coming out of the wood work. So I have to tell a little story here... So I am working, and there is this lady that walkes into the store and well you can hear her coming, she walks right over to me and starts to yell, I was like is there something I can help you with, she they processes to the frozen aile and says whats the price.. I said what.. Whats the price I said its $4.99 well its on sale whats the price... I said $4.99 she says I said what's the price... well you see where I am going with this... I said $4.99 and my voice is starting to shake... she said its on sale. I took a breath and said well its $4.99 the extra little tag says its gluten free....

Yeah its on sale for gluten free..... Yeah I will tell you its a full moon and they come out of the wood work.

My ensight... Its a full moon!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The night

Ok where is my days going. I went to dinner with a friend tonight and walked out and its 9:00 and its DARK.

I want my daylight back. I really am not ready for daylight to go away from us.

It has been a little hot here in the great state of Washington. today it reached a 96 degrees and I will tell you this much working in AC all day and walking outside into it felt like 196 Degrees.
Remember those days in PA....

I am not a fan of it and it makes me MOODY!

OK enough said!

Love Ya

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What can I say....

So it has been a long week already and well I just dont know where the time is going before I know it Christmas will be here. I know SHUT UP!

So I looked at Liz's little vacation and was thinking what a wonderful world we live in. I know its not always a world of PEACE like we would want it to be or Free of crime and hate... but when you stop to look around and smell the roses it really is one of the most beatiful places we could ever be at this time in our lives.

So now that I have gotten to learn how to add picture we are all in trouble. So this is one of the many beatiful things in my yard, I missed the be in the picture but it was so fun to watch him float from one petal to another.

Any one quess what the picture is?

I stood the other night in my yard and just watch the bee and said I need to take more time for the flowers.

Now I dont know about you but one of my favorite plants to plant is Zucchini. SO if anyone needs any well come on by I have a lot. OK I only planted 12 plants.

So about a week or two ago my Friend Valerie from the Store and I went on a little site seeing trip. Her husband hates to do things like this so I said sure why not I will go. So we went up to Granite Falls area and traveled the old dirt roads it was just wonderful more pictures to follow but on the way home we had to stop at a lavendar farm and just take in the smells, and of course take lots of pictures.

I know its not the best picture but hey this is what you get of me.

Valerie sometimes has such a postive look on life and she sees so many wonderful things and takes pictures of them.

This was an old tree stomp and well I had to take picture of it for mother seeing we always had so much fun planting things in tress!

The river was as peacefull as this picture. I loved it. I know you cant tell but there are many little water falls on the mountain side.

So When it comes down to the first statement we really do live in a world that Heavenly Father has created so much beatiful things for us to enjoy. Sometimes we just need to take the minute and smell the roses, even if they are at our own back door!

Love Ya!


Monday, August 11, 2008

What happens when you plan a Bar B-Que

You get old roommates that have not been in the same house since they got married 7 plus years ago. and 5 kids later...

and Thanks to Becca she has shown me how to add pictures while I am typing.... YEAH!

so here you go...

OK you also have to throw in a missionary or two while your feeding a group of people...

and last but not least you give a child a bowl of ice cream and sprinkles on it and you have one happy child.

NOW the funny thing is its whipped cream. Right out of the spray bottle. You got to Love Uncle Scott...

and on the other hand... I feed them, fill there children with sugar and SEND them home. with all my love.

now you really want to hear something funny.. I now have a sand box-pool in my yard. Under the deck. After the last time I had kids over and nothing to do while we adults were talking they need something to do.

So We started dinner with Steaks on the grill, chicken, corn on the cob, a beatiful salad, potato salad, home made bread, watermelon, a peach cobbler with ice cream thanks to BEN and MANDY... I forgot to get it at the store and they were Happy to pick it up on there way... I know I said not to bring anything but I forgot. Its called OLD AGE. I dont know if I forgot anything or not.

Now can anyone tell me how... I have no flys in my back yard until I cook and it seems like they come out of the wood work. Why is that!

I did all this food in 5 hours and my back is killing me and its so much easier to do dinner for 50 instead of 2 or 3. and it so much easier to do clean up when you send it all home with them! YEAH... Ok for those who have my tupperware or my new glass baking dishes or anyone who has taken anything home with them... It's time for you to bring them home (BEN AND BECCA)!

Ok if i did a count...

2 missionaries, Ben and Mandy, Ben and Becca, Issy and Theo, Becca friend with 2 kids sorry I for names. George and Shelly and Rebecca, Keith and Michelle and Kalyn and Conner, and James. My Next door Neighbor Peter came over and that was very nice and Kay came over and told me that Mary and her could not come over with there two kids and they were sorry but they took food home.

So thats a total of 22 people. see how much eaiser it is to cook for that many.

Ok well I am off to bed. I am tired and well I was in my 7th Heaven.

Thanks for all those memories guys!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

You make me smile!

So I love when I post something and I get comments back... you know some of them just make me cry. Thanks Candy and Abby for the last one.. as I was reading them and thinking how could I make there day. Besides going to see them... the words to the song popped into my mind...

If I had a million dollars (x2)
Well I'd buy you a house (I would buy you a house)
And if I had a million dollars (x2)
I'd buy you furniture for your house (Maybe a nice Chesterfield or an ottomon)
And if I had a million dollars (x2)
Well, I'd buy you a k-car (a nice reliant automobile)
And if I had a million dollars I'd buy your love.

If i had a million dollars I'd build a tree fort in our yard
If i had a million dollars You could help it wouldnt be that hard
If I had a million dollars Maybe we could put that little tiny fridge in there somewhere
We could just go up there and hang out, like open the fridge and stuff.
And there would be food just layed out for us,
Like little pre-wrapped sausages and things,
They have pre-wrapped sausages but they dont have pre-wrapped bacon
Well can you blame 'em? haha yeah!
If I had a million dollars (x2)
Well, I'd buy you a fur coat (But not a real fur coat thats cruel)
And if I had a million dollars (x2)
Well, I'd buy you an exotic pet (Yep, like a llama or an emu)
And if I had a million dollars (x2)
Well, I'd buy you John Mereks remains (Oooo all them crazy elephant bones)
If I had a million dollars I'd buy your love.
If I had a million dollars We wouldn't have to walk to the store,
If I had a million dollars We'd take a limosine 'cuz it costs more,
If I had a million dollars We wouldn't have to eat Kraft dinner,
But we would eat Kraft dinner Of course we would we'd just eat more of it,
And buy really expensive ketchups with it That's right all the fanciest ketchup... dijon ketchup (mmmmmm)
If I had a million dollars (x2)
Well, I'd buy you a green dress (But not a real green dress thats cruel)
And if i had a million dollars (x2)
Well, I'd buy you some art (A Picasso or a Garfunkel)
If I had a million dollars (x2)
Well, I'd buy you a monkey (Haven't you always wanted a monkey?)
If I had a million dollars I'd buy your love.
If I had a million dollars (x5)
I'd be rich!!

I dont know why the song just popped into my mind but it did and as I was sitting here singing it thinking if I had a million dollars.... Well if I had million dollars I really would not be sitting here. I would be out, seeing the world or spending time with family and friends and well I would be going to the movies with my nieces and nephews.

But then again... I dont think I want a million dollars. I think I have a million dollars worth of memories that NO one can ever take away from me now.

Thanks Candy and Abby for making me cry. Because you guys have given me many of the million dollars of memories for me. Along with everyone else.

So I might just say I crazy old uncle scott than to say i am the grumpy old man. hows that!

Because if I did have a million dollars no one would want!

Love you all!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Take out to the Movies...

Ok... I love anything to do with Disney. Yesterday to get out off the HOT temps I went to the movies! I wnet to see Disney's Walle... I LOVED IT! again I love Disney.
So when we sit there and watch the 20 minutes of infors of upcoming movies and shows they have this new little thing.... Lets see if I can find the clip..

ok I cant find the clip.. however its of a spcial Olympics clip where a group of runners are racing and the one little boy falls and another little runner stops and turns around an helps the fallen runner up and they all join together and they run the race hand in hand and finishes the race together.

I dont know if anyone has seen this clip while watching the 20 minutes of info. So here I was sitting yesterday at the movies and just started to cry. Oh I know I have watched it before but for some odd reason yesterday it ment something to me.

I then was thinking of mothers comment from Naki, and Tim's Birthday...

Tim is proof to me that God trusts me/us...I am certain he wouldn't send such an angel to just any family. On the other side...I'm gonna walk real close to him and say as often as necessary...I'M WITH HIM!! Love, Tim's mom

So I just felt I need to do more with my life and set a better example. I guess it just I dont always trust myself or those that are around me everyday with the gift the Lord has given me.
I am a very selfcentered person sometimes and its all about ME ME ME.

I dont think I would have stopped and picked up my co-runner. I think this is where I am not the team player I should be.

Then it also came back to FHE on monday night... Ok I go sometimes I am still not a big fan of going and there are times I think there is a REASON! As I was sitting there on Monday night I just had to listen to all the negativeness that was being said... Ok look I have fallen off the horse a few times and I have had my foot crushed but did I give up No I kept going ok mother was in the back ground forcing me to but still I never gave up, I lost my job, I found another, I kept going, I worked my way from nothing to something again. and Yes sometimes I feel like I am that GRUMPY old man.

But sometimes there is a reason for everything that happens in our life. so back to the race..

I dont ever want to be that person who wont take the time to build someone up. I know there are many times in my life that I dont. Trust me there are many times I tear down before I build up.

I have many faults in my life and as I am getting OLDER! I am noticing that I am becoming that GRUMPY old man. SO I am learning alot about who I am. Just be paticent with me as I learn from you.

Thanks again everyone!
Love you all