I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ok ITs me!

I for one sometimes will just write to hear myself think out loud... Now forgive me in advance because, I am in a very bad mood and I need to write it out. I want to express myself somehow.

I have found that lately I dont have anyone. Sorry Tears time! No I am not talking about a wife. Oh yeah it would be nice but I said it over and over again, I am very happy being single. I am just missing friends. I have NO one I can just call up and "Yell to" Yeah I have my auntie wes and she is always there for me. But I really have no one. I have Lucy and Lucy will listen to me when ever I need to talk but I want to be posititve and not to drag her down.

I question sometimes what did I do wrong. I think loosing almost everything on my computer has just made me mad! I dont know why I feel so low right now. I am not DEPRESSED! I have almost everything I need at my finger tips.

Maybe I am at a low. Maybe I needed to come down off my high for once. I feel that all I do is work work work and for what.... I am trying to be very nice here because I would love to say more but I cant, For one mother might wash my mouth out with soap.

I want to scream... I want to hit someone... I just want to make someone feel as bad as I do... and you know it would not help. It would just make me feel worst than I do...

I dont know if it is that I have only had 3 day off in the last 27 days. Yeah I know this is not good for me and that I need my time off as well.

I do not know. maybe its just that its seems like I try to swim and everytime I get my head out of water I have some little kid trying to drown me. (katie that was for you, I love you, you know that) But dose anyone understand what I mean.

I lost over 12000 pictures that i have taken over the past 5 years. thankfully I always go and get my pictures printed and I save a disk so I have that much of it anyway.

But Its still costing me more that i have and it just makes me so mad... (I am back to the computer)

Heres the other thing that makes me mad.... (working this time) Do you know how dumb people are.....
sorry I told you I was in that mood! Today I was helping with checking and running the new U-SCAN... ok everyone know what they are.. how many people dont know how to use these things... its simple Step one press here to start..

WHAT part of push here to start dont they understand.
I am telling you.. I want to push that button sometimes I just want to take that freakin loaf of french bread they bought and hit them upside the head.

Another thing... when it say please place the item in the bag... what part dont they understand..

I need sleep or some good drugs or something. I am telling you!

What happened to that HANG LOOSE attittute I had when I came home from Hawaii.

And I know I should not be evny... but I really just wish sometimes I had someone elses life.. but then again I can hear some say I wish I had yours.

I am very happy and I should really look at that. Sorry I am just in one of those moods and I needed to unleash

Thanks for listening.
Love ya


Abby said...

Oh Scott. . . it just makes me so sad to hear that you are feeling down. And yes, I think you need more than 3 days off in 27. But, having been there more than a few times myself, I understand. Sometimes you just are sad and frustrated, and there's really no getting past it except to take that step back and see what you do have. I hate to preach that, because when I'm feeling bad about something, I just want that particular problem to be resolved and go away, and keep all my other wonderful things in my life. But, I've come to understand that life is not perfect. . .that's what we're aiming for in our eternal future. I love you, and call me anytime.

Chivaun-o-rama said...

What! no friends?? Ok...I know how you feel tho'. Have you ever had the "I'm in a room full of people, but I feel alone" feeling? It sucks. I hope things start lookin' up...for starters, you need more than 3 days off for 27 days worked...that's NUTS! Take care, and keep smilin'! loves...Chivaunie

Brousseau Family said...

Scott - maybe I'm the only one thinking it - but is there just a slight possibility of it being the right time for you to move near the family? I know they'd love it! There's nothing like being near mom and dad when you feel worn down and alone. . .

Life According to Scott said...

NO NO NO... I Brown is not in my color deck..... NO NO NO.. Yes it would be so much fun to be near but NO WAY Mom and I would kill each other!

Anonymous said...

Awww...come on, Scott...it would be a blast!! Love (and waiting with a butcher's knife) Mom!!

dad said...

Scott, buy a backup drive for your computer and save all the important stuff so you don't lose it. And, everybody has those kinds of days and mine are usually accompanied by gray weather.