I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Take out to the Movies...

Ok... I love anything to do with Disney. Yesterday to get out off the HOT temps I went to the movies! I wnet to see Disney's Walle... I LOVED IT! again I love Disney.
So when we sit there and watch the 20 minutes of infors of upcoming movies and shows they have this new little thing.... Lets see if I can find the clip..

ok I cant find the clip.. however its of a spcial Olympics clip where a group of runners are racing and the one little boy falls and another little runner stops and turns around an helps the fallen runner up and they all join together and they run the race hand in hand and finishes the race together.

I dont know if anyone has seen this clip while watching the 20 minutes of info. So here I was sitting yesterday at the movies and just started to cry. Oh I know I have watched it before but for some odd reason yesterday it ment something to me.

I then was thinking of mothers comment from Naki, and Tim's Birthday...

Tim is proof to me that God trusts me/us...I am certain he wouldn't send such an angel to just any family. On the other side...I'm gonna walk real close to him and say as often as necessary...I'M WITH HIM!! Love, Tim's mom

So I just felt I need to do more with my life and set a better example. I guess it just I dont always trust myself or those that are around me everyday with the gift the Lord has given me.
I am a very selfcentered person sometimes and its all about ME ME ME.

I dont think I would have stopped and picked up my co-runner. I think this is where I am not the team player I should be.

Then it also came back to FHE on monday night... Ok I go sometimes I am still not a big fan of going and there are times I think there is a REASON! As I was sitting there on Monday night I just had to listen to all the negativeness that was being said... Ok look I have fallen off the horse a few times and I have had my foot crushed but did I give up No I kept going ok mother was in the back ground forcing me to but still I never gave up, I lost my job, I found another, I kept going, I worked my way from nothing to something again. and Yes sometimes I feel like I am that GRUMPY old man.

But sometimes there is a reason for everything that happens in our life. so back to the race..

I dont ever want to be that person who wont take the time to build someone up. I know there are many times in my life that I dont. Trust me there are many times I tear down before I build up.

I have many faults in my life and as I am getting OLDER! I am noticing that I am becoming that GRUMPY old man. SO I am learning alot about who I am. Just be paticent with me as I learn from you.

Thanks again everyone!
Love you all


Abby said...

Oh Scott, don't we all have a bit of the grumpy old man in us, or in my case, that grumpy old woman! I wish I could've been at the movies with you. I LOVE the movies. It is so fun for me to read your thoughts. . . and I am so proud of you going to FHE. Love you, Scott.

Candy said...

Me too, me too! I want to go to the movies with the grumpy old man. I bet it's more entertaining that way... Love you Scottie!

Anonymous said...

...I love that you have learned to get back in the race... I really try to leave every soul I encounter, no matter the circumstance, a little happier for the meeting...Love, mom

dad said...

Scott, you are way down low on the grumpo-meter compared to me. But, at least you know you are headed that way and can do something about it before it is too late.