I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Friday, August 29, 2008


Ok I am back!

Thanks for all the love and support I got from all of you. Its just I had a bad day... yeah if I had the music to put on here I would "So you had a bad day"

I got my New-old computer back YES they got it fixed for me $326. and a peach cobbler.
SO now I have two working computers! Yes I am a two computer house hold now. I got my first dell fixed about two weeks ago It had crash and I did not know how to do anything with it I just bought a new one. So Dell 1 is what I have been using for the week since I did not have Dell 2

So Dell 2 had about 10,000 pictures on it and 3000 Names for family history. YEAH you got it they said they saved it all....

NOW I just have to find them!

But I am doing better I think I was a little stressed and I was freaking OUT! Yeah I do that now and then.

Now I just have to say one thing.. Katie I love you, But moving to Idaho away from my rain and gray skys NO WAY! Like I said I love you but Idaho NO WAY! sorry I can never do that!


Anonymous said...

...neer say never!! Love, and still waiting...mom

dad said...

I don't know who loves rain and dark skys. Sounds a little off to me. But, Scott, we get the same weather you do, pretty much, so moving that excuse doesn't work. Better come up with another one.