I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What can I say....

So it has been a long week already and well I just dont know where the time is going before I know it Christmas will be here. I know SHUT UP!

So I looked at Liz's little vacation and was thinking what a wonderful world we live in. I know its not always a world of PEACE like we would want it to be or Free of crime and hate... but when you stop to look around and smell the roses it really is one of the most beatiful places we could ever be at this time in our lives.

So now that I have gotten to learn how to add picture we are all in trouble. So this is one of the many beatiful things in my yard, I missed the be in the picture but it was so fun to watch him float from one petal to another.

Any one quess what the picture is?

I stood the other night in my yard and just watch the bee and said I need to take more time for the flowers.

Now I dont know about you but one of my favorite plants to plant is Zucchini. SO if anyone needs any well come on by I have a lot. OK I only planted 12 plants.

So about a week or two ago my Friend Valerie from the Store and I went on a little site seeing trip. Her husband hates to do things like this so I said sure why not I will go. So we went up to Granite Falls area and traveled the old dirt roads it was just wonderful more pictures to follow but on the way home we had to stop at a lavendar farm and just take in the smells, and of course take lots of pictures.

I know its not the best picture but hey this is what you get of me.

Valerie sometimes has such a postive look on life and she sees so many wonderful things and takes pictures of them.

This was an old tree stomp and well I had to take picture of it for mother seeing we always had so much fun planting things in tress!

The river was as peacefull as this picture. I loved it. I know you cant tell but there are many little water falls on the mountain side.

So When it comes down to the first statement we really do live in a world that Heavenly Father has created so much beatiful things for us to enjoy. Sometimes we just need to take the minute and smell the roses, even if they are at our own back door!

Love Ya!



The Shavers said...

Wow Scott you made me cry...thanks alot! But I agree I need to stop in my busy life sometimes and just appreciate all of the wonderful things our Heavenly Father created for us to enjoy because they bring so much peace to my heart. I know I sound like mom but its true! Love ya scott!

Abby said...

Love love love this post, Scott. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. Your thoughts reminded me of the other day. I was having a rough day, worrying about something temporal, as I was driving the girls to the dance studio. Turned for a second to glance out my window and saw a double rainbow. It was stunning, and I was touched by how something in nature, so simple and natural, could make me remember things eternal. I loved your pictures. I'm glad you took some time to "smell the roses".

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reminder, Scott. Life is hard, indeed, but there are many God-given tools to get through...speaking of that...what is that first photo-flower? Love, mom

Life According to Scott said...

Sorry MOTHER you have to guess what the flower is No fair telling you. Thats why its a guessing game.


dad said...

Scott, I needed you and your positive comments today. Thanks.