I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Friday, March 26, 2010

I am freaking out!!!!

So here it is 3 am in the morning and I am to go into have surgery at 9... I am just freaking out.. I could not fall asleep at 12 and can not take anything to help put me to sleep and I am just stressing out over everything.....!!!! I want to eat and can not eat... I know I know I know I got a blessing last night and I am so thankful for wonderful friends that come every sunday to eat and that they are worthy priesthood holders.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fast update

So I am on medical leave because I have a shreaded Menisci in my right knee...

So I do not know what I did I just know that On the 6th I woke up with a pain in my knee and well it ended up 9th with a doctors appointment and a brace on my knee and on the 16th I ended up with a brace but I also had an MRI and well on wednesday I was told I shreaded it and I have to call a specialist and well I called I have an appointment on the 23rd but until then I have to stay off it.. after I tried to go to work and work said sorry you can not stand and if you hurt it more.... SO I am on medical leave.... STRESSING ME OUT

My back hurts, my neck hurts and my knee hurts like HELLO!!!

so that is the up date on the body..
Now start laughing because it is so funny....

SO I went to the store today... for a few things, I got what I wanted I had the clerk help me to the car, put my bags in the car and he shut the trunk... KEYS in the trunk....

I happened to leave the door open and well I was able to set down. however you cant open the trunk with out the key... the little button wont do it. so I had to call triple A...

Triple A I do so love... anyway... it cost me $41.85 to have them come out and make a key to open the trunk... WHICH I did not have a key for the trunk anyway...

THe lock smith said it I had Triple A plus It would not have cost me anything... So after I paid the $41.85 I called Triple A... Triple A plus costs $16.50 more than what Triple A costs... I said SIGN me up... It would not have cost me a penny for them to rekey the lock.

then I am a baker, baking all the time.... THE OVEN BLEW UP!!!! yes it started on fire and blew all the brakers in the house and blew the coil... so after I went to the Ward Pot luck... I went to talk to mr muhammad and Well after $425 later I am getting a new stove... FLAT TOP with nice oven... I could not spend much more money than that... I wanted a double oven... but I stayed with the cheaper one... WOW I am so happy nothing else is breaking down... KNOCK ON WOOD>>>

Ok thats a fast up date...

AND MOTHER... Doctor says its an old Handcart injury and I hope you had a good laugh today!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kids say the funniest things

OK here is the joke.... I had a new family over for dinner tonight for dinner.. The DeBell Family.

Jake and Abby have 3 cute kids,

THere son I believe is 5 or 6 when they got there goes over to Jake and asks him a question, and Jake said you need to ask scott...

HOW OLD are you and I said 29 LOL YES I said 29.. I know I should not lye to little kids, and Jake looks at me and says the same age as I am....

LOL It really was funny.... I did have to say NO I am really......... 29 !!!!!

Love St Patrick's Day

Ok so it's a few days early but its SUNDAY!

and I COOK on Sundays so I have to uploaded the pictures and well who said we eat dessert first!

Lime Cheese cake.. I was yummy.

Table set with my fiestaware!

My clover rolls with butter on them baked!

Table once again

clover leaf rolls in pan ready to bake

My Carrots and potatoes and the cornedbeef
I got a new recipe this year... I was told to cook it in ginger ale and it was yummy!

my buffet table

My table once again!
I do enjoy cooking and the left overs always go home to those who come to eat...
I remember when Patty would come HOME mom would always always send her home with bags of food from the freezer. I always remembered her doing that and it like I need to make sure those I love her have food for a day if that it is... I so enjoy watching them take there little take out container home! It so gladdens my heart!

Happy Birthday Abby!

I just want to quickly say Happy Birthday Abby...

I am making dinner for some friends today (SUNDAY) I always cook and today's theme is Green and Irish food.. Yes I have the cornbeef and cabbage cooking and the red potatoes and the carrots. The Green Cottage cheese salad and pistachio and marshmellow salad made and a lime flavored cheese cake baked.. and I am making rolls in the shape of sharmrocks, and the house is in yellows and greens with gold coins on the table and well I love St Patrick's day... and I just want to say to Abby... Happy Birthday.

Not only is Abby's Birthday on St. Patrick's Day and she is not all that Irish... She is such a wonderful sister and mother and wife and FRIEND.. SO Abby Thank you for being who you are, choosing the Plan you said to Our Heavenly Father you would do and for STICKING with it.

Love you ABBY... Hope you have a wonderful day and know that you are LOVED!!!!

Love you

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Over All

Well Over all I had a great week. Yeah I am a surprised as you are!
Now I have to tell you I have never spent $15 before for anything as good as 8 pounds of Fortune cookies. LOVE THEM! and its fun to see the kids eat them too! NOT a bad $15.

I think its fun just to eat the cookies with out reading the fortune.. How ever... here are a few that I just had to share!

"Your Popularity will increase."
"Your road will be made smooth for you by good friends"
"You will be approached with an interesting proposition."
"You have a friendly heart and are well admired"
"The time is right to reach your goals"
"Good news will come to you from far away"
"You will have good luck and overcome many hardships"
"Your winsome smile will be your sure protection"
"You will receive an unexpected phone call."
"You will be approached with an interesting proposition."
"You will make a fortune with your friends."
"You will have a large family"
"You or a close friend will be married within a year."

OK It's time to BAR B-QUE again... Yes this was sunday's dinner last week!

SURE why not show the picture again... HEY BEN, this picture is for YOU!!!

This is what my yard is looking like. the smells are HEAVENLY!!

YES even the little danilion looks beatiful!!!

THIS Is the start of many, many daffodils... I love these guys!

The perwinkle is even in bloom!

THis is the sidewalk to the road in front of the house...

AND every where you go... it in bloom... I wish you could see it....

WELL everyone Happy Spring!!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I just have that feeling

So I have been serving in a calling for over the past 3 years and YET I have done NOTHING! Yeah I know that should be the best part of the calling. But for me to do NOTHING really come on.

So on Tuesday night I took a member of the stake presidency to dinner... It is one of his favorite places and mine, but more important when I walk in I am treated like a KING... "TASTE OF INDIA".

I had already started with drinks and apps, before he got there but when he walked in he was ready to eat... You go with me you EAT!

SO we talked about everything.. me going to school, my life, my family, my friends, my dinners that I cook, my teaching every 3rd sunday, and well everything...

My main point that I wanted to talk about was my calling... and he asked me if I was willing to help with the good friday concert. WELL dessert part so now I am scared to death.. He said there is about 100 people, that turn out for this and well... I now have to plan light for this...

WHAT do I do? the first thing I am coming up with is cream puffs... (COSTCO) but anyone can do that... Now I have to think what am I going to do... Lucky for me I have a wonderful AUNTIE that will give me many IDEAS!!! Right WESLENE!!!

I wanted to do it I now have to do some thinking and praying!!!!

Name that bridge

I was looking in the paper this morning... Centre Daily Times and I saw this picture and Said... I know that bridge...
So do you!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Now tell me

Why is it that I have a day off and I plan to do something like garden or anything like that.. IT RAINS!!!! all weekend and week it has been so beatiful but now today we get RAIN!!!