I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Mind has been Racing....

I know right now I should not write because I am in a funk and my mood is not the best but maybe that is the best time to write and get these thoughts off my mind and I might feel better about it after I write it out.

Best part about it is I can delete it if I find out I don't like what I wrote.. RIGHT!

I should just go to the Temple and I know I will get the right answer and do the right thing there.
but right now I cant because it is to late and well...

So I have kept a lot  of things to myself... just because I know that is what I need to do. I have been blessed with the the ability to see many trials and tribulations, not only  in my life but in the life of others.
It is so hard not for me to get upset and angry and fall apart and well.. I just try to be positive.

I should leave it at that and not leave my feelings get involved but I do. I really do.. I take everything so very personally. REALLY I do!

So my feelings were hurt a few weeks ago and I am trying to leave it go.. I just have a hard time doing so. SO I was thinking if I typed it out that maybe I could find myself to leave it go and not dwell on it anymore.
So without going into full details.. and giving names and what it is I will just vent a little. and well... I can get it out in the open.

So a few years ago I started to go with some friends to see a show. Every Holiday season its like what brings our friendship all together. I love this show and I enjoy going to see it every year with these friends. This year I was never told about the show and when the show was and well.. My friends got the tickets without informing me about the show. YES I am hurt about it. WHAT really hurt my feelings it that they threw it back into my face which was so uncalled for.  Dropping it like it was no big deal and did not really caring about what was going on and how I might feel about not being invited.  YES I am hurt and I need to leave it go. BUT its really hard for me to leave it go and IT has cause me to have ill feelings towards these friends.  And I do not know who has said it.. but sometimes when you are mad at someone they have no Idea that you are mad or hurt. So I need to leave it go. I need to ask for forgiveness because I have hard feeling against them and they have no idea. I could go buy myself a ticket and go by myself but that is not what the point of it would be. the point was that we did as FRIENDS!

Moving on... SO I have been having a hard time with trying to understand what is going on with my calling and I found myself low in heart and discouraged. YES YES YES... thanks to a mother that can see a little better than what I can.. told me we have to become one with Our Heavenly Father and maybe those people who's names were presented to me that day might just have needed extra prayer in there lives.
and if you know me I was kicking against the picks as to say. SO Its back to thinking and pondering and praying. I was told to wait until the dust settles awhile before things happen.... IF you know me you know I don't like dust and I am one that has to keep the dust moving on... because if you can write your name in the dust then something has to be changed!

As soon as I just typed that changed the phone just rang... it was the executive secretary for the bishop calling and asking me to come in for a meeting on Sunday! wow and I was thinking in my mind the song.. CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cars did not drive on it to make a great time, they drove on it to have a good time!

Cars did not drive on it to make a great time.. they drove on it to have a good time.
So to night I had to go get the new moive Cars 2, but I had to watch Cars before I watched the new one. and as I was watching it this quote come across and it hit me... maybe I am not dont take enough time to have a good time and I am just here for the great time..

I should fill you in on what happened last week and my high lights of the week. because they were good.

Sunday was a big high light, 23 years ago I made the choice... the choice to Join a family and the family has been big. I joined a church family. WOW 23 years ago.
As I texted mother on Sunday Morning and reminding her what we did 23 years ago... see I remember everything and I have a lot of things written down.

23 years ago, The Davis Family welcomed me into the chruch with my baptism. I do remember a few things I remember the worst suit I have ever owned.  I was reminding mother that on that sunday night the family had to preform at a womens event for State College... and I believe you did a song of Roll out the barrel.

I texted this to mother and she said to send out a text to everyone.. do you know what happens when I text.. LOL.

The best part about Sunday was that it was primary sacrament at church. I am not a big fan of primary sacrament but its always good for a good smile.

I think the best thing about sunday was.... during sacrament was Hughie Lear... we were taing the sacrament and I am trying to help Suzanne with the boys... and I think I moght have made things worst.. so we were taking the water and I took my little cup and I placed it back into the discard and the next thing I knew hughie was taking the sacrament cups like shots... It was way to funny.... Suzanne was beside herself when I told her... but come on.. It was funny!

I think I can say... I taught Hughie how to do shots... JUST JOKING!!!

It's Just and Empty Cup!