I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Cars did not drive on it to make a great time, they drove on it to have a good time!

Cars did not drive on it to make a great time.. they drove on it to have a good time.
So to night I had to go get the new moive Cars 2, but I had to watch Cars before I watched the new one. and as I was watching it this quote come across and it hit me... maybe I am not dont take enough time to have a good time and I am just here for the great time..

I should fill you in on what happened last week and my high lights of the week. because they were good.

Sunday was a big high light, 23 years ago I made the choice... the choice to Join a family and the family has been big. I joined a church family. WOW 23 years ago.
As I texted mother on Sunday Morning and reminding her what we did 23 years ago... see I remember everything and I have a lot of things written down.

23 years ago, The Davis Family welcomed me into the chruch with my baptism. I do remember a few things I remember the worst suit I have ever owned.  I was reminding mother that on that sunday night the family had to preform at a womens event for State College... and I believe you did a song of Roll out the barrel.

I texted this to mother and she said to send out a text to everyone.. do you know what happens when I text.. LOL.

The best part about Sunday was that it was primary sacrament at church. I am not a big fan of primary sacrament but its always good for a good smile.

I think the best thing about sunday was.... during sacrament was Hughie Lear... we were taing the sacrament and I am trying to help Suzanne with the boys... and I think I moght have made things worst.. so we were taking the water and I took my little cup and I placed it back into the discard and the next thing I knew hughie was taking the sacrament cups like shots... It was way to funny.... Suzanne was beside herself when I told her... but come on.. It was funny!

I think I can say... I taught Hughie how to do shots... JUST JOKING!!!

It's Just and Empty Cup!

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