I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, May 13, 2013

I have been BLESSED

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Thank you for making me laugh.. I wish I had that whole thing on tape because It was FUNNY!

Thank you

Love you


Stress of the Leitch

Teaching today.... So I had to the chance to teach Elder's Quorum today.. I started with the lesson about 4 weeks or so ago... I will tell you I had my stress go over the top this morning when I was trying to think of all the last minute details... I told stories and well did the Scott thing... I really did stress out this morning to the point of dry heaving, loss of sight and just freaking out..

I came home from church and jumped into bed and did not get up until 8. YEAH I really freaked out..

So when I did come too I emailed the President and asked forgiveness for out there in left field teaching..

this is what I got back...

Hi Scott,

Thank you so much for your lesson - it was great. No forgiveness necessary. You did a great job and I'm grateful for your service. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences, and, on the side, for feeding the quorum (not to mention the rest of the ward).

There was nothing inappropriate in your lesson whatsoever. My dad used to regularly show Star Wars as part of one of his lessons, and I showed Groundhog Day in one of mine. There are also parts of the Matrix that I'd find appropriate to show in some lessons, as well as The Mission and New York Doll. In that company, Les Mis approaches Saturday's Warrior. You're a valuable part of our ward and quorum and, again, I'm grateful that you were willing to extend yourself and share your thoughts and feelings with us.

I hope that we can use you sooner than 6 months from now - I appreciate any teacher who wants to start preparing 4 weeks in advance.

Thanks Scott!


I told them I would teach again in 6 months... really the stess I had well.... today I have lost about a year of my life.


Ok the stress is on this week at work wish me luck!

Starting with December 1

White Christmas, December 1 was it. I have two wonderful friends that have season tickets to the 5th Ave Theathre and I bought one of there seats and now we go to every show. AWESOME! I was not feeling the Christmas mood yet, I was still trying to get things up for Christmas, I know I was working on Christmas before Thanksgiving, but it was stillnot coming to me.

SO as I was driving down town seattle, THE LIGHTS, THE WINDOWS, the season was here. I quickly realized, Christmas was going to be here and I was not ready!

I felt the STRESS OF the holidays coming at me all at once. YUCK! I am not one that usually gets stressed about the holidays but for some odd reason I started to!!!

Maybe it was because I opened to may doors at one time!

Martha Has nothing on my month!!

seeing most of last week is over now... ITs onto another one.

Sunday December 13th, is my annual Christmas party, cookies, cakes, food, food and more food.

the 18th is a missionary christmas dinner, and I am giving to that cause, ...

But it just seems like things just keep going.

Ok for now, I lost train of thought...

Just what is asked of me to do?

Ok first off before I say anything that will hurt anyones feelings.. I am just in a mood so please bear with me.

I am hitting a low again in my life... so yes the st john wart will be coming out of the cupboard again. LOL.

Sometimes you just have to say YES I CAN

Right now I have gotten home from work and sitting down thinking to myself..... what is going on with me and what is going on with the life that I am living. I enjoy what has happend or is happening to me. I hope that made sence. What I am am trying to say for ever cause there is an effect and every effect there is a cause. I have been trying to find my cause because I have been sure hit with the effect.

I have tryied to be my the best that I can be. I have tryied to make sure everything around me and the people I have been blessed with have been here around me to help me. It's funny what I am saying is.... what am i trying to say...

What have I done..

I have been up to well just about everything. Trying to keep up with life. I can not believe how busy it has been and I have had been doing everything I can to keep up.

I guess that is what final are all about.

I did my last project which were pictures and I did a book cover and a music poster which I think I did well on. If I can down load them I will but right now you should know me a computers dont know how to work together. LOL

I only missed 4 days of class and well.... it showed to me that I can do this school stuff. And the reason I missed was because of Valentine's day.

I have been busy trying to keep up with the house... I am not sure how some people do it. I have a Hemma and well I still dont get everything done that needs to be done. I find out that when I just get things picked up and laundry washed it is time for me to start all over again.