I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, May 13, 2013

Starting with December 1

White Christmas, December 1 was it. I have two wonderful friends that have season tickets to the 5th Ave Theathre and I bought one of there seats and now we go to every show. AWESOME! I was not feeling the Christmas mood yet, I was still trying to get things up for Christmas, I know I was working on Christmas before Thanksgiving, but it was stillnot coming to me.

SO as I was driving down town seattle, THE LIGHTS, THE WINDOWS, the season was here. I quickly realized, Christmas was going to be here and I was not ready!

I felt the STRESS OF the holidays coming at me all at once. YUCK! I am not one that usually gets stressed about the holidays but for some odd reason I started to!!!

Maybe it was because I opened to may doors at one time!

Martha Has nothing on my month!!

seeing most of last week is over now... ITs onto another one.

Sunday December 13th, is my annual Christmas party, cookies, cakes, food, food and more food.

the 18th is a missionary christmas dinner, and I am giving to that cause, ...

But it just seems like things just keep going.

Ok for now, I lost train of thought...

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