I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEE!

Sorry sometimes its all about ME!

I am just thinking as I sit here getting ready for bed.. That I am going to be 40 again! ok 41. I like the idea of being 40 again. It was an awesome year I loved it.

I have wonderful friends, I have wonderful family, I have a wonderful life.

40 was a wonderful year for me. I sure hope I have at least 40 more. 50 more or 60 more I would love to be as old as my grandfather when he died at the age of 92.

I look back on my life and wonder sometime WHAT have I done with these last 40 years. and I have to tell you it has been a fun ride with lots of ups and downs and fast turns. Its been awesome.

So I want to say Thank you to all those that will call and text and send an email. I love each and everyone of you. You have been the reason why I am Scott Leitch.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Help

So in the last few days I have been watching movies. I have not been to a MOVIE is about 2 years. It seemed like I use to go every week because Susan would drag me to a movie and I would go.. Not that it wasnt nice to see the movie but I had issues with how much it cost and I always felt that I could just buy the dvd and I would watch it in the comfort of my own home. Sometimes I love just sitting in my own bed and watch a movie where I can cry to my heart is content.

Tonight I watched for the second time "The Help". I am telling you my heart just breaks and it makes my blood boil and I get so mad, and I cry and I laugh and well... It just shows you sometimes it not good to go to the movies with me because of who I am.

But back to my feeling and what I learned and did not learn. a couple phases came out to me and then to me I started to write them down and then I would have to re-wine the movie and watch it over to make sure I got it right and then I would have to re-read what I wrote.

so I am watching the movie.. and then it was so funny some of the best things I saw in the movie, was appearing on the menu. LOL

I heard one quote and here it is on the menu button.

“as for your momma, she did not pick her life, it picked her”

as I was listening to this line... I was thinking wow I really did not pick this life it picked me. I was pre-ordiend to be who I am. I was choosen by some of the best to be the person I am in this life. is this making any scnce to anyone. I dont think I would have ever picked the life of losing my mother, or losing my father, or doing the things I have done.
I am telling you right now... I would not have changed anything that I have learned, I would not have morned any differently and I would not want to be anywhere else then where I am right now!

“love and hate are two horns on the same goat and you need a goat”

In this line of the movie, its talking about being single and  marriage and well I just had to laugh. yes I was rolling on the floor laughing because you know something.. sometime it is so true.. Love and hate are the horns of the same goat.

“courage sometimes skips a generation… Thank you for bringing it back to our family”

SO with this statement.. I just have to say I sure hope my generations understand me. I stand tall in what I believe in, I think the courage skipped a few gerenations. I dont know how anyone would ever understand me if it wasnt for the generations that helped pave my way. I did not know many of them but I will tell you I so enjoy learning more about them. They have been giving me small hints of what I need to do. I love the fact that Family in not just until death but for a life of eternty.

so here is to those family members that have gone before me..

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


SO I have been give a challenge and I am taking it.

One of these days the only thing that I will have is my memories and well that might be all I need.

If I had a remembrance book I would have written the following... any one know where that line came from?

So while I was thinking tonight... I remember one summer day where I had to be about 13-14 and I so enjoyed my time with mom and dad, I was a mommy boy and I spent every minute with them. Patty and Steve have there own life and I had mom and dad.

Penns Valley has many old back roads which I spent many a days on. I loved when mom and dad wanted to go for walks because I was able to go with them.

I should set up the scene, these old country roads follow streams or creeks. along a nice mountain side. or valley or hill.  I remember we were out for a walk so I am not sure if Dad parked somewhere and we desided to walk or what it was but I remember we were up the little dirt road of sinking creek, I can picture it in my mind, I can see the creek, I can see water and I can see the ripples on the water. Remember its just a small creek, about 20 or so feet across and the creek was no more than 2 or 3 feet deep, now remember I am not a water boy, I was always afraid of the water,  but 2 feet really isnt bad when it come to wading in the water I was able to do that. I can still see the sides of the creek with the beatiful green foliage handing over the side. and this was the day I learned a few more things from my mom and dad.

as we were in the creek dad saw the crawfish, and the next thing I remember is we are catching crawfish,  now these little creatures move faster backward then they do forward and they have little pinchers almost like a losbter.

I have no clue what we put them in or what made my father want to catch them but WE caught a lot of them I can remember going back and forth trying not to stir the creek up to much with dirt because we would not be able to catch the crawfish, but we did it, I remember that day and the joy I had with my mom and dad.

I just remember going home and we had a feast of Crawfish.