I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


SO I have been give a challenge and I am taking it.

One of these days the only thing that I will have is my memories and well that might be all I need.

If I had a remembrance book I would have written the following... any one know where that line came from?

So while I was thinking tonight... I remember one summer day where I had to be about 13-14 and I so enjoyed my time with mom and dad, I was a mommy boy and I spent every minute with them. Patty and Steve have there own life and I had mom and dad.

Penns Valley has many old back roads which I spent many a days on. I loved when mom and dad wanted to go for walks because I was able to go with them.

I should set up the scene, these old country roads follow streams or creeks. along a nice mountain side. or valley or hill.  I remember we were out for a walk so I am not sure if Dad parked somewhere and we desided to walk or what it was but I remember we were up the little dirt road of sinking creek, I can picture it in my mind, I can see the creek, I can see water and I can see the ripples on the water. Remember its just a small creek, about 20 or so feet across and the creek was no more than 2 or 3 feet deep, now remember I am not a water boy, I was always afraid of the water,  but 2 feet really isnt bad when it come to wading in the water I was able to do that. I can still see the sides of the creek with the beatiful green foliage handing over the side. and this was the day I learned a few more things from my mom and dad.

as we were in the creek dad saw the crawfish, and the next thing I remember is we are catching crawfish,  now these little creatures move faster backward then they do forward and they have little pinchers almost like a losbter.

I have no clue what we put them in or what made my father want to catch them but WE caught a lot of them I can remember going back and forth trying not to stir the creek up to much with dirt because we would not be able to catch the crawfish, but we did it, I remember that day and the joy I had with my mom and dad.

I just remember going home and we had a feast of Crawfish. 

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