I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Help

So in the last few days I have been watching movies. I have not been to a MOVIE is about 2 years. It seemed like I use to go every week because Susan would drag me to a movie and I would go.. Not that it wasnt nice to see the movie but I had issues with how much it cost and I always felt that I could just buy the dvd and I would watch it in the comfort of my own home. Sometimes I love just sitting in my own bed and watch a movie where I can cry to my heart is content.

Tonight I watched for the second time "The Help". I am telling you my heart just breaks and it makes my blood boil and I get so mad, and I cry and I laugh and well... It just shows you sometimes it not good to go to the movies with me because of who I am.

But back to my feeling and what I learned and did not learn. a couple phases came out to me and then to me I started to write them down and then I would have to re-wine the movie and watch it over to make sure I got it right and then I would have to re-read what I wrote.

so I am watching the movie.. and then it was so funny some of the best things I saw in the movie, was appearing on the menu. LOL

I heard one quote and here it is on the menu button.

“as for your momma, she did not pick her life, it picked her”

as I was listening to this line... I was thinking wow I really did not pick this life it picked me. I was pre-ordiend to be who I am. I was choosen by some of the best to be the person I am in this life. is this making any scnce to anyone. I dont think I would have ever picked the life of losing my mother, or losing my father, or doing the things I have done.
I am telling you right now... I would not have changed anything that I have learned, I would not have morned any differently and I would not want to be anywhere else then where I am right now!

“love and hate are two horns on the same goat and you need a goat”

In this line of the movie, its talking about being single and  marriage and well I just had to laugh. yes I was rolling on the floor laughing because you know something.. sometime it is so true.. Love and hate are the horns of the same goat.

“courage sometimes skips a generation… Thank you for bringing it back to our family”

SO with this statement.. I just have to say I sure hope my generations understand me. I stand tall in what I believe in, I think the courage skipped a few gerenations. I dont know how anyone would ever understand me if it wasnt for the generations that helped pave my way. I did not know many of them but I will tell you I so enjoy learning more about them. They have been giving me small hints of what I need to do. I love the fact that Family in not just until death but for a life of eternty.

so here is to those family members that have gone before me..

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Abby said...

I LOVE this post Scottie. I haven't seen the movie, but just finished the book and absolutely felt so inspired by what I read and learned. I love how you never stop trying to learn what we're here to learn.