I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lets think outside the BOX!!!!!!!

I know I should not say a word, and I do not want to hurt anyones feeling that might read this and say what a BUTT I am, and I want to say I am thankful that they have the duty to do it... BUT really... they is more to a Christmas party than HAM and FUNERAL POTATOES!!!!! BARF!!!!! Let's just add some RED and GREEN Jello in to the mix too.....

I gave them hundreds of ideas... and they still come up with HAM and FUNERAL POTATOES!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Missing some wonderful people

As many of you know, Thanksgiving was never about the turkey or pumpkin pie... well maybe it was about the pumpkin pie.

As long as I can remember Thanksgiving day was a day in our family that we would butcher our hogs for the year. Yes as messy as it was that was the day it happened. From the time I was born until mother's death in 1988, that is what we did. Patty and Steve did it for many years before that....I wish I would have paid more attention to DAD, as he did know what he was doing.

So as I was reading my facebook Page, Vicki and Rose both memtioned it How Thanksgiving was the time of year that they remember coming to Uncle Jim's and aunt Lennie's home to Butcher.

So as I look back at how quickly one forgets how and what we use to do and to think that 22 years later how fast I forgot about the times we did spend and the mem0ries we do have about that day.

Really it is bitter sweet, because I always want that big family dinner with all the fixin's, So as I sit here now, after a pig fest. LOL. of my 22 pound bird, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffin, green bean cassarole, baked corn, rolls, jello salad.... I am missing some of the people that taught me what I do and did in my life.

I now work RETAIL and to fix a big meal and come home to the smell of home roasted smells, which I did today... and yes I am tired but yet I am so thankful for the time I took to fix my meal.

yeah 22 pounds is a lot of food for 3 people, but hopefully it will continue to give to more.

I miss my parents, not the fact that dad would be drunk by the end of the day, or someone would have cut them selves, or the sleep overs. But I miss my home today!

I miss the fact that I do not have a family!!! a wife that I could have shared some of those memories with. I miss the fact that I dont have children that would have grown up knowing what we did as a family on thanksgiving day.

I know That was not a normal THANKSGIVING day but it was the day most knew about at the Leitch home.

Today as I was cooking the last little bit, I was thinking, what a beatiful place I live in. Yeah I was tired,.... thanks to the nap... but I was thinking of the things I do now to make the traditions mine!

I think of Nana, warming the turkey because she did not turn the roaster on the right setting.

SHE warmed the turkey!!!

I miss the Crosby family.... Because I know Ben would have eatten until he was sick!!!

I miss having close friends come over and just eat!!!! I have done some many different things that I just wish I could have everyone in the same home as I am with everyone I love!

I am thankful for the blessings I do have. I am thankful for the family and friends that I have and will have.

I am just thankful!

Love to you all!!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Take on this and That!

1st off, if you have not checked out one of my sister's blog please do so... She is just so inspiring to me. www.sixmailechix.blogspot.com

Thank you Abby, I keep saying over and over and over you are a true Pioneer and its so true. Keep on Trexing.

As the holiday are coming upon us I am finding myself meeting people that are just a little more grumpier and are very short with me.

Yeah and that is not a good sign when I am sometimes know to loose my cool... and YES I am not the example you want around. I do not think I need to say anything more to that point. YES I can be a grump right back.

I have been trying to get CHRISTMAS done. I have most of my lights up outside the house and I have not turned them on yet but they are up and ready.

I have been working on my inside, the train is up but yet to have the village up and need to spend some time on doing that maybe tonight if I get off my butt...

I have the best House keeper in the world, I know many of you will say "WHAT" but I do. I Hemmy that comes in and cleans my house. I LOVE IT. she CLEANS, I have two roommates and well they just cant seem to always pick up after me so I said fine we are getting a House keeper.

anyway I lost my train of thought.... until later

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Just keeping you in the loop

So its been a week and I dont tend to keep up with everything when I am trying to get every thing else done.

SO Friday Night I started to get Christmas light up.. a few years ago after Christmas I got this light set for sale, it was a musical light set and was thinking nothing of it until I pulled it out of the garage and said lets use these lights... well fooled yeah there were no lights in the pack but this big huge box. turns out its a musical box.. meaning you plug your lights into the box and they blink to the beat of the music that is played OH MY GOODNESS can you believe this I can not wait to put more lights up now..

Saturday night I got home from work and started working on the flower boxes.. I planted 300 tulips. Red one. I hope I will have a nice so I spent almost 3 hours outside doing that I need to fill a few little things in.

Tonight I worked on dinner for friends.

I taught Elder's Quorum again today everyone told me that it was awesome however I felt like I did not prepare like I should have.

Well I live a boring life so Talk to you all soon

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back amoung you all

Sorry I have been so busy with myself that I have not really posted anything for a while.

Just a quick Shout out to Abby, You are AWESOME! your such a true pioneer woman and I just want to say I love you and I am so proud of you!

I will try to out line my life in the last two weeks.
Friday 23 I got a flu shot I dont know if that was the best thing or not
Saturday 24th I ended up in ER cutting off the top of my nail/finger
Sunday 25th I taught Elder's Quorum on the topic of Family History.. I want to say it was a very emotional lesson for me... Thank you family, and Naki thank you you were my topic.
Monday and Tuesday I ended up laying in bed all day with a fever of 102.
I ended up going back to work on Friday praying for our family.
Saturday I went with the Squires' family to woodland park zoo for pumpkin prowl which was a blast.
Sunday and Monday I did Inventory at work
Monday October 26th was FHE with the Squires and the Sutarik family and carving pumpkins. what fun
and then home I went to pack to leave for PA at 3:30 AM....
Spent Tuesday on a plane and arrived in PA with a massive headache but Jen picked me up and took me to her beatiful home. I fell a sleep and had a nice night sleep
spend Wednesday with Jen, picked up flowers and off to Patty's
Thursday spent the day with Sara and Patty and went to Patty's Camp.
Friday was a working on flowers, cake and Jen
Saw Juile. That was nice
Saturday was all about JEN
and Sunday I came home
so that has been a big week and I am now just moving on So thank you all for your support.
Love Ya