I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Missing some wonderful people

As many of you know, Thanksgiving was never about the turkey or pumpkin pie... well maybe it was about the pumpkin pie.

As long as I can remember Thanksgiving day was a day in our family that we would butcher our hogs for the year. Yes as messy as it was that was the day it happened. From the time I was born until mother's death in 1988, that is what we did. Patty and Steve did it for many years before that....I wish I would have paid more attention to DAD, as he did know what he was doing.

So as I was reading my facebook Page, Vicki and Rose both memtioned it How Thanksgiving was the time of year that they remember coming to Uncle Jim's and aunt Lennie's home to Butcher.

So as I look back at how quickly one forgets how and what we use to do and to think that 22 years later how fast I forgot about the times we did spend and the mem0ries we do have about that day.

Really it is bitter sweet, because I always want that big family dinner with all the fixin's, So as I sit here now, after a pig fest. LOL. of my 22 pound bird, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffin, green bean cassarole, baked corn, rolls, jello salad.... I am missing some of the people that taught me what I do and did in my life.

I now work RETAIL and to fix a big meal and come home to the smell of home roasted smells, which I did today... and yes I am tired but yet I am so thankful for the time I took to fix my meal.

yeah 22 pounds is a lot of food for 3 people, but hopefully it will continue to give to more.

I miss my parents, not the fact that dad would be drunk by the end of the day, or someone would have cut them selves, or the sleep overs. But I miss my home today!

I miss the fact that I do not have a family!!! a wife that I could have shared some of those memories with. I miss the fact that I dont have children that would have grown up knowing what we did as a family on thanksgiving day.

I know That was not a normal THANKSGIVING day but it was the day most knew about at the Leitch home.

Today as I was cooking the last little bit, I was thinking, what a beatiful place I live in. Yeah I was tired,.... thanks to the nap... but I was thinking of the things I do now to make the traditions mine!

I think of Nana, warming the turkey because she did not turn the roaster on the right setting.

SHE warmed the turkey!!!

I miss the Crosby family.... Because I know Ben would have eatten until he was sick!!!

I miss having close friends come over and just eat!!!! I have done some many different things that I just wish I could have everyone in the same home as I am with everyone I love!

I am thankful for the blessings I do have. I am thankful for the family and friends that I have and will have.

I am just thankful!

Love to you all!!!!!


Anonymous said...

And so you have described the glories of the reunion on the other side of the veil. Now that's a promise to be thankful for...eternally thankful!! Love, mom

dad said...

I'm thankful for you, Scott.

Anonymous said...

so am i scott for everything i have buddy!! love, tim