I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Take on this and That!

1st off, if you have not checked out one of my sister's blog please do so... She is just so inspiring to me. www.sixmailechix.blogspot.com

Thank you Abby, I keep saying over and over and over you are a true Pioneer and its so true. Keep on Trexing.

As the holiday are coming upon us I am finding myself meeting people that are just a little more grumpier and are very short with me.

Yeah and that is not a good sign when I am sometimes know to loose my cool... and YES I am not the example you want around. I do not think I need to say anything more to that point. YES I can be a grump right back.

I have been trying to get CHRISTMAS done. I have most of my lights up outside the house and I have not turned them on yet but they are up and ready.

I have been working on my inside, the train is up but yet to have the village up and need to spend some time on doing that maybe tonight if I get off my butt...

I have the best House keeper in the world, I know many of you will say "WHAT" but I do. I Hemmy that comes in and cleans my house. I LOVE IT. she CLEANS, I have two roommates and well they just cant seem to always pick up after me so I said fine we are getting a House keeper.

anyway I lost my train of thought.... until later


dad said...

You lost your train of thought? I didn't know you had a train of thought. And a housekeeper? I thought mom was the only one who had one of those.

Life According to Scott said...

LOL DAD, she taught me WELL!!!!

Anonymous said...

you are the man scott!!! love, tim\uncle tim

Anonymous said...

Question...what is the point of decorations to celebrate His birth if we don't make life choices to celebrate/demonstrate His life of gospel cheer...hmmmmmm??? Love, mom