I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Home Teachers

Now for many you may not know what Home teachers are well in short.. they are special people sent to you each month to make sure you are OK!

Well... I am far from the best home teacher. I STINK!!!! I really do. I never get to go when my comp wants to go and they live right next to each other so I dont get to partake alot of the time and well... I know I dont make the effort.

Well tonight, one of the families I visit, The Larson, ask me if I will be in the circle to bless there new baby!

I am honored..!!!!!


so for the main part I love spring! ok I say that about every season. But I love the small little daffodils popping up every where in my yard. and I have them everywhere. I wish you could see the cherry trees that are in full bloom right now in the neighborhoods. I just love it! It last so short of time for me that it is here and gone before we know it.

I did take a extra minute to go outside this morning and walk around the block with my camera so to take pictures of some the fun blooms so as soon as I have a minute I will download them.

So last night when I was just about off work, I made the comment to a co-worker, that I could hardly wait for today(Sunday) because I get to have my families over for dinner. and we were talking and the comment came up "which Church." It sometimes is scary to say which church you go to when you work around about of people that could or would or well you know. So I said "latter-day saints".. which she started to laugh. I was like ok... then she proceded to say "I was a member".

and it just gets me to thinking.. "I was a member"! REALLY you are or your arent. I mean, what happened? What went wrong? WHY NOT? all these questions came popping into my head! I mean, When did the Lord give up on you? He is always there for you... (YEAH I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING) STOP!

I just keep wondering what went wrong, after she made the comment she still had to snicker a little. WHy is the light dim?

WHere was I going with this... I have no clue. it just came up on my mind and Thats what I do write my mind.

It has been a fun week learning new things. I have signed up for 15 credits 3 classes and well I am doing this. Everyone is so funny and saying that is way to many. WELL for now. I am hoping that the LORD with be with me and guide me and I can make it!

Well My loving family and friends. Keep the Spirit burning brightly in you.
Love to you all

Sunday, February 21, 2010

to wine down...

So It's sunday evening second post of the day! I just got done with making a wonderful Chinese meal for my friends.. "WHY do I do it" I think after eatting a few foutune cookies here it is "Your road will be made smooth for you by good friends". I have the best friends! REALLY! some of them will drop what they are doing for me and drive me to the hospital when needed, some of them take off work to give me blessings in the middle of the day, some of them just call and say "Scott I was thinking of you and wanted to say hi". SOME try to fix me up with single ladies LOL. some just call and say "SCOTTIE I MISS YOU".

you know when you stop to look at the little things in life, your friends are your family! and I have one big family! I am so thankful for all the little things in this life that I share with so many people that I can call so many my brothers and sisters.

I guess if you look at what my mother and dad did in there life you would say I am cut from the same cloth as my parents. Every sunday DaD would start early in the morning making some kind of food in the garage. he did some good food! that is what he did. MOM was always the center of attention. she did so much with so many people and she was so loved.

Thats what I think I am like.. both of these parents taught me my giving nature.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like for them to be here now. To see what I have become. I know proud is not the word to use pleased would be better but do you think they would be proud of what has become of there little boy.

I graduated from high school, went on a mission, I graduated from college, I have had some wonderful jobs where I have met some wonderful people, I have had the chance given to me to go back school and along knowing that I made something from what I was given.

I think all of there children have.

Yesterday I had a mix blessing, I was able to partake in a funeral for a man age 92, which was the same age as my grandfather when he died. This man was a member of the church and raised his family in the church, however sometime we dont always take the messages we are taught and well we dont make the right choices... This man was a carpterner. And I really did not know him, saw that his family loved him so much that with all there short comings, they made this man his casket for him to lay in until the Savior comes again.

I was thinking, what will people know me by. REALLY what will people know Scott Leitch by! Will I died a single old man, never to have been married, never to have children, never to share my life with anyone. Who will know me. Will I just be tossed aside and someday someone will stubble across me as say "WHO was SCOTT LEITCH" Will I have a 100 people at my funeral or just a handful of people what knew me but did not know me! REALLY I hope that the LORD comes before I die.

I just really dont know what I am trying to say, I think what I am saying is I want to make a difference in this place. I want people to know WHO Scott Leitch is.

Am I making any scence.

I want to say something here and I am not trying to make anyone sad or cry or upset...

I read Abby's blog alot and think of the pain she is going through, and think of how sad it must be for her to be dealing with all these things, but yet I see something I see this glow... this spirit of her's un broken, I see her humble prayers to our heavenly father and I see her questions. Abby I love you, you are such an example. I keep telling Abby that she is a pioneer to all of us.
I hope she understands that. She reminds me of all those wonderful saints that crossed the plaines to come to the west because they were forced from there homes. SHE is such and example to me and is pulling her own hand cart.

So with that being said, I started something tonight that I was shocked I even said, I really want to make difference in the world. I want to be able to help people, I want to be able to make sure my life is not in vain.

Hold me to my words people.... I am going to do it, I just dont know when but it will happen.

as I finished washing the 4 loads of dishes, and still eatting fortune cookies.... (SIDE NOTE) since I lost my flower shop and January 13, I have also lost 16 pounds. YES 16 pounds. )

I think this one sums my whole heart up!!!

You will make a fortune with your friends!!!

So I have to say THANK YOU MY FRIENDS! you have made my life richly blessed!

It's Sunday Better get my blog done fast!

So I wait every week to read what mother or dad or Tim has to type, I know its just like a small child waiting for christmas, so I feel I am late in blogging this week.. but we have had weather in the high 50's and well I have been outside as much as I can this week doing stuff outside. to the point that I mowed the grass on Saturday! YES I mowed my yard.. well at least most of the danlions down.

SO tomorrow I get to sign up for classes. YEAH I can not wait.

and the worst part of this whole thing is I am just starting to like my job!

There is a ton of other things I wanted to write but for some odd reason the phone wont stop ringing and people wont leave me a lone for a minute,.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ahhhh I am feeling GREAT!

so I have a lot to go over... I for somehow been missing spoons. Now I have had the same silverware since college, when I hosted a dinner party for more than 8 and bought a sets of 24 to make sure I had a pair for each person... well.. for some odd reason I do not have my set of 24 anymore and well I want to know what happened! so tonight while I was at Target I bought 12 spoons and 12 forks.. seeing I can not find the same pattern anymore.... and if I need my setting for a big party I have my SILVER set that I can pull out of the closet.

I am so excited... on tuesday I get to registrate for classes!! I started looking at the classes and I am so excited now lets pray I get the classes I need.

WORK... well I have been asked to work floral from 3-8 everyday I can handle that I will have to take some checking shifts to get the hours. I have to tell you I am not stressed at ALL. I am not worried if I have enought or IF I need more or if I ordered to much... wow I am just so calm it isnt funny.

Physical Theapy is still happening. YEAH I am not sure how long it will go but I am still having pains in the neck... YEAH YEAH I know what you are saying you are a pain in the neck...

Now I have to tell you I just about hit the roof the other day, but I waited for a while before I recacted. I was somewhere and sitting and waiting for an appointment and was listening to someone complaining about having to do there taxes.. then in the same breath she said and I have to do my "Disabled" cousin taxes to. "Disable" is not what she used. I was just heart broken. The Lady was in her late 60's so I then remembered that, that is the word that they used! It was really heart breaking for me to hear.

Well I guess that is my uplate today.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Really is that ALL!

SO I have been under the weather for the past few days.. Yes I am sick! I have taken everything I can and well it is not working. SO I went to North Seattle Community college on Thursday. and I only have 15 credits to go to recieve an associate of Arts degree. Yes 15 credits thats what 3 classes.

so i am so glad I am going back in march. I am really excited to get another associate degree its just one more step closer to me going to have a better degree. If You did not know I want to be a social worker and thats my goal!

so I am fadding fast so tonight I had to work 445- 845 yeah tell me about it anyway the president of the company came in... You know people. I have many friends and I mean friends that are doctors and Lawyers and well just some wonderful big $$$$ people. and most of them are so friendly... maybe someone should have a word with others in life... however.... she came up to me I was in a check stand and she said "Scott what are you doing here, and gives me a hug" well lucky for me.. I had people to check out so I did not have to talk for that long... but still.. do you think communcation is not happening here!!!