I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Friday, February 5, 2010

Really is that ALL!

SO I have been under the weather for the past few days.. Yes I am sick! I have taken everything I can and well it is not working. SO I went to North Seattle Community college on Thursday. and I only have 15 credits to go to recieve an associate of Arts degree. Yes 15 credits thats what 3 classes.

so i am so glad I am going back in march. I am really excited to get another associate degree its just one more step closer to me going to have a better degree. If You did not know I want to be a social worker and thats my goal!

so I am fadding fast so tonight I had to work 445- 845 yeah tell me about it anyway the president of the company came in... You know people. I have many friends and I mean friends that are doctors and Lawyers and well just some wonderful big $$$$ people. and most of them are so friendly... maybe someone should have a word with others in life... however.... she came up to me I was in a check stand and she said "Scott what are you doing here, and gives me a hug" well lucky for me.. I had people to check out so I did not have to talk for that long... but still.. do you think communcation is not happening here!!!


Abby said...

Oh brother...

I am so thrilled for you that you only are 3 classes away from a great goal. You know, I have to go back to school here in the next little while. You're setting a admiral example, Scottie. Loves.

dad said...

Way to go, Scott. Back to school for you.

Erka said...

How exciting, you are back to school! What classes are you taking?
I really think you are going to make a great social worker!

Anonymous said...

So...have you decided just exactly which three classes you are going to take?? I am so proud of you...and so is the company president, I am thinking!! Love, mom