I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Sunday Better get my blog done fast!

So I wait every week to read what mother or dad or Tim has to type, I know its just like a small child waiting for christmas, so I feel I am late in blogging this week.. but we have had weather in the high 50's and well I have been outside as much as I can this week doing stuff outside. to the point that I mowed the grass on Saturday! YES I mowed my yard.. well at least most of the danlions down.

SO tomorrow I get to sign up for classes. YEAH I can not wait.

and the worst part of this whole thing is I am just starting to like my job!

There is a ton of other things I wanted to write but for some odd reason the phone wont stop ringing and people wont leave me a lone for a minute,.


Jackie said...

You are lucky to have so many people who want to call you! I am so jealous of your "lawn-mowing" weather. We're still under 2 feet of snow... :-)

Jen said...

awe..poor thing..it's awful to be so popular and loved... ;-) LOL

Glad the job's being liked, but I'm sooo excited for you in the going to school. I admit I do miss it on occasion...lol. I think going back at this point in life is so much more enriching, you can read all the theories you want, but until you have some life experience to go with it...there's no "AHA" .

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to read that you love your new job. You will be continuing to work there WHILE you are going to school...right?? Love, mom