I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, February 28, 2010


so for the main part I love spring! ok I say that about every season. But I love the small little daffodils popping up every where in my yard. and I have them everywhere. I wish you could see the cherry trees that are in full bloom right now in the neighborhoods. I just love it! It last so short of time for me that it is here and gone before we know it.

I did take a extra minute to go outside this morning and walk around the block with my camera so to take pictures of some the fun blooms so as soon as I have a minute I will download them.

So last night when I was just about off work, I made the comment to a co-worker, that I could hardly wait for today(Sunday) because I get to have my families over for dinner. and we were talking and the comment came up "which Church." It sometimes is scary to say which church you go to when you work around about of people that could or would or well you know. So I said "latter-day saints".. which she started to laugh. I was like ok... then she proceded to say "I was a member".

and it just gets me to thinking.. "I was a member"! REALLY you are or your arent. I mean, what happened? What went wrong? WHY NOT? all these questions came popping into my head! I mean, When did the Lord give up on you? He is always there for you... (YEAH I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING) STOP!

I just keep wondering what went wrong, after she made the comment she still had to snicker a little. WHy is the light dim?

WHere was I going with this... I have no clue. it just came up on my mind and Thats what I do write my mind.

It has been a fun week learning new things. I have signed up for 15 credits 3 classes and well I am doing this. Everyone is so funny and saying that is way to many. WELL for now. I am hoping that the LORD with be with me and guide me and I can make it!

Well My loving family and friends. Keep the Spirit burning brightly in you.
Love to you all


dad said...

It will take some effort, Scott, but you can do it and it will be worth it. Good job.

Anonymous said...

And, she, my sweet, may be the very reason you are not in the flower shop anymore...now cultivate her til she blooms!!! Love, mom