I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I cant believe it

Ok I have been asked to do flowers again for stake conference.. NO problem I love to do it and I have no problem doing it. Always given a nice budget of $100... however I dont have a $100 in my checking account right now and I cant seem to get the stake to pay before and then when I do have the money it ends up taking a month or 3 to get a check.

so i went to get a few things I ordered from the store... OK listen to this one.
Oasis= $1.00 x 2 = $2.00 x 5=$10
Tray= $1.00 x 2= $2.00 x 3=$6
Frens= $2.50 X 2= $5.00 x4= $20

That's $36 if that were the true prices. REALLY do you want to know what she wanted to charge me $52. I about freaked out.

Really NO flowers and she wanted to charge me $52 I almost just wanted to say... &#&^$%@* but I could not.
I have never treated a customer like this.. I would give them $52 worth of flowers I think maybe that is why I was not the best floral manager around but you know I had the customers.

I do someday want to have my education and making money and well open a flower shop of my own and give customers what they want! Dont get me wrong.. I am not going back to school to work the rest of my life in retail and on my feet but I can dream!

So I went over to the old store today. Jackie and Pat and I went out to lunch which was really fun.. but when I walked into the store it seemed dark, seemed like there was no spirit there. did I really work in a place like that for so long that it sucked the life out of me.

It was so nice to see all the people I did and to have all the hugs I got.. Oh and MOLLY the old jewish lady thats 95 gave me a kiss right on the lips. LOVE HER!

you know in the next life there are going to be some wonderful people there... I am so glad Naki is there teaching them the gospel and helping them see the truth.

But I was just so excited when one of my customers looked at me and said are you back.. NO I said I am not.. in a small voice she said well this one has no clue how to do what you did.. LOL

well this was my little afternoon.

Love to you all!

:) just another day

So I have been busy with school.... I LOVE IT.. I love going to school.
Remind me this when I am no longer loving school. LOL I have been busy trying to get a little head of the game but I dont think that is working.

I go back to work on MONDAY the 3rd. I will only be going to work for 24 hours. Yes the Lord will provide.

I will be working Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3-8 (5 hours) and then 8 hours on Saturday's ... I was told that if I could only work 21 hours I could get more government help but thats not going to pay the bills and well 24 hours I make to much money.... OH PLEASE!!!

I am glad I have Sunday's, Tuesday's and Thursday's off... It will be just wonderful not to work theses days so I have time to study and work in the yard. Just pray I can make it.

School is going great... I am so studing that I get so involved in some of the story and history and well it is just awesome!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Whats Wrong with me?

What's wrong with me.... Make your list now come give it to me now.... REALLY what is wrong with me.

here is a few things that I am having problems with and you tell me...

This has been a bad week for me. I just did not feel well to tell you the truth. I think it would be the fact that I have been a little stressed and well there is not much anyone can do about it. I just need to go back to work!

Ben keeps saying that here he is in IOWA and well there just is NO SCOTT LEITCH there. He says I can replace them but no one can replace me... WELL what the heck is wrong with me..

I bet you have no clue what I am talking about..... I am talking about here I am almost 39 and what do I have to my name? What have I done with my name? Who am I? Why have I choosen the path that I choosen?

Ok so here is what I am talking about...
I am 39 and SINGLE!!! maybe that is it right there...

I have choosen this life. trust me I love being single and I love the fact that I have been able to do so many things in my life but MY BIG BUTT gets in the way...

I have been so loving that I am back in school.... it makes me feel like I am 20 again. REALLY I am feeling so freaking young. I love it.... but to day I think I needed more... and well

So I was at a fireside/speaker at campus on Wednesday on Sexism.

one of the things he said at the end of his talk was....

"A wishbone will not suffice when a back bone is required"

I love this quote.. and today in class I said I loved it and when I was asked to explain it... well I am not good with words... I talk LEITCH, I dont know what else it is I dont know big words.
I will never be a famous speaker.. I will never be a powerful lawyer... Doctor... Teacher.... I will only be Scott Leitch... I know that is really all I need to be...

so when i had to explain this I said well I said you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which on gets fuller faster.. Which in my world yes! That is how scott leitch is.

I just need a backbone....

I am learning so much, I get so excited to be in class everyday because I am learning more than I know... I am growing.. but I just think what is wrong with me.

I had my feelings hurt the other day when I went to work to say hey I am coming back... Ii was told that I hurt myself to get out of work... {I took a wedding order and the floral manager was mad that I did not come in to do it and made the comment that I hurt myself to get out of working this wedding} IE Knee surgery....

SO if you know me you will know that one thing I am good at is WORKING... I go the extra mile and well this store has no clue what SCOTT LEITCH is all about... and I would never wish ILL on anyone... I know sometime ago I would have but I think I have grown since that...

Well today I went in and I really did not need to go in but for some odd reason I listen to that little voice and went in... to find out that the floral manager has cut her arm really bad and had cut the tenions in her arm and will be out for a few months... well could be a year. She is going in for surgery tomorrow... My heart is broken for her. I would step up and do what ever I need to do to make sure her shop runs... HOWEVER I cant do it... I am in School full TIME I am NOT going to give up my EDUCATION!!!! I will not do it.

The company says I did not make money for them and that my shrink was out of controll and that I did not know what I was doing... HOWEVER I got a bonus check for what I did not know I was doing... So NO you crapped on me and now dont look for me to quite school and step up...
I told the store manager today I would DO whatever I can to help... however I still have school.. he was very nice and looked at me and said Scott... can I ask you a question.. I said yes, He says I can tell you would do almost anything I asked you to do...He said Why did you deside to go back to school now... I said You know allen, I ask myself that everyday and I am so enjoying school and I am learning so much and I am happy.... He then asked what I was going back for and I said I want to be a social worker I want to help people.. He said that is awesome.

SO I guess I just answered my own question there...

I am happy! I am excited to be back in school! I am doing what I want to do to become a better person..
I am going to HELP PEOPLE...

I love the fact that my little faith feeds the massises.
I love the fact that my heart is always filled with Joy when I get to help someone.
I love the fact that I have a family that loves me for WHO I am.
I love the fact that I have friends that would do almost anything for me...
I love the fact that I am Scott Leitch. People Know me for me and not where I came from or where I have been but for who I am and for what I have become.
I love the fact that I am a child of God.
I love the fact that I do dream and that dreams do come true.
I love the fact that It really would not matter what I did as long as I did it!
I love the fact that No matter who I email or text or face book that I will have a friend do the same back to me and say WE LOVE YOU SCOTT!
I love the fact that I am ME!

Thank you for bearing with me as I find out what is wrong with me...

Love you All!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

another update

Just so everyone knows... I came home from school today, grabbed my camera and off to target I went. I took many pictures and then I went to Toys'r'us and had and eye opener there. I came home and wrote 3 pages of information. and that was just the introduction of what I was looking at and what I was feeling. I am working on the pages now...

I also had my first test today so I am thinking I did OK not great but OK I hope because I am enjoying all the classes!!

Activity number 2

Content analysis of Toy Store Mechandise.

Purpose of this assignment is to examine the gender socialization of children by looking at the clothes, toys and packaging that are marketed to them.

What you will do: Take a trip to a local store that has a well-stocked toy department. Spend some time examining the toys, clothes and packaging materials. You might even look at the kids' toiletries in the health and beauty section. Take notes about the extent to which you observe gender sterotypes or gender-specific messages, and the amount of offerings to children which are gender-neutral.

Thinking points:
1. consider colors, pictures of boys or girls on packaging, or specific indications of gender in the copy on the package.
2. consider placement in the store.
3. consider relations of the products to adult gender roles.

ok then I have to write a paper on this...
here are some questions to answer!
1. where did you go?
2. What were your first reactions as you walked up and down the aisles? Atre the toys different from what you recall from childhood?
3. How would you characterize boys toys? what were their most common attributes or uses?
4. Same question just for girls.
5. Did you find toys that might be considered to be gender neutral? WHat were they? what percentage of toys would estimate fell into category?
6. What did you notice about clothing? Do you think there were any gender messages inherent in the clothing options you saw?
7. Any other observations that you made about packaging, or other products for children? What connections did you see between themes we're discussing in class regarding gender roles and the products you evaluated?

Activity number 1 and my report.

So I got my report back today from my first activity... the nail project...

so here is what I got back...
Scott,I can tell this was a real challenge for you and it sounds like you learned a lot for it!
I would have liked you to insteal give a summary of the realtions in your paper/highlights rather than all of them a bit much to get trhrough at time difficult to follow. i wanted a conclusion to your paper, what you learn about yourself. what did you learn about societal views through the reactions there's some which done there!? not sure if I understand that....

17/20 oh and no report holder in the future please!

She did make notes on comments that people wrote... She made a major comment on "Holy Crap your not going to the dark side now are you!" she said intersting.... is being feminne the "dark side"! LOL

Hey I am happy that this is my first paper and I got 17/20 THAT's good right!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some updated stuff

So I just had to update the week so far. Parents if you have not read, why gender matters. WOW its a good easy read and full of facts and well makes you open your eyes a little. Its one of hte books I have to read and I love it, Love the fact that sometimes in life it really isnt what we want it to be but how it turns out.

I have been coming home from classes everyday and it has just been so beatiful and I forget what it's like to be able to work outside for a few hours.

I have not gone back to work yet and tell you the truth I dont want to... BUT no one is going to pay the bills for me. so I have to go back. I am to go back on the 3rd. I have another doctors appointment for the knee on Tuesday and he should be able to give release papers then. It still hurts but I am getting better at walking everyday and I dont have it wrapped anymore and today was the first day with out the cane.

I was able to teach elder's quorum today and that is always a stress because I am a fraid I might say something that I should not or that I might make a mistake or well its that feeling of what the heck am I still doing this for. THE topic was prayer and well... it turned out ok...

I have my first exam in one of my classes this week so we will see how well I do.. PRAY for me. LOL.

Other than that the sun has been out and I have been in the yard as much as I can get into it.. I dont move fast but I like to sit and weed. ready to have the garden tilled so I can plant it.

OK well beside that this has been my week.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter April 11, 2010.. OK My EASTER

so I had the best Easter this year ever. We had so much fun. Seeing that Easter Sunday Was spent with The Mulks, Auntie Wes had a beatiful ham and a very fun table, and FOOD. We missed the kids.. EASTER is about the kids. I knew I was going to have the kids over the following Sunday so I was prepared.

I kept posting all day sunday I was cooking a Turkey. WHY not ITs just as good as ham and well I have like 10 of them still in the freezer from Christmas so I wanted to make sure I used them up.

SO we had Turkey, mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Baked Corn, Rolls, IF I am forgetting something well you should know what I am talking about...

I think one of the best things were the Rainbow Ribbon Jello and the Frog Eye Salad, which for one I cant make either...

and after we had dinner the kiddo were getting a little crazy so the Easter Bunny Came by. It was so much fun.
Saydee and Shelby
Lane and Mallory with Alan and Katie Brown in the back ground.

James looking for eggs and Suzanne in the back ground

Lane and Mallory, The Browns, Jame and Connor

I love the fact that Mallory found and egg and wanted to know what was in it.

Abby and Ellie looking for eggs.

Shelby and Ted, showing Saydee where to look for eggs

The fun begins, Cascarones, or Confetti Eggs.
I noticed that the Davis Family they smash real eggs on heads
I saw these eggs at the store and wondered what I could use them for.
Little did I know what the purpose of the Eggs were.
Until Ghemma My House keeper told me.
She said that they were used with perfume and that you smashed them on the
heads of those you love and it symbolizes the death and birth of Christ.
So We Had a little fun..

And Yes Ted went the extra mile and got Shelby many times. Sorry about that Shelby.

Even the Browns got hit!

Abby and Jake got hit as well

Abby, Jake, Ellie, Conner and Dan


Cam, Suzanne, Abby, Shelby, Kaite, Dan, Jake, Lane, Allan, Ted
and All the kids

And then My room became a room for the kids to watch movies
Saydee and Mallory, THey really are best Friends.
IT was funny to see them when they have a different of Opinion.

James and Hughie watching A movie.

And I wish you could have seen this Ribbon Jell-o
I have to say that Cam took so much time in making it.
I really did not want to eat it but It was SO Yummy!
Thank you Cam for making it... I know Lane was to help. LOL
And again Thank you all for making Easter so special!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Activity number 1

So here it is case study number 1 or activity 1.

Violate a Gender Norm.

Background: gender roles are comprised of a set of norms or expectations about behaviors that are appropriate for women or men. Norms may be prescriptive and specify what men or women should do in social situations. norms may also be descriptive and indicate how women or men customarily behave in social situations.

What you will do: In part 1 of this exersise, you will identify some of the norms associated with your gender role (or perhaps what others may think your gender role should be, based on your biological sex), and then violate a norm by behaving in a manner that deviates from on of the norms you listed. Then you will evaluate the results of this exercise by reflecting on the questions in Part 2.

Note: you may already break gender "norms: in your everyday life. As our rules for gender may not always be rigid, and there are spectrums of gender expression, we encourage you to go further than your comfort zone in breaking a norm. that you may not have experienced before. a word of caution: do not engage in any illegal or dangerous behavior or do anything that might cause you or others harm.

Part one: Brainstorm! generate a list of behaviors that are more or less acceptable in U.S. Culture for each sex. THis migh include such behviors as opening a door for someone else, wearing makeup, wearing a football uniform, carrying a pirse, etc.

part 2 respond to the following questions in 2-3 paragraphs. you do not need to answer each question in succession or retype the questions, but please make sure that your response does answer the questions.
1. What is the norm associated with your gender role that you chose to violate? Why do you feel this is a norm that is strongly tied to gender?
2. What did you do to violate the norm?
3. How did violateing this norm make you feel?
4. How did other people react to your behavior?
5. How did you respoind to any reactions you encountered?
6. How strong of an influenced do you think gender roles have on behavior? Do you think this influence might vary across time and situations? if so, how?

OK here is what I did...

Dressed UP!

OK What do you think? I am open minded and listening to what ever anyone is saying.. I have gotten alot of response back already.. I just want to hear what you have to say! Be open minded!!

Loving school maybe a little to much....

Ok so I love being back in school.. I quess going back to school a little OLDER is not a bad thing. I really enjoy it. So I have 3 of the most instersting classes.. Now some might ask why I am taking the classes I am taking but I know I have to have an open mind and that I have to listen to the spirit on what is true and what is not. One of the classes is very very very very very well its all in the name... Human Sexuality.

SO I start with classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
I start with class at 10-10:50 and Intro to Sociology which is becoming my favorite class.
then nice thing is that at 11-11:50 is Human Sexuailty and in the same room and same teacher. LOVE it. OK I might be a little young to taking a Human Sexuailty class and again I am listening to the spirit of our Heavenly Father. But the class is opening my eyes.
I then have an hour break which is before my 1-2:20 class which is psychology of gender.
I have my break in the room where that class is taught so that I dont have to walk a mile. YES it is still hurting to walk.

SO that is why I will be calling on you all to support me in many of these classes.. I might need help. OK I am going to put my case study up so I will have to start another blog.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

:) just a happy day

so I have been on ACTIVE duty for Activities committee for well the past 3 years and I finailly got to do a real STAKE ACTIVITIES.. (Let me download pictures)

SO with a few extra hands Thank you to Beren and Heidi Mckay and President and Sister Thatcher we had a nice set up.

I wanted to do it very simple.. Easter Lily and easter grass. and It turned out to be a nice little setting.

Cream Puffs

Fresh fruit and peanut butter bars (AKA Easter Eggs).

Every year the stake has a Good Friday Concert. this year they wanted to do refreshments after it was all over.. So I said yes.. I said YES before I had surgery and Well I had a vision. It did not turn out right to the "T" to what I had planned but it turned out very very very well.
IF I gave you the detail to what I would do different You would say your a NUT
I just know that next year the food table has to go to the back of the gym so that people can come in and mingle and not head right to the food causing lines.
I guess I should post the punch recipe.. on the family blog because it turned out so so so good. I can never do anything the same twice.
I started with pink lemon aid mix
2 cans of pine apple juice
1 bottle of Mango Daiquire mix
2 bottles 7-up
1 bottle water
and then my secert to a great punch.
I was so happy that I did it.. by the time I was done with the whole thing my leg was hurting like crazy and I was very happy that I had so much help.
TOday I spent most of it in bed watching conference in my own home with many pillows and well..... enough said
THe yard is looking great and the spring weather has turned into winter weather but my tulips are still doing good.
OK THats my up date. I start school monday morning.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

update of the week

so I have the best legs around however when they shave your knee its not the best!

THis is what the leg looked like after the surgery.. Yeah the whole leg was wrapped.

Friday was ok for me, I got up and Wes took me to the Center for the surgery and about noon or 1 or 1:30 we were home I really dont remember much... Pain pills killed me!

Saturday I was sick. I could not move with out being naisea... and everytime I did move the room was spinning and I could not handle it, I called the on called doctor and got and Anti-naisea pills and well that help..

If anyone knows me I have my bed off the ground a little ways and I was spending most of the time on my air mattress and well lets say that did not help.

So After the room stop spinning I got myself up to my bed... I was much happier and Loved my bed.

Sunday I had the best friends in the world that made dinner and came over and spent a few hours with me. I was very thankful for all those friends.