I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, April 3, 2010

:) just a happy day

so I have been on ACTIVE duty for Activities committee for well the past 3 years and I finailly got to do a real STAKE ACTIVITIES.. (Let me download pictures)

SO with a few extra hands Thank you to Beren and Heidi Mckay and President and Sister Thatcher we had a nice set up.

I wanted to do it very simple.. Easter Lily and easter grass. and It turned out to be a nice little setting.

Cream Puffs

Fresh fruit and peanut butter bars (AKA Easter Eggs).

Every year the stake has a Good Friday Concert. this year they wanted to do refreshments after it was all over.. So I said yes.. I said YES before I had surgery and Well I had a vision. It did not turn out right to the "T" to what I had planned but it turned out very very very well.
IF I gave you the detail to what I would do different You would say your a NUT
I just know that next year the food table has to go to the back of the gym so that people can come in and mingle and not head right to the food causing lines.
I guess I should post the punch recipe.. on the family blog because it turned out so so so good. I can never do anything the same twice.
I started with pink lemon aid mix
2 cans of pine apple juice
1 bottle of Mango Daiquire mix
2 bottles 7-up
1 bottle water
and then my secert to a great punch.
I was so happy that I did it.. by the time I was done with the whole thing my leg was hurting like crazy and I was very happy that I had so much help.
TOday I spent most of it in bed watching conference in my own home with many pillows and well..... enough said
THe yard is looking great and the spring weather has turned into winter weather but my tulips are still doing good.
OK THats my up date. I start school monday morning.


dad said...

You are one of kind, Scott. Great job and thanks for letting us see it through the pictures. I know your knee must have been hurting, but it turned out so well. Good luck in school!!

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you for not letting the disability get in the way of your remarkable ABILITY!!! Great job...now...study hard and DO...NOT...GET...BEHIND...ON...YOUR...ASSIGNMENTS! Not even one day!! Love, mom