I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, April 19, 2010

Activity number 2

Content analysis of Toy Store Mechandise.

Purpose of this assignment is to examine the gender socialization of children by looking at the clothes, toys and packaging that are marketed to them.

What you will do: Take a trip to a local store that has a well-stocked toy department. Spend some time examining the toys, clothes and packaging materials. You might even look at the kids' toiletries in the health and beauty section. Take notes about the extent to which you observe gender sterotypes or gender-specific messages, and the amount of offerings to children which are gender-neutral.

Thinking points:
1. consider colors, pictures of boys or girls on packaging, or specific indications of gender in the copy on the package.
2. consider placement in the store.
3. consider relations of the products to adult gender roles.

ok then I have to write a paper on this...
here are some questions to answer!
1. where did you go?
2. What were your first reactions as you walked up and down the aisles? Atre the toys different from what you recall from childhood?
3. How would you characterize boys toys? what were their most common attributes or uses?
4. Same question just for girls.
5. Did you find toys that might be considered to be gender neutral? WHat were they? what percentage of toys would estimate fell into category?
6. What did you notice about clothing? Do you think there were any gender messages inherent in the clothing options you saw?
7. Any other observations that you made about packaging, or other products for children? What connections did you see between themes we're discussing in class regarding gender roles and the products you evaluated?

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