I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I cant believe it

Ok I have been asked to do flowers again for stake conference.. NO problem I love to do it and I have no problem doing it. Always given a nice budget of $100... however I dont have a $100 in my checking account right now and I cant seem to get the stake to pay before and then when I do have the money it ends up taking a month or 3 to get a check.

so i went to get a few things I ordered from the store... OK listen to this one.
Oasis= $1.00 x 2 = $2.00 x 5=$10
Tray= $1.00 x 2= $2.00 x 3=$6
Frens= $2.50 X 2= $5.00 x4= $20

That's $36 if that were the true prices. REALLY do you want to know what she wanted to charge me $52. I about freaked out.

Really NO flowers and she wanted to charge me $52 I almost just wanted to say... &#&^$%@* but I could not.
I have never treated a customer like this.. I would give them $52 worth of flowers I think maybe that is why I was not the best floral manager around but you know I had the customers.

I do someday want to have my education and making money and well open a flower shop of my own and give customers what they want! Dont get me wrong.. I am not going back to school to work the rest of my life in retail and on my feet but I can dream!

So I went over to the old store today. Jackie and Pat and I went out to lunch which was really fun.. but when I walked into the store it seemed dark, seemed like there was no spirit there. did I really work in a place like that for so long that it sucked the life out of me.

It was so nice to see all the people I did and to have all the hugs I got.. Oh and MOLLY the old jewish lady thats 95 gave me a kiss right on the lips. LOVE HER!

you know in the next life there are going to be some wonderful people there... I am so glad Naki is there teaching them the gospel and helping them see the truth.

But I was just so excited when one of my customers looked at me and said are you back.. NO I said I am not.. in a small voice she said well this one has no clue how to do what you did.. LOL

well this was my little afternoon.

Love to you all!


Abby said...

It must feel so good to have your talents validated, Scott. Of course it's not the same in there because you're not there! Love you.

Life According to Scott said...

abby I really dont miss the old store, I miss the people but not the store. I really dont miss the work. I am so excited to be in school. I wish I could be in school full time and would not have to work like when we were at ricks.

Anonymous said...

YOU were the spirit of that store...YOU!! Love, mom

dad said...

There is no substitute for doing things with love, Scott. When you put love in first it just adds a certain something, doesn't it? Then, when the love is missing it becomes obvious and everyone notices. You always put the love in first and it sounds like the others don't. Please keep doing it!!!