I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter April 11, 2010.. OK My EASTER

so I had the best Easter this year ever. We had so much fun. Seeing that Easter Sunday Was spent with The Mulks, Auntie Wes had a beatiful ham and a very fun table, and FOOD. We missed the kids.. EASTER is about the kids. I knew I was going to have the kids over the following Sunday so I was prepared.

I kept posting all day sunday I was cooking a Turkey. WHY not ITs just as good as ham and well I have like 10 of them still in the freezer from Christmas so I wanted to make sure I used them up.

SO we had Turkey, mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Baked Corn, Rolls, IF I am forgetting something well you should know what I am talking about...

I think one of the best things were the Rainbow Ribbon Jello and the Frog Eye Salad, which for one I cant make either...

and after we had dinner the kiddo were getting a little crazy so the Easter Bunny Came by. It was so much fun.
Saydee and Shelby
Lane and Mallory with Alan and Katie Brown in the back ground.

James looking for eggs and Suzanne in the back ground

Lane and Mallory, The Browns, Jame and Connor

I love the fact that Mallory found and egg and wanted to know what was in it.

Abby and Ellie looking for eggs.

Shelby and Ted, showing Saydee where to look for eggs

The fun begins, Cascarones, or Confetti Eggs.
I noticed that the Davis Family they smash real eggs on heads
I saw these eggs at the store and wondered what I could use them for.
Little did I know what the purpose of the Eggs were.
Until Ghemma My House keeper told me.
She said that they were used with perfume and that you smashed them on the
heads of those you love and it symbolizes the death and birth of Christ.
So We Had a little fun..

And Yes Ted went the extra mile and got Shelby many times. Sorry about that Shelby.

Even the Browns got hit!

Abby and Jake got hit as well

Abby, Jake, Ellie, Conner and Dan


Cam, Suzanne, Abby, Shelby, Kaite, Dan, Jake, Lane, Allan, Ted
and All the kids

And then My room became a room for the kids to watch movies
Saydee and Mallory, THey really are best Friends.
IT was funny to see them when they have a different of Opinion.

James and Hughie watching A movie.

And I wish you could have seen this Ribbon Jell-o
I have to say that Cam took so much time in making it.
I really did not want to eat it but It was SO Yummy!
Thank you Cam for making it... I know Lane was to help. LOL
And again Thank you all for making Easter so special!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so taken with the living colors of this post. Thank you, Savior, for the living resurrection! Love, mom

dad said...

Scott, you are truly selfless. God bless you.