I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Loving school maybe a little to much....

Ok so I love being back in school.. I quess going back to school a little OLDER is not a bad thing. I really enjoy it. So I have 3 of the most instersting classes.. Now some might ask why I am taking the classes I am taking but I know I have to have an open mind and that I have to listen to the spirit on what is true and what is not. One of the classes is very very very very very well its all in the name... Human Sexuality.

SO I start with classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
I start with class at 10-10:50 and Intro to Sociology which is becoming my favorite class.
then nice thing is that at 11-11:50 is Human Sexuailty and in the same room and same teacher. LOVE it. OK I might be a little young to taking a Human Sexuailty class and again I am listening to the spirit of our Heavenly Father. But the class is opening my eyes.
I then have an hour break which is before my 1-2:20 class which is psychology of gender.
I have my break in the room where that class is taught so that I dont have to walk a mile. YES it is still hurting to walk.

SO that is why I will be calling on you all to support me in many of these classes.. I might need help. OK I am going to put my case study up so I will have to start another blog.


dad said...

I don't know how you picked those classes, but they seem to have a similar theme. Good luck and watch out!

Anonymous said...

I'm with dad...many a soul has been lost in academic pursuit...study some...pray, serve, and attend much!! Love, mom