I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just to complain

So I know its not like me to complain.. LOL Ha ha ha ha Hee hee hee ha ha ha....

sometime you just have to. I just have to say is it just me or did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. well it is Monday.

so there are a few thing I have to say is I am not sure why...

today when I was doing clean up at work from yet another holiday.. a lady came in to place a balloon order. I was trying to help her and she point blank said to me... are you willing to help me or not. I am having a bad day and you are not helping me. REALLY.. I wanted to tell her where to go but then I was thinking dont complain. but really you dont need to take it out on the florist.

so another thing happened I have been working my butt off putting in 6 days and to be told today my hours are getting cut.. makes me mad. Makes me more than mad it well... I should just keep my mouth shut here and be thankful I have a job.

I keep thinking did I make the right move not taking that floral shop.

I try to be postive but sometimes it so dang hard.

Just saying will life happen the way you want it to or the way the Lord wants it to.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sinners have Soul to you know

Today has been a long day. I started out at 3am when I was wide awake knowing that I had toget up at 4 to go to work. IT was not what I was looking forward to doing but I knew I was to be at work by 5 and well the snooze button was pushed a few times. But I got up out of bed and was ready to face the music of working in the bakery today. I so enjoy my Sunday afternoons when I can just come home and sit and well lay down and watch a movie... today was one of those days that all I wanted to do was to watch a movies. SO that is what I did.

of all the movies I picked today, It wasnt a Harry and the Henderson type of day and I fall asleep in the middle most of the time when I watch it.. I picked "The Color Purple" Yeah I know sappy sad movie.
and this time I could not fall asleep but I ended up watching the movie...

and Changes are happening in my life and I found myself  listening to the movie real carefully because for some odd reason I needed to learn something. WOW I heard it and saw new things that I have not heard or saw before... and  it came up to the part where shur and miss celia are walking through the field and the line is "the more thing change the more thing stay the same".. and I had to pause this line and listen to it a few more time before I understood it.

a minute later shur says "I think it makes God mad if you walk by a field of purple and dont notice it"
wow when was the last time you did not notice the little things in life.

a minute later it happens to go in to the following...


"God is trying to tell you something"

I dont know what it is or when it is going to happen but I feel a change coming on...

Today at church the announcement was made that by the fall our ward was going to change, ALL the youth meet in our ward and starting in the fall all the families with youth will be attending the ward that they live in. WOW this is going to change our ward and my life. Just sayin.

and as I start to put the pieces together in my mind and in my heart and soul..  I realized that the Lord really had controll over all of us and the things that happen in this life and in the things that will happen in the next life.

as I watched the end of the movie.. sometimes it not just the things that happen in the past that cause us to feel like we dont have a soul but its the things in the present that we can do to create the future to be a little better for each of us.