I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not sure why...

Not sure why I am feeling the way I am. 2 weeks ago I did Easter and I had a blast... so WHY am I feeling the way I am feeling tonight.

last night I started to chat with Jen about FAMILY... Oh I know I am the one that has to change and make my life the way I want it to be. But I am feeling a little missed and sometimes I am missing all the fun.. and well... that All I can really say.

I do not know why or what is causing me to feel a little blue tonight. Trust me.. I am kind of glad that I dont have the stress I have been having and that I am somewhat relaxed tonight. I made 2 Peanut Butter French silk pies and I have no one coming over for dinner tomorrow because I have to work. Tell me what the heck is that all about.

maybe it is the fact that I have not had family over for the last 2 sundays and I am missing it. I said that when Ted and Shelby leave and Cam and Lane leave I was done. I might not be. I might have to do it because I need it in my life. Maybe that is why I have been blue the last few days.

I guess I am not truely happy unless I am serving someone or doing something for someone else. It's odd to say that because I really think sometimes I want to be selfless. really... I just want it all to be about me... me... me... me...

It's odd feeling this way and I know that this is not me. but I fight with myself sometimes and just say WHY not me.

anyway I know its sad that I am writing this down, but sometime I just have to write what is on my mind.

Friday, April 22, 2011

300 posts

Since I started to blog..

It has been a busy day for me, I worked most of the day and had a few issues, you know I just was thinking a minute ago... I am not going to beat the dead horse. LEAVE IT go.

I learn little things everyday. The other day in my visual thinking class we did the little exersice.
take a deep breath.
then take another deep breath and count 1 and leave it out count 1
take another deep breath and count 1-2 and leave it out count 1-2
so on and so forth until you can count to 10 in and out.. now remember if you mess up you have to start over at 1.
so I have been trying to do this lately. Just to bring peace in my life. I know what is happening to me.. just so you know its yoga and I am not sitting on the floor yet.

SO why am I writing tonight. one reason is to say Happy Birthday to my dear brother in law Naki.
so I tend to be great friends with the missionaries and this last week we had transfers and I am super excited because Elder Reed is from Hawaii.. and it has just been so neat and I am just remember Naki.

Elder Reed has mad me laugh so hard already and It is so fun, I will get text's can we come over.. I always say yes.. WELL our dinner was a little bowl of soup I am straving.. so I am so glad I have food in this house. It is awesome.

Tonight I knew they were coming over so I had a bowl of potatoes with butter and cheese on them, this kid ate the whole bowl, the other night I made a big salad and he ate all of that. HE is a big boy (Sorry Young Man). Its just fun to be able to spend time with my missionaries.

Easter is on Sunday and I will try my best to post some more pictures.... about 2 weeks ago, Kami, texted me thank you for the eggs, YES you all did as well... but I started to tell Kami why I do these eggs.

and as I was texting the reason why it came to me that.... most of the davis children were just that, children.  I need to find pictures because I know I have some of them.. But I texted this to her...

About 20 years ago, I played the easterbunny, when the kids were younger. I made them these eggs (not this nice of looking ones) and I hide all these colored eggs in the yard when they came home from church there were easter basket for each of the kids, and colored eggs spotted the yard, I tried to keep the theme going but missed a few years.
I have tried to keep the theme going, I have sent mother eggs so she has a nice set of eggs, so now I am trying to keep the idea alive. I know I am crazy but I so remember all the kids getting out of the van after church and yelling and it was priceless to me.

I remember the kids yelling as they got out of the van, it was the same little screams as I heard a few weeks ago when I did it with my families.

I guess I just am digging a little deeper into my life trying to remember as much as I can.

Life is priceless and I dont want to forget anything.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Really PLEASE stop the maddness..

If you did not already know these are the 3 emails I just got in the last 5 minutes.... nice thing they come into the junk box instead of the in box but still.... I am so tired of getting these emails.

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Maybe I should give them my checking account that has no money in it and i NEVER use.. maybe I would get $6,500,000,000 dollars that we could all share. !

Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's been a few days since I Wrote

So I have been a little busy this last weekend.

I celebrated Easter this week, I have to work the the next 2 sundays so I wanted to make time for the families I love and care for so we had Easter a little early.

but what I have to say is that I think that this has been one of the best full houses and the most kids I have had in my house for a while.

So let me back up and tell you what I did and what happened. Last year I found confetti eggs and I went looking for them again this year knowing that they would have to be a big part of this year. Yes I found them at Wal-mart like I did last year.

So I could not go stop myself this year there was extra confetti eggs. they were so much more fun than I remembered and the yard looked awesome with all the extra eggs int the yard.

Yard befor the eggs were placed in it.

after all the 207 eggs were hidden

I really loved the eggs up the stairs

Golden eggs hidden as well

OK This is so much fun

Sorry Suzanne, I still love you, I know you were trying to stay away from Confetti.

 OK I wish this was in a slide show because this is so fun...

 This picture was priceless.... OH Saydee... You are a cute little girl.

I love Easter... sorry it was not a Martha Stewart day and it did not look like her's did but I think we had a little more fun!

Monday, April 4, 2011

So tonight I had a wonderful night... I was in class most of the day, I am taking a few Art classes... I did not know they were going to be full on drawing classes but I was hoping I was going to learn more about Humanities.....

I took on class on Visual Thinking.... THINKING right!

So I was hoping this is what it would be and I think I will be thinking...

Anyway... SO I have this passon for my missionaries... I love them... even when I can not stand them.
I love Elder Tanner and Elder Fetzer... they are not in my ward but I love them.. THEY are just wonderful and for some odd reason.. I have been doing a lot for them, like wise for me.

So today when I got home they were still doing laundry and well most of the time they have a dinner but tonight they got stood up. So I took them out to dinner...

Well we had a great dinner and when we came home we had a very great evening of teaching one another.. Elder Tanner is one of "THE" Tanner's.. Church History. and he is just such a wonderful young man. His father and Uncle have done a few Church History and other Video's. "Touch of the Masters Hand". SO
we took the time to watch some of these videos...

We got into watch Values.com and then mormon messages... where we watched this one...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7zwQ_7q-fU Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light
just incase you cant pull that one up...

I learned everytime I am with these missionaries that sometime we have to do what the LORD wants in his time and when he wants us to learn these thing.

I just hope I can contiune to Learn and grow.. Thank you for your support as I learn!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Anyone know why my blog wont let me add spaces or paragraphs or do what I want it to do?

Love this weekend

I love this time each time of year, YES spring is here and the daffodils are blooming greatly but I love this weekend because it is Conference weekend for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint. We listen to the Prophet Voice.. LOVE IT. If you have questions about what I am talking about visit www.Lds.org But I think it is the time of year that I get to relax a little and partake of the conference in my home. I am so glad that I have BYU-TV. and I have it on the internet to listen to it as well. I think its also the time of year that I do spring Cleaning... I can do more than one thing at a time.. YOU can see my bedroom floor as I have been listening to conference. I remember my time at Rick's I was always cooking up a storm to have someone over for BRUNCH during conference since it was on tv there as well.. I gave that up seeing I have worked most of the conference for the past few years. Yesterday I had to work all day which sometime the Lord provides when we are not ready for him to provide. But I can say I was wide awake this morning around 3 and started watching conference. So I have now sat and listened to 6 hours of conference.. plus I made it to most of priesthood last night. I still love listening to our prophet... IT is so wonderful to have him lead and guide us. and I love the fact that Elder Dallin H Oaks spoke yesterday... FUNNY... if you look back on my blog.... I think it was the same talk. Sometimes you need to hear things twice to get the full effect of a lesson. Last night Priesthood was strong words on marriage... Now I have to give my 2 cents worth here.... I know when I turned down marriage... YES YES I do. I was at Rick's it was my first year at college and I was not really looking... I was but I wasnt I feel in love with Kimberly T. and I asked her to marry me... It was six months later that I heard from her. During that time, I dated... and I was chased... OH yes I was chased.. There was a young lady that was in one of my classes and she sat next to me everyday. she would walk to classes with me... she even did the whole asking me out over a school radio station. (WHICH I never listened to.) Come now I was not that good. I was called when she did it by another young lady and said we did not hear from you... I was like who is this and what are you talking about. REALLY I never heard the song request for me. I remember going into the professors office and sitting down with him and saying what is going on.. At the time I did not realize I was a hot commitiy being a male on Rick's campus and being single and well... I left with the fact that I was still single. I asked 2 people in my life to be my wife. Kimberly and Andrea.. OK if you count suzann yes her as well... I Loved each one of them. I for some odd reason felt that Jen and I would be married someday but Living 3000 miles away from each other did not help. Oh wait I forgot Summer... WOW this really could be a good story... I forgot about Summer. So last night as I was talking to Stan, I said to him... YOU know I am happy. I would love that relationship but I am happy. Today as I was finishing this up.. I posted on facebook another wonderful talk about marriage. Yes it was a very tearful talk and I did enjoy it. and I made a humorous comment about marriage. Let's face it MY family is not on a good track for marriage... I think Arlene and Jim loved each other but yes BUT... Patty's first marriage ended. Steve's marriage ended, Brenda's marriage ended... and well yes we have had a few that ended. So I facebooked.. OK.. No more on Marriage please.... and I got a hand ful of wonderful comments back. Ted: HA HA HA HA get on it! From my friend Stan... "sigh" I thought wed already heard this.. I need a good tithing talk or maybe something more on charity.. Jake said I think there is an alternative... you can get a dog.. :) WHICH here I think is where I might have put the humor in it... YES I have humor.. someone did not think so.... \I said.. Jake but a dog makes more of a mess, with a wife I could have a maid... WOW that was the part someone went off on me for being a sexist pig... WOW WOW WOW you really dont know me if that is what you think I am all about. and then she went on to say that she heard that All I wanted to be is a kept man and that I dont want to work. OK here is where you know I have deleted her as a friend and have ended all ties to this person. I just want to say... I value the role of a woman in this life. As a mother, teacher, friend, compainon... That just hurt that someone one would say I was a sexist pig. Oh heck I have joked and it is true... A woman can make more money than a man can.. (WELL at least me) But for me being a kept man.. wow that person has lowered herself... and I think wow maybe conference is what you should have been listening to instead of playing dungan and drangons. wow. OK that is my 2 cents again.. anyway to all my sisters out there that are mothers, and teachers, and have to work know that I love you for being the person you are and that you Are one of Heavenly Fathers blessings to us men.