I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's almost done

So after a bunch of time I finally got my beatiful pot holder hung...
Yes it was custom made and I love it..
I finished putting pots on it today... I almost need new pots...

There are a few things that need to be done..
The Electrical Panel needs to be covered yet.

This is my living room in the new colors and my window frames
I have this thing about window frames..
I love them empty they speak to me!

I have a few pictures added as well!

missing one angel.. I found her after the picture!

The Before wall... This use to be my missionary wall,
I had this brain fart to put my windows up on this wall..
I did that and took them all down.
and after thinking what am I going to do...
well what means the most to me....

I started my family wall.. Now this is a start the whole wall will be covered..
the center picture is of my grandparents and there kids
My mom, Uncle Henry, Aunt Mabel, and Aunt Florence.
Sara gave me this Idea of all black and white pictures.
I am trying to do that in all differenet frames.
But I dont know what I will do yet?
I want to add a few color pictures but I dont know?
so I went to about 30 stores this morning to find a "FAMILY"!
It was unbelievable, it was the last store that I went into.

Thanks You's

So Monday Night I took some of my only help for Valentine's day out to dinner.
Just to Say THANK YOU!
So we went to Saffron Grill. Mr Muhammad's New resturant. YUM!

Ezelise and I
Joe and Kailyn

Ezelise and Joe and myself

Kailyn, Scott and Ezelise
What a wonderful dinner and it was very specail.. Thank you Mr Muhammad..
Once again, all my hard work paid off!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am not the winner!

I did not even place.......

what can you say... I did not even place in the chili cook off.. I used the pineapple chili from Liz and I did not get a place. No blue ribbion, no nothing... can you believe that.

and for the pie I made 4 shoo-fly pies and 2 french silks. and I did not win either one... can you believe this the french silks did not win...

Would someone tell why the french silks did not win.... they were made with love and they were high as I could get them and they had an inch of wonderful whip cream on them...

I know of 3 old Ladies and 2 old men and a bishop and a bishop wife that loved THEM!

Oh so what was this for our Ward chili and pie cook off.. I went to a ward social. Yes I did something outside the box can you believe that.

so I made my big roaster full of chili,
4 shoo-fly pies
2 french silks
and 2 sheet pans of corn bread


then I told someone at work i did french silk and so i had to come home after this social and make 4 more pies.

can you say BUTTER!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Television

I so enjoy Amercian Idol
but I am think that The Biggest looser is just amazing... I am crying most of there stories.. Its just unbelieveable

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Making a name for yourself

I have always admire mother (Linda) she has always been a wonderful example to me.. it was funny as we have sat and talked and commented on many things that happened to both of us in our sweet old town of Spring Mills PA... she was just to much for them to handle... now look at her.


Mom I am proud of you!

Opps For some odd reason... the one that mother emailed me wont show up on my blog so if anyone wants to see it... email me and I will send it to you via email.


whoses face is red now...

Back to comments


Thank you for making me laugh.. I wish I had that whole thing on tape because It was FUNNY!

Thank you
Love you

something to laugh about....

so this is how funny people are and i should set the stage because I have to...

Our neighborhood that the store is in a nice part of town Bellevue money.. mircosoft, and the projects.. across the street from the store is a big russian poplation and so our store is full of many races and money..
so this guy comes up to me yesterday with a bunch of lilies and baby's breath and asked if I Could wrap them together.. I said ok no problem.

so I am behind the wall of flowers wrapping it together and this russian man comes in and says I want that... I was nice and the girls will tell you I was very nice... so I said well what I have is out there these are someone elses... no I want that one... can you see where the story is going.... I was very nice and said These are someone elses you can pick other ones...NO that on.. it went on and on like this for about ten minutes.. I put the arrangement down and walked around to the other side of the counter and said I had no more of the lilies and that I would make him something else...

NO I want that one... I said sorry that is someone elses lets do something else...NO time I want that so I picked up a potted lily cut it and he said no time.. I said its this or something else... so he said something and I walked around the counter and said here is a potted one.. $19.99 instead of $10.99 and well he ended up buying the $19.99 in stead...

LOL I was very cool and did not loose it.

THat was one of the many laughs we had!

YEAH IT's over....

Yeah its over... For another year... It was alot of work and alot of STRESS!! and I did not loose my cool at all... ok maybe a few times but hey it would not be Scott if I did not.

So when you walked into the store the first thing you say was roses in a vase. Yes very nice display.

this is what my new department looks like a wall of flowers.. I should have taken a picture of it today because there is nothing on it.

The twins... Kailyn and Ezelise you could not ask for better helpers....

Ezelise, Jackie and Kailyn work so well together I could not have asked for better help this year. They worked so hard and I want to Thank them for all there work and the effort they took to help me do a great day in sales...

Ezelise, Collene (collene works in the front) Jackie and Kailyn... Look at the sweaters I had mad for everyone... They turned out so nice... I had a red shirt. witht he same logo on...
Last year we did $27000 in sales the week of valentine's day...
and this year we did $21,000 yes a decrease but yet we did a great job seeing that we do have a goverment that has us all in a recression.
John projected me at $23,000 so we did darn good... I wish I would have made that extra sales but I think we did darn good......
Thank you all for all the love and support and for all the effort that my team put forth.
It was so much fun to see Ezelise and Kailyn create some wonderful arrangments.
So Thank you Jackie for putting for the effort to keep everything clean and watered and looking great
Thank you Ezelise for working with me all week to make sure we kept everything going good.
Thank you Kailyn for working with me this weekend to make everything go smoothly...

Birthday Strawberries

Ok I am late... for my birthday my bestest friend sent me the best gift... Jen sent me this beatiful bokay of strawberries.
They were very yummy. Thank you my love
Love you

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Girl LEGG

Just wanted to say Congratulations to Jackie and Russell for there new arrival. Just amazing to have a little girl with all those big brothers...

Way to go LEGGS

Love you

Monday, February 9, 2009

Its all just a big ZOO!

and I want to tell you that I am the big monkey in it... You know why because I love to make people laugh and through bananas at me... ok....

Here is what I really am writing about... today I had a man steal a $50 arrangement from me. Now and I was talking to mom this afternoon and I was on super drive... Yeah mom I was on super drive it was just something else.

So lets back up and start about 3 or 4 months ago this guy Jerry was caught stealing candy bars and I dont know whatelse. So I was just happened to be there when the 3rd in our store said Jerry you may not comeback into the store.

Well about 2 weeks ago I saw him in the store. Yeah I know I would not be caught coming back into the store. So I saw him and I head to the office to tell the manager he was in the store.

Well he must have notice me going to the office so he followed me back in there, where we wittnessed him threating our manager and we started to call the mall security. and he left. We at that point trespassed him to from the store and mall.

Well on Friday I saw him at US bank and I called John and said that he was there and that he might come into the store.

he walled passed the store and into another store. Long story short..
today this man walkes in with a black hooded sweatshirt he walks over to my floral department and looks at me... I said can I help you. In that first minute i look at his eyes like I knew him, he said he was just getting warm. He then disappeared. he went to the front door where I have Valentine's day arrangements $49.99 and he was looking at them, I looked down and looked up and I saw him walking out the door, at first I thought that he went over and paid for it so i checked with the checker and he said no so OUT the door I went.... YEAH i went a running. so I could not see him so I was thinking down the mall... so I booked it down the mall... lucky for me I had my cell with me...

This is where I am out of shape and need to start working on that .....

I saw him down the mall... so i went after him trying to get mall secruity
so i saw him heading out of the mall I said Jerry,
he looked up I need to see a recipt. I paid cash... I need to see a receipt , at this point i am on the phone with the store to call the mall... Jason said he heard him say your freaking crazy.... to me and other things I dont remember...

ME freaking CRAZY... YEAH I am... I know I am he did not need to tell me I was.

So by this point I had hung the phone up and was on the phone with 911... LOL I have to say she did a great job of getting everything out of me you know.... I might get just a little excited.. just a little.. I am really a CALM person you know..

So I was still watching him and following him and he ditched the arrangment into the trash and was heading across the parking lot... at this point I was not going to chase him across the parking lot. The mall cop came and drove acrossed the parking lot while I was standing there. so I headed back to the store...

Funny Pat the old floral manager was sitting having coffee and saw me running though the mall.. I went over and sat down with her for a minute.. Said give me your coffee I need it.. (JOKE)

So I sat for a minute and said we have it on film... so I went running back to the store... yeah i got a work out and a half..

seeing that the store just put in millions of dollars worth of security cameras, I knew it would be on there... by the time i got back the police were there waiting for my statement and boy was I on a high...

So I continued to work and said I was leaving early seeing I have to work tomorow. So here is where the PLOT gets so much better

SO I am heading home the same dircetion I always do. I see Jerry walking down the side of the street... OH no your not... so I got on the phone to 911 once again.. Yeah I am still a little crazy. and start to follow him while I am on the phone and trying to drive and well enough said so I am watching him and he disappears....

So I am in the parking lot waiting to see if I can see him and I see a police officer and I pulled over next to him and said are you looking for Jerry... well he said I am looking for the QFC guy, which was me... Told him what he was wearing and he said could you point im out if you saw him..
"YES" so he said I just saw him go into the sprint store follow me....
so I followed him around the stores to the sprint store and sure enough he was there. So... the poice officer pulled into a spot and I pulled in next to him and said Yes that is him. he called back up and said I could leave so I pulled out of the parking spot and drove around the area until i was facing the store and i saw him be brought out in hand cluffs and placed into the back of the police cars...

So yes I am still on a high and I cant believe that he almost got away from what he did... I know there will be a trial and I will have to go to that... but I just cant believe the day it has been

so as I started out... In this life we call a zoo... be the money, the elephant, the hippo.. be whatever you want but just remember... its not good being a snake.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Linda

Dear Mother....

Hope you have a Happy 60th Birthday!

Your just a wonderful example to all of us and We are so blessed for all you wisdom and teachings...

Thank you and have a very very very very happy birthday..

Love you

Count your many blessings

Count your many blessings has been on my mind the few days.

I have learned that sometimes in our lives we need to stop and count the blessings we have. As I sit here there are a few things that have gone through mind.

100's have lost there job in the last month.
100's trying to get un-employment.
We live in a place that we can say amen!
People are homeless.

There are many other things that I am very happy for and

I can say that I have a nice life... I have wonderful friends.. I have a family that loves me..

I guess what I am saying is be happy... live life... and tell me to stup up when i complain.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What have I done....

I am always concerned that I might say something to someone that my just set them off, or do something that makes people question what i do or react instead of reacting.

Ok anyone know what I am talking about?

I try to PLEASE everyone. REALLY I do. I hate the idea that someone dosnt like me! I have a co-worker that I just cant like! I could care less about him. He has said so many hurtful things that I dont want to even talk to him anymore. I got to the point today I point blank said what did I do to make you hate me so much.

"It a TEAM store" but there is no I in TEAM! Really. I just dont understand him. He has done so many things that its like he is out to get me in trouble. Oh dont worry I am Union and I mind my P's and Q's very well but I just dont understand him!

Kill him with kindness... well I am at the point I dont want to waste the kindness... sorry I can only do so many good things in a day and I am storing up the random acts of kindness.

I know I am one funny person!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I love the fact that people comment on other peoples blogs.. I am one that reads the comments as well.

So I want to Thank Mom, Dad and Tim for writing comments on everyones BLOGS. Its awesome to hear these 3 powerful giants inputs.

Thank you