I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am not the winner!

I did not even place.......

what can you say... I did not even place in the chili cook off.. I used the pineapple chili from Liz and I did not get a place. No blue ribbion, no nothing... can you believe that.

and for the pie I made 4 shoo-fly pies and 2 french silks. and I did not win either one... can you believe this the french silks did not win...

Would someone tell why the french silks did not win.... they were made with love and they were high as I could get them and they had an inch of wonderful whip cream on them...

I know of 3 old Ladies and 2 old men and a bishop and a bishop wife that loved THEM!

Oh so what was this for our Ward chili and pie cook off.. I went to a ward social. Yes I did something outside the box can you believe that.

so I made my big roaster full of chili,
4 shoo-fly pies
2 french silks
and 2 sheet pans of corn bread


then I told someone at work i did french silk and so i had to come home after this social and make 4 more pies.

can you say BUTTER!


Abby said...

Ooooohhhh...can you come to Utah and make us some pies? I promise I'll give you a big blue ribbon...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone know what a shoo-fly pie was? Only those with a Pennsylvania Dutch background would appreciate them. I really can't explain why the silks didn't win, but I bet they were good. Dad

The Shavers said...

Well your pies will always get blue ribbons in my book!! And I will take as many as you will give! Hey when are you going to come and see us? We are keeping your pan as ransom!!!

Anonymous said...

Tim & I vote...SCOTT WINS!! Love, the two of us