I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Activity number 1

So here it is case study number 1 or activity 1.

Violate a Gender Norm.

Background: gender roles are comprised of a set of norms or expectations about behaviors that are appropriate for women or men. Norms may be prescriptive and specify what men or women should do in social situations. norms may also be descriptive and indicate how women or men customarily behave in social situations.

What you will do: In part 1 of this exersise, you will identify some of the norms associated with your gender role (or perhaps what others may think your gender role should be, based on your biological sex), and then violate a norm by behaving in a manner that deviates from on of the norms you listed. Then you will evaluate the results of this exercise by reflecting on the questions in Part 2.

Note: you may already break gender "norms: in your everyday life. As our rules for gender may not always be rigid, and there are spectrums of gender expression, we encourage you to go further than your comfort zone in breaking a norm. that you may not have experienced before. a word of caution: do not engage in any illegal or dangerous behavior or do anything that might cause you or others harm.

Part one: Brainstorm! generate a list of behaviors that are more or less acceptable in U.S. Culture for each sex. THis migh include such behviors as opening a door for someone else, wearing makeup, wearing a football uniform, carrying a pirse, etc.

part 2 respond to the following questions in 2-3 paragraphs. you do not need to answer each question in succession or retype the questions, but please make sure that your response does answer the questions.
1. What is the norm associated with your gender role that you chose to violate? Why do you feel this is a norm that is strongly tied to gender?
2. What did you do to violate the norm?
3. How did violateing this norm make you feel?
4. How did other people react to your behavior?
5. How did you respoind to any reactions you encountered?
6. How strong of an influenced do you think gender roles have on behavior? Do you think this influence might vary across time and situations? if so, how?

OK here is what I did...

Dressed UP!

OK What do you think? I am open minded and listening to what ever anyone is saying.. I have gotten alot of response back already.. I just want to hear what you have to say! Be open minded!!


Abby said...

And just exactly WHY are you doing this? What exactly is the point or purpose?

Life According to Scott said...

Abby it was to see what something out of the normal activity a man would do. She asked us to do something that I would not do... now I have to write a report on what I have done. Trust me its was hard for me to do this..

dad said...

I have been carrying my briefcase over my shoulder like a purse, but that is as far as it goes. No one has said anything so far, but I guess they think I would clock them with it if they did. As far as your hand goes......weird, man, very weird.

Anonymous said...

Like you said...no problemo with the manicure...UNTIL...the polish. As for me...I celebrate our differences!! Love, mom

Anonymous said...

So...how did the assignment turn out?? I am sure many curious minds would like to know!!! Love, mom