I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, January 25, 2010

Updating my life

so it has been a little while since I wrote. SORRY about that. I had some ISSUES!

On January 13th I Lost my floral shop. I was told that I was not making money for the company and that my SHRINK (STUFF you toss away) was to much and that I was being demoted.
I said fine! they gave me two different things, 1 become a checker and keep the same pay scale, or become a back up for a floral shop and get a $5 pay cut but 32 hours. I said I would take the checker ...... I think I made a mistake. we will see. Yes I was heart broken, I really was. I cried so much that I got a stye in my eye.

I have to tell you....this is where my true friends came into play. Thank you TED! Ted took a few minutes out of his life to comfort me and teach me a few lessons.

I learned a new scripture that is now my all time favorite and learning it by heart.
Helaman 5:12 (sorry I was trying to post it but I cant... go to LDS.org and look under scriptures.

I just need to have faith and that is what I have.

So I am trying to do this is some sort of order..

I was a basket case most of the rest of week. DEPRESSION was setting in and I was not loving myself.

and then came my birthday... OH JOY! you really think I wanted to celebrate. NO NOT NOWAY. but I had many phone calls and text messages and well I want to tell you, It made me cry. and Then to top it all off, my friends threw me a birthday party.

YES I was all tears... not because I was sad, but because I have so many wonderful friends!!! THANK YOU! it really did mean the world to me!

So Friday I took a minute to go to the temple. I sat in the temple and just prayed and well the Lord kicked me in the butt really good. So that is where I am today... I am going back to school. YES I know what am I thinking.... but I am going back to school and I will fill you in more later.

I am not leaving my home here in seattle, so It will be local jr colleges to get me to where I want to go.
Keep pushing me and IT will happen.

Love you all so much and I am so thankful I have remarkable friends!!!

ABBY... I cant seem to comment on your blog
BEN and BECCA I want to see house pictures


The Shavers said...

Oh scott I am so sorry about your shop!!! But that is so awesome that you are just pushing forward with a new direction in your life! We love you and if you ever wanted to come live here you know we would be happy to have you near :)

Village said...

Scott - that sucks! I am so so sorry. I hate it when horrible things happen that are NOT according to what we have in mind for our lives. I am very excited for you to go back to school! Good luck!

Becca said...

Can you take the floral back-up job still? I can't believe you're going back to school! What are you going to do when you're done? Also, we'll post house pictures once we actually have them. Love ya.

mandy & ben said...


Been following you via facebook and your blog. So sorry to hear about the florist job, they don't know what they've let go of! You are the most amazing florist!! I have the photos to prove it!

Well, on to a new chapter... that's exciting! Can't wait to see how everything plays out.

Let's get together and watch Idol some night this season... K?


Mandy (&Ben)

dad said...


I knew you were not finished, yet. You still have some things left to do. I am so thrilled that you are going back to school? What about finishing cullinary (Spell?) school? Going to the temple for answers was a great thing to do. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

What a dynamic new chapter...income without stress and renewed vigor for education. Measure your bites of challenge carefully...there is no hurry!!! Love, a verrrry proud mom